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Lionheart: Dark Moon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning

Lionheart: Dark Moon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning
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Lionheart: Dark Moon is a beautiful game. An amazing game, actually and I love playing it just as much as I did enjoy playing its predecessor back in 2014: Lionheart Tactics. But the new game is a brilliant sequel, worthy of all your time. Honestly! Don’t play anything this week! Even more, make sure you’re better than the rest by reading our Lionheart: Dark Moon cheats, tips and strategies.

You have to develop an amazing team and take a lot of things into account when playing this game and that’s exactly why we are here: to make sure that you do, in order for you to enjoy an otherwise amazing game. OK, I am out of words of praise for this gem of an RPG, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Lionheart: Dark Moon tips and tricks below!

Quick loot is essential
Once you complete all the missions in a chapter on any difficulty level, you unlock the “Quick loot” option. You get 1 free quick loot token every hour but, just as with energy, their total number is limited. However, making sure that you go with the quick loot option is essential to your overall progress and the speed with which you climb up the ranks.

When you use the Quick Loot, you are no longer taken to the battle, which is automatically solved. You win all sorts of great rewards, including XP bottles (since your heroes gain no XP from this). This is extremely useful to make some stocks for new heroes or those you want to level up quickly, but most importantly for getting hero shards ASAP.

Each mission has a chance of you winning some hero shards for a particular hero (shown to the right of the mission). You can get those shards once every 24 hours and, for the main heroes or your favorite ones, you should do this every day in order to evolve them and make them better. This is why I consider Quick Loot to be vital and I am always starting my day by draining my energy and using all the Quick Loot options I have. Brilliant!

Evolve your heroes
Even if you don’t have a ton of rare heroes to start with, you can still evolve them into their rare counterpart. This, of course, takes time and resources, but it’s better than having no option. You can evolve heroes by collecting shards (as described in the previous tip) and this means one extremely important thing: even the smaller heroes with poor stats can become really good after evolving them.

Of course, getting the rare or rarer ones from start is better, because in order to evolve a common hero to rare you need to go through 5 evolutions which require a ton of money and shards, but in most cases you won’t have an option. So prepare for playing this game for a looong time: the more you play, the more you will be rewarded.

Know your heroes…
And pick your favorites! There are currently 120 heroes available in Lionheart: Dark Moon and you won’t be able to turn them all into maxed out characters. Therefore, check out their stats and pick the best of the best to work on in the long turn. When looking at heroes to choose, have two things in mind: first, their Element (color) and second, their starting skills and stats. You should obviously choose the stronger ones, since they will turn into impressive heroes.

Knowing your heroes goes hand in hand with knowing the elements and which element they are strong against. This way, you will always be able to bring into battle heroes that are stronger against your enemy. Try to never go to battle with more than one hero that is weak against the opponent’s elements. Knowing the skills they have also helps a lot, because you can better prepare for battles.

An extremely interested concept brought into play by Dark Moon is friendship. After each completed battle in the story mode, your heroes will earn friendship XP as they do regular XP. Your heroes become friends the more they fight together, and higher levels of this stat increase their chances of attacking together when performing a regular attack. This can help a lot in battles, especially in the long run.

Each hero can have 8 friends, so the options are pretty large here, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on these as well because it appears that you can’t replace friends once all the slots are filled. So keep your teams and team rotations under control to keep the friendship levels as high as possible in order to get that upper hand in battle.

Pets and upgrades
My recommendation is not to sell pets for a long time, or until you have at least 10-15 solid pets in your team and many similar ones that you don’t need. The good thing about pets is that they can be equipped and unequipped as you see fit, meaning that you can remove a pet from a hero and pass it to another one for a specific battle.

But despite the theory, I usually forget to do so and found out by practice that it’s best to have all your heroes equipped with a pet from the beginning. Make sure you check out their stats and improvements and add them accordingly to your heroes. Keep leveling them up, but also keep an eye on your coin levels as everything costs money and it’s really easy to run out of cash for upgrades! Balance is key here as well.

Skills and upgrading them
Each hero has various skills, some of which must be unlocked first – and some of which can be upgraded. In order to upgrade skills (or unlock them), you need various elementals, which are pretty difficult to obtain. Therefore, I would suggest to stick to them and only use them for unlocking and leveling up skills for the heroes you actually use in battle. There’s no point wasting them (and the coins) on heroes you will never use, right?

Complete the daily goals
Money and premium currency are extremely difficult to get. One thing that really simplifies everything is the daily goals menu. Each day, new missions will be given to you and you should try to complete them as fast as possible. You won’t only get coins as rewards, but also other useful items, including keys and premium currency.

Perform in the Arena
The arena is another easy way for active, strong players to win some nice rewards. The Arena resets weekly and the rewards get better as you climb up the ladders, but doing your best each time is extremely useful as you get quite a lot of premium currency (the crowns), as well as regular coins. Based on your final placement, you can also earn keys and even new heroes, plus the Daily Gauntlet which is rewarded for winning 5 times in the arena. A thing you MUST keep an eye on!

Building the perfect squad
With over 100 heroes and so many elements to keep in mind, building the perfect team of heroes might seem extremely complicated. But here are my tips for building a squad (or more) that will take you as far as possible:

– always have a healer in the band. No matter how good your heroes are, a healer will help a ton. Pair him up with a pet that increases defence and especially hit points, so that he stays alive for as long as possible, and you’ll do better than most
– always have a back-up team in mind. Or at least a few team members that can replace existing ones based on the types of enemies you’re facing
– Have a main team of maxed out (or of a level as high as possible) heroes, and back-ups from other elements. With friendship bonuses in mind, switch them around in order to max out everything. In the end, you can get around 8 extremely good heroes that cover all the elements (and a few doubles), making you a nearly invincible person. You have to play and replay previously completed missions in order to achieve that, but it’s all worth it.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Lionheart: Dark Moon. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players – or questions to ask – don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Lionheart: Dark Moon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning


  1. I just start playing the game. Really enjoyed the design. I agree with all you said. Also, I noticed the 120 heros in the list, it is difficult as not possible to check the details of heros you do not already have, there are some really similar ones by the profile pictures. Maybe some heros can be evolved into the next level? such as from common to epic?
    And another question, there are some available purchasing options, which one would you recommend to buy in the store?

    • Sorry for the late reply, Felix. Yes, it does seem that it’s possible to evolve a hero all the way to Epic from example, but I haven’t gotten there yet. The costs are getting higher and higher for evolution and I found out that my biggest problem in the game is having enough coins for everything I need :)

      Regarding the premium purchases, just find the amount you’re most comfortable with spending. The higher the amount you pay, the more you get per $, but try not to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

    • I will make a wolves team with vault novice tim. so, it will be
      -vault novice tim
      -wolf (since the shard is readily farmable, can break thru higher level easier as oppose to the other wolves below)
      -white wolf
      -midnight wolf

      • Sounds like a really good idea! Whenever I’m facing Wolf Teams, it’s not nice. But things get a bit more difficult as rarer heroes are faced.

  2. You will start to get rare and epic heroes with patience. Just make solid team for arena in the beginning and lean teaams you do not want to face. And rarity can be increased only one time, but even common heroes can be useful. Healers are not must, but some are helpfull. Arm stunners with speed pet, so u can disable nuicances before they come as one. Its much about luck. What kind of team u manage to pull out.

    • The potions you get are experience potions. Not to be used in battle, but to help level up a character. Go to your list of characters/heroes and click on one of them, then under their turnable image, you will see their yellow experience bar with a potion next to it. Click the potion and you will see what to do from there.

  3. I notice that heroes have three slots for pets. Are all three active at once? Or only one. I have spent a lot of coins making sure all my pets are leveled up, but if only one is active at a time, then I guess I’ve wasted it

  4. How is possible that players have lvl 27 and their max power of heroes is 900 ? I have 1100 power in lvl 14 and now i cant win in story line :/


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