Valuable artwork has been stolen from the LINE Town Museum! Help Detective Brown and his assistant Romeo track down the Mysterious Thief X, the prime suspect! LINE TRIO is another entry into the match-3 puzzle game genre. We’ll help you retrieve the lost artwork with our LINE TRIO cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Match the special blocks!


Just as you’ve come to expect, there are special blocks in this game as well that are created when you match blocks in a certain order!

  • Line blocks are created when you match 4 blocks in a straight line. Depending on what direction you moved the last block, it’ll form either a horizontal or vertical block, thus popping all the blocks in that row or column.
  • Hyper blocks are created when you match 5 blocks in an L-shape. These blocks pop all other blocks in the surrounding area!
  • Random blocks are created when matching 5 blocks in a straight line. These blocks will pop all blocks of one type on the whole board!

You can even try combining the special blocks with each other, which might lead to some crazy effects!

2. Plan ahead and match big combos!

You want to always be looking for large chains to match. Try not to match only 3 chains one after the other, and instead take your time and plan out your matches. Scoring high and hitting the quota for a level depends a lot on making big combos.

3. Use some boosters if you’re having trouble with a particular level!

When you’re starting a level, you can choose to bring in some boosters with you to make the level easier.

  • +3 moves is rather self-explanatory!
  • Random Block grants you one random block at the very start of the level.
  • Super Plus spawns a line block every 10 moves.
  • Star Shot lets you pop a specific block on the board.
  • Line Plus lets you change one block into a line block.
  • Block Change switches the position of two separate blocks.

4. Add some LINE friends to get hearts back!

Every time you attempt a level, you spend a heart. Once you run out, you have to wait for them to manually regenerate. If you have any LINE friends who also play the game, you can ask them for lives! Be sure to add them!

That should be a good starting point. Just like all match-3 games, it’s all about planning ahead and setting up big combos! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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