The latest LINE game is a take on the single tower defense war game, and it’s quite something else watching all of the quirky and silly LINE characters duke it out in heated battle! I’ve put together a guide that should help you beat the levels and keep your Rangers in tip top shape, so check out below the LINE Rangers cheats and tips that will help you get the most out of this game!

1. Pay attention to the Rangers Day bonuses!
With the recent June 18th update, LINE Rangers now has bonuses that occur on different days of the week. If you’re planning to do something, take a look at the current day.
Tuesday: Completing a stage will give your team double experience points.
Wednesday: Completing a stage will double your chance of finding treasure.
Thursday: Completing a stage will earn you double coins.
Friday: Combining rangers to level them up will give them double experience points.
So if you can, you should only make progress on Tuesday through Thursday, and wait until Friday to do all of your leveling to get the most out of the bonuses!

2. Add some friends and help them out!
Like the other LINE games, there is a currency that you can only receive if you help and get helped by other players. See if any of your current LINE friends are already playing, and if they’re not, ask them to help you out! Not only will you gain friendship points which you can use to buy new Rangers, but you can also summon them in battle when the going gets tough. Just tap the friend button at the top left during a level and some of their rangers will drop in to assist you. They might help you out of a tight spot! When you first start out, you are automatically given 4 computer friends. Go to the “Friends” menu and send them help for a total of 80 friendship points. You can do this once every day!

3. Make a lot of low-cost units at the beginning of levels!
So far, this strategy seems to work most of the time. At the beginning of a level, make several of your cheapest ranger, while making sure to upgrade your mineral production speed every so often. By doing this you’ll have a small buffer that will keep your tower and allow you to save up for your stronger units. The key is to balance between making rangers and leveling up your mineral production rate. If you send too many rangers out at once, you won’t have enough minerals later for your stronger rangers when the enemy will! If you level up your mineral production rate too much, you won’t have any rangers to protect your tower! Keep in mind that the maximum level for mineral production is 8.

4. Collect as many rangers as you can!
At the end of every level, there is a roulette that at first seems random, but if you have good timing you sometimes get what you want! You should always aim for the rangers, as you can level up your existing rangers with extra ones. The other way to get rangers is to use the Gacha machine, which has different tiers to it. The most basic tier gives you 1 star through 3 star rangers and it costs 100 friendpoints to use. The next tier ranges from 2 star to 4 star, and it costs 10 rubies to use. The higher tiers increase accordingly. Rubies are the game’s premium currency (can only be obtained through events or bought with real life money), so be wise about spending them! Another incentive to collect rangers is that each ranger belongs to a specific set, and if you collect all the rangers in one set, you get 5 free rubies! Check the collection page to see which ones you have and are missing.

5. Build a balanced team!
Rangers come in 5 different flavors. Making a balanced team is key to victory!
Health: Rangers with very high HP, making them your frontline fighters, soaking up most of the damage.
Attack: Rangers with high attack power. They’re usually ranged attackers, so they have little HP. Make sure to send these guys behind your health rangers.
Speed: Rangers with high attack and movement speed. These guys move very fast and attack very fast too!
Balance: Rangers that are well rounded in all aspects.
Splash: Rangers that have attacks that hit in a small area, meaning that they can hit multiple targets at once.

Generally speaking, you want to have low-cost health rangers to start levels out. As I explained in the section about making a lot of low-cost rangers at the beginning of a level, being able to churn out several health rangers will buy you time to level up your mineral production rate so you can dish out your more powerful and expensive rangers! After the initial beginning phase, what comes after is up to you. One strategy I like to do is send your health rangers out first, then send attack and splash rangers behind them. The health rangers will take all of the damage, keeping your fragile attackers safe from harm.

6. Don’t forget your power ups!
At the beginning of a level, you can select from 4 different power ups to bring with you into battle. You can either buy these or win them at the end level roulettes. The meteor power up rains meteors down that do a ton of damage to enemies over a wide area. The freeze power up damages enemies but also freezes them, keeping them in place for easy pickings. The tornado power up pushes all enemies back to their tower. The invincibility power up makes your tower and all of your current rangers impervious to damage for a little time. All of these power ups are very useful so don’t forget about them and don’t hesitate to buy some if you’re stuck on a particularly hard level!

7. Upgrade your tower and your rangers!
Going to the “Upgrade” menu allows you to power up certain features. The most important features you should upgrade are production rate and max limit: these will allow you to send out more rangers at a faster pace. Missile power is useful too, but Tower HP is not that great. If enemy rangers have already reached your tower the battle is most likely already over, especially in the later levels. In order to level up your rangers, you have to fuse extra rangers into your original ones. By doing so, you’ll lose the extra ranger, but the base ranger will become stronger. There are some tidbits you should know, though. First, if you combine a base ranger with the exact same type of ranger, for example, fuse a brownie with a brownie, the maximum level of the base brownie will increase. If you use a different kind of ranger, the base ranger will only receive experience up to their current maximum level. Don’t worry about this too much though, since it’s more important to level up rangers from level 1 than leveling them up all the way to their maximum.

8. Find treasure to get passive upgrades!
If you notice there is a “Treasure” option on the menu. This menu lets you check what treasures you’ve discovered and where you can find them. The thing is though, finding treasure is completely random! Remember the daily bonuses I mentioned at the beginning of this guide? If you want to find treasure, you should do it on Wednesday! For example, you’ll see that the very first treasure can be found on Stages 1 through 4. Complete any of those levels and you’ll have a chance to receive the treasure. When you do finally find a treasure, it’ll randomly be ranked 1 through 3 stars. Treasures also belong to a set; when you find all 3 treasures of a set, they’ll will create a new item that will give you passive bonuses!

line rangers cheats

This is the item you get from finding the first 3 treasures. Notice how it’s only at 66%, though? It’s because the treasures aren’t all at 3 stars. They’re all at 2! So, if you want to upgrade the Butterfly Fan to its full potential, which means increased mineral production, you need to play the corresponding stages to find the 3 star versions of those treasures. This is very time consuming so don’t worry about this too much, only go after the better treasures if you have extra feathers to spare (and its Wednesday!).

9. If all else fails, watch someone else do it!
If you tap the little cog at the bottom left corner of the main menu, you’ll enter the options screen. If you then tap the “Notices” button on the right, you’ll find a list of updates. Scroll down until you find the one named, “LINE Rangers stage tactics video collection”. This lists a video for every level, and the video shows exactly what the person playing does to beat it. Resort to this if you’re having trouble with an exceptionally hard level and nothing else seems to be working!

That’s about it for the LINE Rangers guide, but if you have any suggestion or questions go ahead and leave a comment below. See you on the battlefield, Rangers!


  1. hello, i would like to know where does one find the different characters in the 16 collections? some are obvious enough, you get them with bonus spins, but there are some characters i’ve never seen! for example, the collection called forest friends, i’ve been able to collect all but one that looks like a squirrel. i’ve searced all levels i’ve cleared and this one-star squirrel is nowhere in sight! same thing in the children of darkness; missing a two-star cat with a knife. i’m at level 50 and have cleared 89 stages. any thoughts? thanks for your help and wishing you a nice weekend! raquel

  2. Hi Raquel! Don’t know if you check this but the squirrel your looking for is called Ron and can only be obtained in the friendship points gacha machine. The two star cat is actually a three star named lucas he is obtained in stage 109-112 on skyscraper. Thanks for the guide Jeremy! Btw my line Id is 12345670981357730285 copy and paste and I am level 53

  3. yup the best way you can put the higher ho in front , i suggest farming SOL for free . i think speed type is useless they just make mobs enemy trooper wtf

    my id : mecicil.bacok

    • Hey o, I’m lvl 60 have master opera james and lvl 60 lucifer cony, lvl 60 chichi, 60 ksm and lvl 41 witch cony with max lvl 70 …

  4. Thanks for the lovely guide! Do you have a list of which rangers are available to win through the roulette spinner for each stage?

    Line id: eaglelobes

  5. Add my line ID!! Add joshgandoskotoskotos
    On stage 113
    Help me!!!
    Level 30++
    Thank you…
    I dont promise for help! But I will help you!

  6. Guys don’t forget to go to booster shop to increase 50% of your user exp n character exp by using 500 friends points .
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  8. Hello guys, my ID: Ruiartema
    Nice guide and i dont think that a speed unit is useless, we have norurun that is a good speed unit and is enough for soloing the stage 124 if is Master, i proved several times. Muay Thai is an excelent speed unit that can do a tank role and excelent hitter, even if isnt master (just the high cost).

    Stage 145, lvl 77

    Red LV 60/60 (Angry birds)
    CHICHI LV 58/65
    Driver Brown Master
    Sorcerer Cony Master
    Shu Master
    Norurun Master
    Railroad Master
    Lucifer Cony Master

    If you are also in Line Rangers Chat, invite me too, please

  9. Nice guide!

    Feel free to add me. I always send friendship points, and have decent ragers. Line ID=jojorican

    red lvl 65
    Maestro boss lvl 60
    Chichi lvl 75
    Kinnara lvl 70
    Warrior ninja lvl 60

    I’m stuck on stage 149 now.

    • Hello there, I’m stuck on Stage 157. I need some tips and rangers to be needed to beat the stage.

      Here are my rangers:
      15 rangers:
      5 Star Rangers:
      Rudolph Brown – Level 60
      Kevin – Level 60
      Carol Edward – Level 60
      Santa Moon – Level 60
      Muay Thai Brown – Level 60
      Sol – Level 80 – Master
      Sorcerer Cony – Level 80 – Master
      Masked Moon – Level 80 – Master
      Mach Brown – Level 80 – Master
      Dancer King Boss – Level 65
      Somchai – Level 60
      Chichi – Level 60
      Junior Cony – Level 60
      Kung Fu Brown – Level 60
      Lia – Level 39

      Are these good rangers? I used all of them, mix and match on Stage 157 with power ups but nothing works. Do I need other good rangers from the Garcha or collect them in stages? Could you please recommend which rangers to have at this stage 157. Also, after you explain what rangers I need for stage 157, could you explain a strategy, what rangers to put out on the battlefield.
      Thank you.

  10. Help me pls
    My id : keitokawamata0128
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    – ice cream cobe lv 75
    Dark mage clara.prince james.gantleman james.maestro boss.rockstar boss.chichi.hitman.

  12. please add me : hey-hey-dudle / helena_angie
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  13. My ID is emotionalgardevoir – I’m currently on level 93 normal and it would be great if I could get some help :) Stuck on stage 224! Also there’s my cousin on stage 254 and he’s at level 97! Thanks ^^

  14. and my rangers super rocketer charles diamond and incredible mong andflower goddes cony and iron moon and queen sally and pinky and mully and skyrider moon and trouble maker ron and tough guy lucas Add Me And ID:hateall555 hope you guys enjoy :)

  15. Hello people!!

    How can i combine two rangers please provide me the steps.
    I saw that option and did it before but now I’ve forgot how to do it.

    Thanks in advance

    • When you go onto eachGo to “my team” select the ranger you want to combine then bottom right it says to “level up.” Then you will see rangers underneath to combine select and done.
      Also if you cannot lvl up anymore you MUST combine the exact same ranger 4 time to get max lvl then you can evolve, you do need things that you can make in lab or through roulette in special stage


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