LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


All of your favorite Disney characters have come together for the fluffiest, cutest puzzle game ever! LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is a match 3 or more puzzle game where you connect matching Tsum Tsums to pop them, and rack up points! We will help you score big and collect all of the Tsum Tsums with this LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, and more of your favorite Disney characters are all ready to play some come join the fun with our LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum cheats, tips & tricks strategy guide.

Turn on the Gyroscope!

If you’ve played another LINE game called PokoPang, Tsum Tsum is a lot like that game. See, the difference here though is that Tsum Tsum allows you use your device’s gyroscope to tilt the tsum tsums around! This can be useful sometimes as you can reposition tsum tsums that are just slightly out of reach from another group of similar tsum tsums. Alternatively, you can also tap the shuffle button a couple of times to shake up all of the tsum tsums. Be careful though as shuffling can make things really messy!

Be speedy!

Tsum tsums can be popped at a minimum of three. Always go for big chains if you can, but also remember that if you keep chaining rapidly you’ll build up combo points, which are worth a lot. You’ll break the combo if you don’t pop another chain fast enough, so always be looking around to see if there are any three tsum tsum chains lying around so you have a backup plan if you can’t find another group of matching tsum tsums!

Form the magical bubbles!

When you match tsum tsum groups of at least seven (six if you buy the powerup), they’ll leave behind a magical bubble. You can tap this bubble at anytime and it’ll pop the surrounding tsum tsums. This is a good method to clear out space, and it also keeps your combo going, so try to save these for when you don’t see a potential matching group! Sometimes, the magical bubbles will even spawn with a power up of some sort inside. These are really useful, especially the one that adds two extra seconds to your remaining time. So, try to aim to make as many magical bubbles as possible.

Utilize your MyTsum skill!

You can equip a specific Tsum to play with. Matching tsums of your equipped tsum will net you bonus points, but that’s not all! Each tsum tsum has a special power that can be activated when it’s fully charged. For example, Mickey clears out a center portion of the screen, Donald lets you clear single specific tsums, etc. If you don’t use the power and it’s fully charged when you run out of the time, you get a bonus roulette at the end that nets you bonus coins and points. Experiment with different tsums and see which one you like best!

Enter fever mode as fast as possible!

Remember what I said about being speedy? There’s a little bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up when you match tsums. When it’s full, you enter Fever Mode, where your points are increased and there’s no time limit on your combos, so it’s your time to score big! Match like crazy!

Invite some buddies!

You gain 500 coins whenever you invite one of your LINE friends to play. After 5 invites you get a free Happiness Box, which has a new tsums in it. At 15 invites you get a Premium Box, which has rare tsums!

Complete the missions!

After you hit level 3, you will unlock daily missions. Complete the objective to gain rewards. You never know what you’re going to get!

Buy some power ups!

As usual, powerups can be bought to make things easier. The most useful ones in my opinion are the coin booster, timer booster, and the experience booster. They’re all useful in some way though so see which one will fit your current need!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is a pleasure to play because you get to play with all of the fluffy buddies. Remember these tips, and just have fun! If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave a comment below! Until next time!

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LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. There’s not much information that I could find online for this game yet. I was hoping to find some details on what each of the Tsum’s skills are. So I’ll post what I know so far and hopefully others will do the same.

    Mickey – Clears all the Tsums in the center of the screen.
    Donald – For a short period of time, just tap a single Tsum to clear it.
    Goofy – Clears a bunch of Tsums at random (10 at first level).
    Pluto – Clears a horizontal line of Tsums.
    Pooh – Stops the timer for a little bit!
    Tigger – Clears a bunch of Tsums at random (9~10 at first level).
    Eeyore – Transforms some Tsums into Eeyore Tsums.

    My favorite so far is Pooh since while time is stopped, you can create links between Tsums at a much farther distance than you normally can, which results in some very long chains. Eeyore is nice if you need to complete a daily mission where you need to use the Tsum Skill a certain number of times.

    Other things I’ve learned:

    1. Tsums start generating coins on chains of 4 and longer. The 4th Tsum creates 1 coin, the 5th Tsum creates 2 coins, the 6th creates 3 coins and so on. Because of this, the Roulette that happens at the end of a game may result in more coins than using the Tsum Skill one last time.
    2. The +Coin Bonus Item is the only one I’ve tried so far, and most of the time it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it … the extra coins you get rarely give you more than the 500 it costs for the Bonus Item.
    3. If you have the Gyro turned on under Options, make sure you hold your device vertically to ensure the Tsums drop more quickly … I “wasted” a few games playing with my iPad laying horizontally and it took me a while to figure out why the Tsums were falling so slowly.

    Thanks to those above who have already posted their Line User ID. I’ve added who I could to help me complete those “Give a Heart” daily missions.

    If you’d like to add me, my Line User ID is deviantzipy

    • Sorry for replying to my own post so quickly, but I just collected Daisy and figured I’d share her skill.

      Daisy – Turns an entire row into Donald Tsums (they count as Daisy)!

      I’ve played a couple of games with Daisy so far, and the Skill Effect seems to change the Tsums in the middle of the screen (similar in size and location of Mickey’s skill). Her skill seems like a better version of Eeyore to me since I know exactly where the Donald Tsums will show up.

      Also, one more thing that I’ve learned from the game:

      4. Make sure you give hearts to your Line friends before you go to accept hearts from your mailbox. The couple of times I’ve gone to my mailbox first, the option to give my friends hearts was reset for another hour.

      Thanks to those who added me as their friends on Line.

      • Sully – Turns a Sulley Tsum into a Big Sulley Tsum; Level 1 Skill is Variations: 2
        Mike – Clears a vertical line of Tsums; Level 1 Skill is Radius: XS
        Perry – Clears a random number of Tsums; Level 1 Skill is Clear: 1~2
        Chip – Turns an entire row indo Dale Tsums (they count as Chip)!; Level 1 Skill is Radius: XS Size

        • Lady – gives the opportunity to collect bonus coins
          Stitch – clears a vertical line of tsums
          scrump – has random effects (basically has every tsums power)
          Woody – clears tsums in the center
          Buzz – clears an intersection of tsums
          Zero – makes all zeros disappear so that there is 4 tsums for a certain period of time
          Minnie – turns random tsums into Mickey
          Dumbo – has a circus ball fall vertically and eliminates tsums
          Dale – turns tsums into chip
          Piglet – adds time automatically when filled ( meaning no activation is required)
          Marie – adds bubbles to the tsums pile

          • Also accepting hearts from friends automatically sends them a heart back so you don’t have to send it to them first. Its like skipping a step. ;)

    • I have a dumb question for you. I have look everywhere for this thing that can add friends . I just can’t figure it out. Could you please help me to figure this part out?

  2. My line is umbydoom.

    I am having trouble adding people too. I added people on Line but I just can’t invite them or they don’t show as playing.

  3. I have a lot of my tsums levelled up to level 5. What exactly does their level even do? Is it worth investing the 2000 per tsum to extend the level cap beyond 5?

    • As a Tsum’s Level goes up, the points that you score for matching a string of those Tsums goes up. So if you’re interested in achieving a higher score, you’ll eventually want to upgrade your Tsums. If you’re only interested in collecting all of the different Tsums, then investing in the Level Upgrade isn’t worth the 2000 and you should just save up for additional Tsums.

  4. Thx for all the tips! One question I can’t seem to answer: As I level up (currently lvl 15) my level bonus goes up (currently 7%) but my item bonus remains at zero. Anyone know how to activate it?

  5. I would like to add my own experiences with Tsum Tsum to these great tips. Note that I am playing the Japanese version, so some of these may not relate to the English version. Apologies in advance for any confusion!

    Each Tsum has it’s own number to recharge its skill. Most are around 12-16 Tsums, but Thumper is ONLY 7. I play him when I need a bunch of Coins quick (like the Daily Mission) because he can generate 7-10 skills per play. His power is similar to Mickey; he blows up an area in the centre of the screen taking about 9-13 Tsums with it and generating a Bubble or sometimes a giant Tsum.

    Each Tsum also “scores up” at a different rate. It seems the lower level Tsums score up at a rate of 7 (or less), but the higher Tsums can increase their individual score by 10 points at a time. The MAX level for a Tsum is 30 and then their individual score never increases. I have Mike (score 254) and Thumper (score 283) maxed at level 30. It’s pretty odd to see Tsums of the same level with different individual scores or a lower level Tsum with a higher score than a higher level Tsum.

    An important part of knowing the skill is that you can “overcharge” your skill! If you are near the limit and collect a long chain of your Tsums, start hitting the skill activate button rapidly as they are collected. You’ll generate the skill (and it will be activated immediately) and the excess Tsums will go in to start charging the next skill. You can easily charge another half skill this way if you work it carefully. Otherwise, count the Tsums as you collect them to “just make” the activation. You can then blow the skill at your leisure. This is VERY important if your skill will blow the middle out of a long chain that you wanted to collect. Grab the long chain and THEN activate your skill. Know the pie graph and how many Tsums it takes to complete it. Note that Tsums blown up by a Bubble do NOT charge the skill individually, so you can’t “overcharge” this way. Only chains seem to work for this.

    Some skills are better than others, of course. Young Oyster and Elsa both generate lines at the bottom of the screen (Oyster generates himself so you still have to pop ’em and Elsa freezes two lines of Tsums at the bottom that blow up). Little Green Men (the Toy Story alien) drops a ton of the same Tsum along the top of the screen for a hilarious rush. Olaf rolls a snowball diagonally top left to bottom right zapping all Tsums along the path (definitely the BEST straight line skill as it gets the most Tsums at one time). Dumbo and Mike both roll from top to bottom in a straight line. Pluto and Tinkerbell go left to right in a straight line. I have not had much luck with the time stop skill myself so I usually don’t play those characters (like Pooh or White Rabbit). Anna generates a bunch of Elsa Tsums and you can then combine both in long chains in a brilliant flurry of hearts. Scrump is interesting in that she (?) randomly copies Mickey’s, Minnie’s or Pluto’s skill. Marie and Miss Bunny (from Bambi) generate several Bubbles in random locations. Pop pop pop! Perry generates some slashes on the screen that wipe the Tsums in those spots. Sully and Alice generate giant Tsums (Alice’s is HUGE, BTW) that you have to link up. (There’s an amazing video on YouTube showing a guy using Sully to generate 12 million points! It’s about five minutes long!) Oswald is by far the WEIRDEST. He turns all existing Tsums into himself or a blue ball for a few seconds so you have to rush to grab the longest chains you can before they revert. It’s whacked to see the screen covered with only two Tsums!

    A quick tip for Bubbles is to try to explode them in the middle of the screen. If you blow them at the side or bottom, you won’t take out as many Tsums. If you have multiple Bubbles to pop, start high and work down to avoid the bottom of the screen.

    Work all sides of the screen consecutively if you can. Switching back and forth or up and down means you can collect a chain on the left side while the Tsums are filling in on the right from your last chain. Keep your eyes roving all over!

    I have found the most useful Item is the 5>4 one. That’s why it’s the most expensive. Usually you play with five Tsums at a time. This item lets you play with only four Tsums so making long chains and many combos is a breeze! And if you combine this with Zero’s skill (one whole Tsum vanishes for a few seconds) you can actually play with only three Tsums! This Item is ESSENTIAL if you’re going to clear the Mission Bingo cards.

    Mission Bingo – does the English version have this? The button is in the lower left corner. This upgrade pretty much saved the game for me (it was getting rather repetitive even with the character additions). Each Bingo on the card gives you a present like Coins, Hearts, or Items. Complete the first Bingo card and you get a free Happiness box. The second one gets you Oswald! The third one gets you a free Premium box. And supposedly the fourth one gets you Little Green Men, but I haven’t cracked it yet (And it’s much easier to get LGM by inviting 30 friends to join you in Tsum Tsum! ^O^).

    Experience is not essential but has it’s benefits. I think the Coins you get for the Daily Mission increase after level 50 or so and may go up again after level 100? I’m level 54 and I get 900 Coins for each Daily Mission. Pay close attention when you get to 93 or 95%. Try to manage your Hearts so that you can use your last one to go from 99 to 100% (I save some Hearts from friends just for this purpose). Then you’ll get 5 free Hearts without waiting for 75 minutes! And a Ruby as well. Trade in 10 Rubies for 6000 Coins! Don’t waste your Rubies for the extra five seconds at the end of a play unless you’re going for a high weekly score.

    The Weekly Ranking gives you more Coins if you’re in the top three of your friends group and if you scored over 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 points. Myself, I have rarely gotten these bonuses… (:_;)

    I hope you find these tips useful and I look forward to your feedback. Enjoy Tsum Tsum!


    • Update: It seems there are currently only four Bingo cards and the last one DOES give you Little Green Men. But it’s a really tough card with very hard missions. Whew!

    • Thanks for all of the great info on the Japanese version. Alas, the English version is pretty bare-bones for now … with only 12 basic characters and 12 premium characters.

      The ‘overcharge’ tip has been a game changer for me while I’m farming for coins using Lady … it’s increased my farming output by quite a bit since I can now squeeze an extra skill activation or two each game.

      I’m really hoping that the English version eventually receives the updates that will bring it in line with the Japanese version.

      Thanks Satellizer for taking so much time to post these tips … I hope we’ll all get to use them eventually.

      • Thanks for the reply, Travis. I hope the English version gets all the characters that the Japanese versiona has. And knowing Disney and their penchant for uniformity, I’m sure the versions will match very soon. BTW, good choice on your Tsum for “farming”. Lady generates a lot of Coins quickly if you charge her up and leave some long chains of other Tsums to grab during her skill time.

        One more important point about Heart presents from your friends. The mails will stay for thirty (30) days before they are automatically deleted. BUT if the mail includes Coins (should be 200), those Coins will only be available for one (1) hour! So if you don’t grab the Coin mail right away, you’ll only get the Heart and no Coins. I’ve seen this happen on my phone when I didn’t open the mail I got right away as I was too busy to play. Mighty disappointing to see those Coins disappear!

        • Aya-san, it probably helps to live in Japan or at least be visiting here. But I have friends who added Tsum Tsum while here and then it broke when they got home and did an update. ): So it may be best to wait for the English version to catch up. BTW, I just got Christopher Robin and Roo (10000 coins each) and am working to get “Hachi Pooh” (Pooh drssed like a honey bee!) (30000 coins)…

        • I play both JP and us versions. I need to know how make the most of Christopher Robins power. Thanks. My line id is tammybenjamin7711

  6. I’m not sure if you’re talking about setting up Line friends, or inviting your friends to play the game to get the 500 coins and work towards getting the Alien Tsum as a reward for 30 friends … so I’ll post the steps that I took to do both.

    Inviting friends to Line:

    1. Open the Line App
    2. Click on the “Person plus” icon in the upper-right
    3. Click on the Search by ID icon
    4. Enter the Line ID and hit Enter
    5. The ID picture and name should appear if you’ve typed it in correctly (and the user posted their Line ID correctly)
    6. Click the Add icon
    7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each new Line ID

    Special Note: There are some Facebook pages that you can visit for Disney Tsum Tsum where people are posting their Line IDs to be added. This is where I was able to find the Line IDs I needed to get the 30 invites for the Alien Tsum.

    Inviting Line Friends to play Disney Tsum Tsum:

    1. Open the Disney Tsum Tsum App
    2. Click on the Person Plus icon in the lower left … right above the active Tsum icon
    3. Click the Invite button for the friend you’d like to invite
    4. Confirm the invite request
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each friend you’d like to invite

    Special Note: It may take some time for Disney Tsum Tsum to recognize that you’ve added new friends on Line. It may help to close out of the Disney Tsum Tsum app completely, remove it as an active app (on iPhone/iPad double-click the home button and swipe up to remove the app from active memory), and then restart Disney Tsum Tsum. The first time I added a bunch of friends on Line, it took between 15 and 30 minutes before I could invite them to play inside Disney Tsum Tsum. I’m not an expert in how the apps communicate with each other, or how the invite friends process actually works, but I have noticed that I can only get the invite friends 500 coin bonus on friends that I’ve added … I don’t seem to get the option for friends that have added me.

    I hope this helps.

    • Your Tsum’s Skills will increase when you find duplicate Tsums in the Happiness (10k coin) and Premium (30k coin) boxes. I’ve upgraded the Skill of some of my Tsums, and so far I think that each one requires 2 duplicate Tsums to increase from Skill 1 to Skill 2, and I think 3 more to increase from Skill 2 to Skill 3.

  7. Marie spawns three random bubbles
    Buzz lightyear clears an intersection of tsums (think Mickey but about twice the size)
    Tinkerbell ears a horizontal line consisting of about 17 tsums

  8. @mo

    You need to open your line app and go to “add friend” and use the search bar to type our “line id” that we have shared in this site and add us. Then for a few mins it should add us to your tsum tsum game.

    Hope this helps. ;)

  9. My favorite tsum is lady. Her skill is that for 7 seconds you can earn a lot more coins than normal. I can get like 400-500 coins in one round or more ! I wish you could pick with tsum you want to pay for the skill to go up.

  10. Here are a few updates from the Japanese version that I hope will show up in the English version soon.

    I finished the fourth B card (with the help of my kid – she’s an awesome player!) and as expected the gift box had Little Green Men. But I already had LGM, so he got a skill up and is maxed out now. His new skill is that two fat lines of Tsums now drop down on the pile so there are two chances to collect a lot of coins quickly.

    August featured a new game called Hunny Drop where a random hunny pot would fall down into the Tsum pile. You had to blow up this pot with three bubbles to release its present. This could be items, rubies, coins or hunny drops which collected in a pot on your card. Each pot collected eight drops and there were three cards total. Once you filled the pot you moved on to the next card. When all three pots were filled, the game was finished. So it was better to collect drops slowly if possible to maximize the other presents.

    Also in early August, Japanese Tsum Tsum reached 2 million downloads and to celebrate, Daily Missions earned 10,000 coins! This promotion went on for three or four days, so we could easliy get a Premium Box. I think the same thing will happen at the English version milestones, so be sure to complete your Daily Missions every day!

    The big news for September is that The Little Mermaid is coming to Tsum Tsum! There are very few details so far, but I think Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder will be “Tsumed”. They will be Premium Boxes so I’m saving up my coins for them once they are released in the game. I’m very excited about this update!

    Keep sharing hearts, everyone!

    • Just a quick update to the above.

      I have Flounder and Ariel now and am working on Sebastian. Ariel may replace my main choice for Tsum Tsum which was Thumper. She has an amazingly big skill (even at level 1) where she loops across the screen from left to right taking out a great number of Tsums, It looks like it only takes about 12 Ariels to recharge her skill. The weird thing is that there seems to be tons of Ariels falling down all the time. I can get 4-6 skills per play and am averaging around 450-500 coins. There’s a video on YouTube showing a hacked Tsum Tsum playiing Ariel to generate over 2000 coins. Yikes!

      Ariel is the second Tsum to have her own theme song while you play. Elsa was first with “Let it Go”. Ariel plays “Under the Sea”.

      Flounder is less exciting, drawing a thin line (left to right again) across the top of the screen to take out 5 to 9 Tsums. I played a few times but gave him up because I needed coins. (^_^)>

      More to come I hope!

      • Thanks again for the updates on the Japanese version. Most of the American version players have probably seen the update where they’ve added Alice in Wonderland characters to the Premium Boxes now. We still don’t have the Bingo Card, but we have had two 10,000 coins for daily mission events in the past few weeks, the second of which ended two days ago.

        Satellizer, I was curious about the order that characters have been added to the Japanese version to see if there’s a similar roll-out in the American version. When I first downloaded the game there were the standard characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. We also had some premium characters of Stitch, Scrump, Marie, Lady, Perry, Woody, Buzz, Alien, Mike, Sulley, Jack Skellington and Zero. We had an update about 4 weeks ago that added Dumbo and Tinkerbell, and now we’ve had an update that added Alice, Chesire Cat, White Rabbit and Little Oyster. Was the roll-out on the Japanese version similar?

        I really appreciate your updates because it lets us know what may be coming down the road for us.

        • Hey Travis, thank YOU for the continued updates on the English version. Glad you could get those 10,000 coin Daily Missions! They are awesome!

          The new characters roll-out sounds VERY similar to the Japanese version, if memory serves. But maybe a little faster than paced! You should be getting the Bambi series next as Premium (get Thumper if you can, he rocks as far as his skill goes). Then either Maleficent or the Frozen series (also Premium). Then Christopher Robin and Roo (standard) to round out the Winnie the Pooh series. Oswald comes from the Bingo cards and I hope you get that soon, it’s quite a different way to play. Hachi Pooh (dressed like a bee :)) may fit into an update somewhere as well. Then finally Little Mermaid. Man, I am playing the heck out of Ariel now. Even with no skill updates she rakes in the coins something fierce!

          Looking forward to more updates in the future! There are still a lot of empty slots after TLM… (^O^)/

      • Quick update now that I have Sebastian as well. His skill is he plays a line of shell drums along the bottom of the screen and takes out 10 – 13 random Tsums at Level 1.

        I still like playing Ariel the best!

  11. tammybenjamin7711 – “I need to know how make the most of Christopher Robins power.”

    Tammy, Christopher Robin’s skill is much like Marie’s or Miss Bunny’s. He makes balloons (1 or 2 at first) that you can pop and wipe out the Tsums in that area. An important distinction is that the ballons slowly rise up the screen so you can select WHERE you want to pop them. I usually let them reach the middle of the screen before popping the left one (usually higher) and then the right one a second or two later. If you have a giant Tsum in your pile, you can try to hit it with a popped balloon for even more coins.

    Good luck!

  12. Help! I know how to send hearts, but don’t seem to get them. I can tell that people are sending me hearts in Line. I seem to get maybe 1 every 2 hours. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

  13. WOW! The fifth Bingo card was released today and I’m so excited! The prize for clearing all the bingos looks to be a skill update for Oswald (he is maxed at Level 1 with a time of 5 seconds). He has a powerful skill but that timer is too short…

    Rising to the challenge!

    • OK, so the fifth B card just gave me another Premium box, but it was pretty easy to complete so that’s that. Further investigation has revealed that a SIXTH B card will be released Sept 19th and THAT one should have the Oswald Skill update finally!

      I have a new fave Tsum in Woody now! He finally reached level 4 with an L-size explosive diameter so he pretty much takes out the whole pile at one shot. He gave me my first 800+ coin games, so I’ll be sticking with him for a while. What he lacks in score points he more than makes up for in coins! Sweet!

      Let’s hear about your own Tsum-of-choice and why!

      • Thanks again for the update Satellizer. We recently received 30k coins for having 27 million downloads, but still nothing else on the U.S. version.

        I also have Woody leveled up to Skill Level 4, which makes him my Tsum-of-choice because I can consistently get over 600 coins per game and right around 1 million score. The only time I play a different Tsum is when I have a daily mission that calls for “Skills Used”, in which case I’ll switch over to Eeyore (Skill Level 2).

        The strategy that I use to maximize my coins and score when using Woody (or any other Tsum that clears enough Tsums at one time to create a bubble) is to hold off on activating my Skill or popping any bubbles until I’ve entered Fever Mode. Once I’m in Fever Mode, I’ll pop any bubbles that are in Woody’s clearing zone since they won’t pop when I use Woody’s Skill. Once his clearing zone is bubble free, I’ll activate Woody’s Skill, let the Tsums fill back in the gap and then pop the bubble (normally a score increase bubble) that comes from Woody clearing around 24 Tsums at a time. Then I’ll focus on chaining more Woody Tsums, then Big Tsums, then long chains of non-Woody Tsums (7+ Tsums). If I can’t see any long chains and I’m still in Fever Mode, I may pop a bubble to refresh the board in hopes of a long chain falling into place.

        Another strategy I used before leveling up Woody was to us Lady to farm coins. The strategy I used with her was a little different than the one I currently use with Woody. I would clear Tsums, focusing on trying to get Lady chains, and intentionally not pop any bubbles or chain any Big Tsums. Once Lady’s Skill was ready to go, I would try to find the longest chain of Tsums possible and chain them together, but NOT take my finger off of the last Tsum of the chain. Then I would activate Lady’s skill and release my finger from the end of the chain. This meant I could immediately capitalize on Lady’s skill without having to waste time moving my finger around to make my first chain. To further maximize the number of coins I’d collect during Lady’s Skill, I would first look for Big Tsums to chain together, then long chains of regular Tsums (7 or 8 Tsums at least), and last I would look to pop the bubbles placing priority on the Coin bubbles. Using this strategy, I would normally get between 600 and 800 coins per game, with some games earning just over 1000 coins.

        I’m no longer ‘wasting’ my coins on buying power ups to try to increase my Weekly score since the only advantage I saw to being in the top three on your friends list (other than bragging rights) was a measly 3k coin. So now I’m just working on getting a complete collection of Tsums before the next character release … I’m only missing the Chesire Cat.

        • Travis, these are awesome strategies. To tell the truth, I could never get Lady’s skill to work for me. So I’m going tp try your tips in that regard. Very glad you got Woody up to Level 4; he’s quiet the little coin machine and has given me my first 1000-coin games! Wooo!

          As for the sixth Bingo card, it’s a real challenge. Missions such as 250 Combos in one play, 2,400,000 points in a single play, generating a 30+ chain (“Fantastic”), and 12 Skills in one play with a “cat-themed” Tsum are sure to make this card last for a long time. Yikes!

          Good luck on Cheshire Cat! I’m still working on getting Jack and Hachi Pooh. (T_T)

  14. Hello everyone,

    Looks like I found this site very helpful :) I currently got lucky from saving my coins and got my Cheshire as my first purchase from the premium box. After days of playing again I bought another premium box and got the White Rabbit. I feel lucky getting them as Alice in Wonderland is my favorite disney.

    Satellizer also been really helpful for giving the characters for the following tsums. I’ll keep an eye with Maleficient and Elsa for my little sister :)

    I still have a hard time understanding on how I can level up the skilss with My Tsums :\ I found this site for the english ver of Tsum Tsum:

    For the skills it is said: “You can upgrade Skills by the fusion of two of the same My Tsums. Sometimes the level will go up when you get a Tsum Tsum plushie you already own from the Happy Box or Premium Box.”
    – what does the “fusion of the same My Tsums” mean?

    line id: airreyes

    • Ria, what they are trying to say is that you need to get ANOTHER box with the same Tsum in it to Skill up. It probaly won’t happen until you get a bunch more Tsums (luck of the draw, I guess), but you could get lucky! I think that Level 1 to Level 2 requires a single “duplicate Tsum”, but after that you need many more duplicates to go from 3 to 4 or 5 to 6, for example. You may want to try for duplicates in the Happiness boxes just to get a higher level Tsum that will help to get more coins quickly so you can go for the Premium boxes.

      Good luck!

      • Nooooooooo T^T ok…. currently… I have 7 Tsum right now and 6 of it are already going for lvl 10 as max, then I only have 1 which can be left with lvl 5. I thought making your tsums in a higher level can increase the skills too xD hmm.. I’m just saving coins to get more Tsum from the Premium box :3

        Thank you Stallizer! :)

        • No worries, Ria! Sounds like you are working hard to get a complete menagerie. (^_^)/

          But just to be clear, we should probably specify which level we are talking about in our posts. I should have written “Skill Level” in my comment above as that is VERY different from the Point Level. You have been increasing the Point Levels of your Tsums as you play (no way to avoid that, it’s inherent in the game). That is good for getting higher scores overall. Skill Level will only increase when you get a duplicate Tsum in your Happiness or Premium box. Duplicate Tsums have no effect on your Point Level as far as I have seen.

          But your other comment interested me. You indicated that you have “maxed out” six of your seven Tsums at Point Level 10. Is this as high as the English version goes? Can anyone verify this? I have Mike and Thumper that are maxed out at Point Level 30 (254 points per Mike, 283 per Thumper) and several that are in the twenties now. It gets pretty expensive to unlock these higher-level Tsums, let me tell you! I recommend that you pay very close attention to the Point Level and really concentrate on playing those Tsums that go up 7 or 10 points each time if you’re interested in going for high scores (and believe me, you’ll need these power Tsums once the Bingo cards start showing up!). I usually don’t play Goofy and other Tsums that only increase by 3 or 5 points each level increase. Still, other players like to use their favorite Disney character all the time. Everyone has their own style of play, after all.

          And one more comment about the Skill Level. It seems that different Tsums have widely different measures of the “Radius” of the Skill. For example, my Thumper has a Skill Level 4/6 and a Radius L size. But he still only blows out the center of the pile (maybe 12 – 17 Tsums). Woody is also 4/6 with an L Radius, but he takes out almost the entire pile of about 23-29 Tsums! They both have circular Skills centered on the middle of the pile. I really wish Thumper took out an area the size of Woody’s Radius, because he only needs SEVEN Thumpers to recharge his skill. He would totally rock taking out an average 25 Tsums 10 to 12 times in one play! I can only imagine! In contrast, Ariel still has a Skill Level of 1/6 and a Radius SS size. Yet she can easily take out more Tsums than Thumper at Skill Level 4. I can’t wait for HER to start going to higher levels! I was hoping for more consistency among the various Tsums…

          Let’s hear more feedback on your favorite Tsums, everyone!!!

          • I really like Cheshire :3 and lucky I got her already but then about the skill level >…< Favorite characters xD I'm guilty with that one using Cheshire a lot but I like the skills too :3

            I'm keeping an eye in when Ariel is going to be released in the english version :3 <3

            Thank you again Stallizer san :3

  15. Hi!
    I’m using the Japanese Tsumu Tsumu version (I’m in Japan) and have added some of your Line IDs but your names don’t appear inside the section where I can send hearts. . Your names appeared in the invites section and have sent invitations. Is it possible that the English Tsumu Tsumu version is having some compatibility issues with the Japanese version?

    My Line ID is: ronnel.deramos

    Many thanks!

    • The Japanese version and the international version has different servers. So you have to invite a player on the international version to the Japanese version before you can send hearts. But enjoy the invite coins!

  16. To Sunny,

    I received several invitations but the instruction was to install the international version and pointed me to the Play Store to download the app but it said that “This item isn’t available in your country”. I guess that I’m stuck with the Japanese version. The invite coins I received was a big help, many thanks!

    To the nice people who I sent and who sent me invites, I’m sorry that I could not send hearts to you because of my Japanese Tsumu Tsumu version. You can still add me for invite coins if you like. Many thanks!

  17. PLEASE tell me you guys are seeing this latest update in the English version! There will soon be Halloween-themed Tsums coming to the Japanese version! Looks like maybe Mickey and Minnie will be costumed up for the holiday. No release date yet, but I’m working my Woody to the max and have saved up enough coins for four Premium boxes so far. Naturally Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. So exciting!

    Good luck, all my Tsum friends!

    • Hi Satellizer. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any updates for Halloween-themed Tsums. However we were introduced to Olaf (Frozen) a couple weeks back, and we can now find Bambi, Thumper and Miss Bunny in Premium Boxes. Last weekend they had a 10,000 coin per mission event, which directly preceded the release of the Bambi Tsums. This is the second time they’ve done this (the first time being a 10,000 coin weekend preceding the release of the Alice in Wonderland Tsums). We also still don’t have any word on the Bingo feature which you enjoy so much.

      Since my last post, I’ve collected all of the Tsums except for the ones from Bambi. I’ve also maxed out Woody’s level at 30, so now I’ve been playing with other Tsums to level them up and improve my score/experience when I play.

      Lately I’ve been using Zero (Nightmare Before Christmas) … I was a little disappointed in his special ability when I first got him, because although removing Zero Tsums from the board is helpful, it wasn’t as good as some of the other Tsum’s special abilities. However, I think they may have updated his ability, because now when you activate it you get points and coins for every Zero that is cleared (I could be remembering wrong about his ability just removing his Tsum when I first used it). My strategy with him is to focus on collecting Zero Tsums at the start of the game to get the special ready to go, then switch over to collecting all of the other Tsums on the board (not Zero) and pop bubbles where they won’t clear a lot of Zero Tsums in hopes that more Zero Tsums will drop in at the top. I only activate his special when it looks like there’s enough Zero Tsums on the board to completely refill the special meter. Zero (skill level 3) still isn’t as effective as Woody (skill level 4) is for me. But, if you’re just starting out and you don’t have many Premium Tsums yet and you luck into finding Zero, I’d probably use him with the above strategy because I think he’d probably provide better results than any other Tsum at Level 1 (except for Lady if you’re just going for coins).

      Thanks again for letting us know what’s happening on the Japanese version of the game. It keeps me interested in playing knowing what may be coming down the road for us.

      – Travis

      • Travis, you sound like a very skilled player and I always enjoy your strategies. I’m more a of a brute force player myself, so not too much style. Just rushing around grabbing as many chains as I can mostly. (^_^)> My one attempt at strategy is when I play Sully. First I’ll try to build up his skill quickly. Once it’s charged, I then work to eliminate as many other Tsums as possible and fill up the pile with Sullys. Then I activate his skill (3-4 giant Sullys appear) and I can fhen make a HUGE long chan of the big and small ones. This invariably refills his skill so I can try again by wiping out other Tsums. I keep repeating as much as I can until the timer runs out.

        I see you have Olaf now, but what about Elsa and Anna? IIRC, Olaf was released on the Japanese version in advance of the sisters. Maybe they’ll be coming soon! Don’t forget that Elsa has her own game music (just like Ariel does)!

        I’m glad the Bambi series was finally released and hope you have a chance to try out Thumper. As I have said many times, he’s just short of amazing! (^O^)/

        We are just now wrapping up a Maleficent promotion where they increased the chances of getting her in a Premium box (one of my Tsum friends finally got her this week!). We are expecting the Halloween Tsums to be released after that (the promotion ends Monday Oct 6 at 10:59). I’ve been playing almost non-stop the past few days and now have enough coins for eight Premium boxes. I love my Woody!

        Let’s hear more strategies for different Tsums from you all!

        • Hi Satellizer. Sully always seemed like he would be pretty powerful once you got his skill leveled up … thanks for posting your strategy with him. In the heat of the moment I’m probably more of a brute force player too, but I like having a plan to try to maximize my coins/score :)

          We still haven’t heard anything about Elsa and Anna, but I’m hopeful that they’ll keep on releasing Tsums on the English version at a quicker pace … maybe we’ll even catch up to the Japanese version in time.

          Good luck on your Premium Box purchases!

          – Travis

  18. Here’s the update you’ve all been waiting for! (I guess…?)

    The Halloween features were FINALLY rolled out yesterday Oct 10th! First up – a new start screen for the holiday! There is a screen shot here > Looks cool, right?

    Yes, new Tsums are here also! They are Pumpkin Mickey (orange-yellow) and Pumpkin Minnie (pink). They look like little pumpkins with faces and ears… so cute! Pumpkin Mickey’s power is that he activates Fever Time immediately. Pumpkin Minnie drops candies (5 at skill level 1 and 7 at skill level 2 so far) that blow up like Bubbles at the bottom of the screen. These two are pretty cute and fun to play, but they don’t generate many coins, so I’m back to my trusty Woody again. (^_^)>

    Best of all, there’s a new Halloween game called “Trick or Treat” that is similar to last summer’s Hunny Drop! Random Pumpkin Hearts appear in place of the usual pink Hearts. If you play a Pumpkin Heart, a Halloween Pumpkin appears in the pile and you have to blow it up with three Bubbles (my strategy is to play Thumper as he generates Skills like crazy and each Skill makes a Bubble so it’s easy to hit the HP with three Bubbles). At the end of the play, the Halloween Pumpkin gives up a present like Coins, Special Items, or a few Candies (not to be confused with the candies dropped by Pumpkin Minnie!). The Candies go into a Pumpkin Basket on your game card. If you fill up the first card with 20 Candies, you get a free Premium Box! The game will be on until Oct 31st (of course), so I hope I get a lot of Coins and Special Items while working my way toward a Premium Box. I’m not sure how many cards there are in total, but the Hunny Drop game had three, so I’m expecting the same here. Tsum Tsum has gotten a whole lot more interesting again!

    All that said, I’m now looking forward to Christmas! I hope Disney and LINE roll out some specials for that big holiday as well. And I sincerely hope the International version gets included for a change! You all will really enjoy the game-in-a-game feature!

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

      • OK, I figured out why it sometimes only takes *two* Bubbles to blow up the Halloween Pumpkin. If the HP gets caught in your Skill activation and that Skill is like a Bubble blast (see Mickey or Woody, for example), that acts just like a Bubble and can blow up the HP. Theoretically (I have not had this happen yet), you could blow up the Halloween Pumpkin with just Skill activations if you can get them fast enough (I’m thinking Thumper here…). Maybe I’ll try this on the third Trick or Treat card next week.

        And another note: the second game card gave me a Skill Ticket when I filled up the basket with 20 candies. Using this Ticket lets you CHOOSE which Tsum you want to skill up! (I applied mine to Thumper, of course!) There have been comments in this thread saying it’d be nice to get to choose which Tsum to skill up, and this is the way to do that. It’s a powerful feature, so it makes sense that these Skill Tickets only appear during special promotions (which I hope make it to the International Version soon!).

        It looks like there will only be three game cards total with new ones appearing on Fridays (Oct 10th, 17th and [presumably] 24th). I really hope there will be a Christmas game, too! Lots of Coins and Tickets to get!

        • Hi Satellizer,

          Thanks for your update. It sounds like the Japanese version is really trying to give everyone a reason to keep playing. I’m feeling a little burned out from the grind to get the coins that I need to buy the next Tsum and I think that something like the Bingo Cards or the Halloween Pumpkin’s to pop would make the game so much better.

          I played a bunch over the weekend and was able to get Thumper! It’s pretty great that it takes so few Thumper Tsums to fill up his skill, but I’m finding that I get so many more coins with Woody and Mike that I always end up going back to them. I’m now only missing Miss Bunny and Maleficent for a ‘complete’ collection. Considering we currently have 23 Tsums that you can collect from Premium boxes, for each 30k box I buy I only have an 8.7% chance of getting a new Tsum. I leveled up a few Tsums’ skills, but none that drastically improved any of them.

          Has anyone here been lucky (or unlucky) enough to max out a Tsum’s Skill Level (not their Point Level)? Do you know if you still get those maxed out Tsums from boxes or are they excluded so your chances of getting other Tsums are increased?

          Happy Tsuming,

          – Travis

    • Hi Satellizer. I know at least I’m still interested in hearing about your updates. My guess is that the English version of the game is about a year behind the Japanese version as far as updates are concerned. So although it would be nice, I doubt that we’ll see any of the holiday specials until sometime in 2015. Since my last posting, they have rolled out the weekly coin bonuses for us if you get a high score over 500k … last week I got 6000 coins for having a high score over 1.5 million and my wife got 4000 coins for having a high score over 1.0 million.

      I’m playing with Mike Wazowski since I’ve maxed out Woody’s score level. Both Mike and Woody are Skill Level 4 which gives them a Radius: L Size and they can clear around 24 Tsums each time I activate their Skill. I haven’t had any luck with any of the Bambi Tsums, but I’m eager to get Thumper since you seem to like him so much.

      Thanks again for the update. Happy Tsuming :)

      • Well, Travis, at this rate I don’t think you’ll EVER catch up to the Japanese version. Just one week after the Halloween updates, we got another change, this time to the Daily Missions. Since yesterday, we now have *three* Missions to complete each day. Good grief! The first one or two are simple enough (350-400 stars or maybe 25-30 Skill plays). The third Daily Mission gets back on track with a goal of thousands of Coins or Points or a bunch of Heart giveaways. And each Mission nets you 500 Coins upon completion, so that’s a plus at least. It is definitely making me play longer through the day… and maybe that’s the point, eh? (^o^)/

        Still happily Tsuming!!!

        • Hi Satellizer,

          I don’t think the English version will catch up to the Japanese either. We did get Maleficent released in the last couple days, which was surprising since I know the Japanese version only just recently had her added as well. I picked up Bambi last night, which means I’m only now missing Thumper, Miss Bunny and now Maleficent for a ‘complete’ collection.

          For the three daily missions, can you work on them concurrently or do you need to do them one at a time?

          – Travis

          • Travis, you have to complete one Daily Misson before moving on to the next. So it’s a good incentive to play through the day (besides Coins, of course).

            And I wouldn’t worry too much about matching the Japanese version, anyway. You still have a lot of great new stuff to look forward to, so I’m a little jealous. Ha ha ha!

            I dig your Maleficent strategy below. I was also kind of disappointed in her Skill, but I may give her more chances to play now. Thanks!

  19. Hi., i wonder what strategy for using Maleficent. I just got her, but i pretty much don’t understand her ability. Thanks for the reply.

    Add me. ID: Rizah10

    • Hi Rizah10,

      I haven’t been lucky enough to get Maleficent yet, but I was intrigued by your post and I watched a YouTube video of Maleficent in action … Wow! Now she’s on the top of my must have list.

      From what I saw on the YouTube video and what I’ve read on the game itself, her power is very different from all of the other Tsums we’ve had to date. Once you activate her skill, you have about a 4 second window. During that window, any Tsums that are directly adjacent to a string that you collect or bubble you pop will also be collected, which makes for some very large screen-clearing combo potential.

      Here’s the strategy that I would use if I was lucky enough to get Maleficent:

      1. Collect as many Maleficent Tsums as possible to get her skill powered up.
      2. Collect as many non-Maleficent Tsums as possible to enter Fever Time.
      3. Try not to pop any bubbles if you can help it while still keep your Combo Meter growing (what I mean here is go ahead and use a bubble IF it’s the only way to keep your Combo Meter growing … like if you can’t see any other strings of Tsums to collect).
      4. Once you have Maleficent’s skill powered up AND you’re in Fever Time, you’re ready to move on to the Skill Activation strategy:
      a. Find the longest chain of Tsums possible, and swipe your finger along the chain but DO NOT lift your finger off of the final Tsum.
      b. Activate Maleficent’s skill.
      c. Now lift your finger off of the final Tsum in your longest chain from step a. (this allows you to start collecting Tsums using Maleficent’s skill without wasting time during her activation moving your finger around the screen … it may not save a lot of time, but since her skill only lasts about 4 seconds, any little bit helps maximize your score).
      d. Once your initial chain has been collected, I would collect Tsums in the following order of importance: chains with BIG Tsums, chains of 7 or more Tsums, Bubbles, and then whatever else you can find.
      e. If you’ve collected enough Maleficent Tsums to fill her power and you’re still in Fever time, go back to step a.
      5. Once you’re out of Fever Time, go back to Step 1. and repeat.

      I think this strategy will work pretty well, since it’s basically an adaptation of what I use with Lady who has a time-based skill as well. If someone else has used Maleficent and would like to weigh in, I’d love to hear their strategy and if they think that the strategy I’ve laid out above would be effective.

      Happy Tsuming…

      – Travis

        • Hi Lindy,

          Thanks for trying out the strategy … I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you. I just tried the chain, hold, activate power strategy again with Lady and it worked okay for me. I play Disney Tsum Tsum on an iPad Air and my iPhone 6 (formerly my iPhone 4s) and I’ve been able to use this strategy on each device. Perhaps you’re playing on another platform that doesn’t allow multiple touch interfaces at the same time?

          Other than the chain, hold, activate power strategy not working for you, how was the rest of the strategy?

          Happy Tsuming,

          – Travis

      • Thanks very much Travis for giving me great idea. I use lady as well.. So i get what you mean in not wasting time. I think its just 3.3 sec for the first skill of Maleficent..i sure does hope she skill more to get a longer time.. Those 3.3 sec makes me not like to use her tho’ its so fast. But your idea of holding first the chain before activating her will make me try her again..


      • I was so excited when I got Maleficent!!. But for the life of me I could not figure out what her skill was doing. For all I could tell, it was just giving me a nice thorn background. I don’t notice any my tsums next to the chains I make being collected. I get very low scores/coins when I use her. I’m so so so so disappointed with her! :(

        • Hi Memo’s Mom,

          Sorry to hear that Maleficent isn’t living up to your expectations. She’s still the only Tsum I’m missing, so I haven’t had a chance to try her out myself.

          Out of curiosity, which Tsum do you use to get your highest score/coins?

          Happy Tsuming,

          – Travis

      • Hi fellow Maleficent owners,

        I finally got Maleficent this morning and I feel it’s necessary to reply to this strategy that I posted last month.

        To begin, I was incorrect in my assumption that Maleficent’s Skill affects bubbles … it does not. Second, her skill only lasts 3.3 seconds, which is barely enough time to complete 2 or maybe 3 strings of Tsums if you’re really quick. Third, my “Lady” strategy of swiping/holding/activate Skill/release does not work for Maleficent.

        With all that being said, I still had my highest scoring game without power-ups of 2,079,579 using Maleficent this morning … and that’s with her at Point Level 6 and Skill Level 1. Unfortunately, that score is an outlier and I’m usually only averaging around 1,000,000 points and 600 coins per game. I’m also experiencing a higher variance in points and coins per game than I do with my usual go-to Tsums of Woody and Mike Wazowski … but that may be due to a lack of experience with Maleficent and getting a ‘feel’ for how many Tsums I need to collect to power up her skill.

        Here is the adjusted strategy that I’m using with Maleficent:

        1. Collect as many Maleficent Tsums as possible to get her skill powered up.
        2. Collect as many non-Maleficent Tsums as possible to enter Fever Time.
        3. Once you have Maleficent’s skill powered up AND you’re in Fever Time, you’re ready to move on to the Skill Activation strategy:
        a. Activate Maleficent’s skill.
        b. Find and swipe the longest chain of Tsums possible (prioritize Large Tsum chains, then Maleficent Tsums to recharge her Skill).
        c. Repeat step b. for as long as Maleficent’s Skill is active … don’t waste time popping bubbles until Maleficent’s Skill is done. You may find it easier to identify the next chain of Tsums to activate if your first/previous chain is in the upper portion of the screen, since the Tsums in the lower portion of the screen won’t be affected by the explosion of the previous chain.
        d. If you’re still in Fever Time I would collect Tsums in the following order of importance: chains with BIG Tsums, chains of 7 or more Tsums, Maleficent Tsums, Bubbles, and then whatever else you can find.
        e. If you’ve collected enough Maleficent Tsums to fill her power and you’re still in Fever time, go back to step a.
        4. Once you’re out of Fever Time, go back to Step 1. and repeat.

        Maleficent is definitely not as good as I thought she’d be (mainly because popping bubbles isn’t amplified by her Skill), but I think she has potential and I’ll keep using her to get her Point Level up a little higher.

        Happy Tsuming!

        – Travis

  20. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!!

    Disney and LINE pulled a fast one on us today and released another BRAND NEW Tsum for Halloween. It was never announced or even hinted at as far as I can tell. I now have Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! And as a bonus, it seems that Jack has been promoted in the Premium Boxes as well and I finally got him, too! Aaaaaaaaaah! So so soooooo happy!

    Sally’s Skill is that she makes a big X in the middle of the screen to wipe out Tsums. It’s kind of stitched up just like she is. \(^O^)/ Her Skill Level starts at SS, but she clears about 15-18 Tsums each time, so I hope I can up her Skill Level a bit. She only needs 13 Sallys to activate her Skill, too, so she’s got that over Woody.

    It’s really getting to be a Happy Halloween!

  21. Has anyone developed a good strategy when using the new Gold Mickey? He activates fever mode and if you’re already in fever mode he restores it’s time.
    Add me Line ID: Prism1020

    • Hi Prism1020,

      I don’t have access to Gold Mickey since I’m playing the English version of the game, nor could I find a youtube video of him in action. However, part of the fun of this game for me is trying to figure out strategies for using the different Tsums, so here goes:

      1. Start off by collecting all of the Gold Mickey Tsums to get his power ready to go.
      2. Once Gold Mickey’s power is ready to go, collect non-Gold Mickey Tsums to enter Fever Time.
      3. Once in Fever Time, use this strategy
      a. Collect non-Gold Mickey Tsums until Fever Time is almost up … focus on Big Tsum chains, chains of 7 or more Tsums, Bubbles and then whatever else you can find
      b. Activate Gold Mickey’s power right before Fever Time is almost up
      c. Collect Gold Mickey Tsums until his power is ready to go.
      d. Go back to a.
      4. Once you’re out of Fever Time, go back to step 1.

      This strategy is based on the assumption that using Gold Mickey’s power won’t give you more Fever Time than you start with (about 5 seconds).

      Let me know what strategy you’re using and if you think my strategy would be helpful or effective.

      Happy Tsuming,

      – Travis

  22. Hey everybody so excited to find so manny addicted to this as well!! Please add me. I have added As many of you as I could find!

    Line id: nereboss

  23. Well, Halloween is history now and it was really great for Tsum Tsum! Not only a new Tsum in Sally and the Trick or Treat game-in-a-game, but yet ANOTHER new Tsum when you complete the last ToT card. It makes sense because the final prize is Santa Jack (Jack in Santa hat and beard)! It’s a perfect match for the new Sally. His Skill is similar to regular Jack’s – he blows up random chains for a few seconds, but it’s automatic, you don’t have to hunt for and tap the chains. Not too bad, but kind of lazy. (^_^)

    With Halloween over, here come the NEXT new announcements. Yep, Tangled (Rapunzel in Japan) is coming to Tsum Tsum! Two new Tsums have been hinted at: Rapunzel and Pascal (soooo cute)! No release dates and again I’m saving my coins for the chance to grab them when they appear.

    And additionally, it looks like Sven (Frozen) and Peg-leg Pete (Mickey and Friends) will also be coming sometime soon! I expect Sven is a Premium box and Pete will be in the Happiness group (as Mickey etc. are). So it’s another whirlwind month or so until the Christmas bonuses, I guess. My gosh, the geniuses at Disney and LINE sure know how to keep folks playing!

    On a sadder note, I’m quite disappointed in Thumper finally. I have got him Skilled up to level 5 of 6 and his Radius is XL Size, but he has not actually increased at all since S Size. (:_;) Even with an XL Skill he only blows out about 15 – 17 Tsums. Compared to Woody’s LSize Skill taking out 24 – 27 Tsums, I’m afraid Thumper just doesn’t cut the mustard. I still use him for Skill Daily Missions (8 – 11 Skills per play), but that’s all. Maybe his programming is broken? If I knew how to contact the developers, I’d ask them about it. As it is, I’m still a die-hard Woody fan (he’s had several 1000 coin plays recently!) for now. So… just a heads up to anyone banking on Thumper to be the powerhouse he had the potential to become.

    Coin up, folks! Coin up! Winter is coming!

    • Hi Satellizer,

      It’s always nice to read your updates on the Japanese version of the game. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to :)

      We haven’t had anything new since the Bambi characters were released, which has given me plenty of time to try to collect all of the currently available Tsums. I’m currently only missing Maleficent, and she’s the one that I’d really like to try since her power is so unique.

      Sorry to hear about Thumper. That’s amazing that you’ve skilled him up that far though.

      Good luck with the coin collecting in preparation for the new Tsums coming your way!

      Happy Tsuming,

      – Travis

      • Hey Travis, thanks for the reply. I’ve got both Rapunzel and Pascal now so here’s the scoop:

        Rapunzel’s Skill is very unique. She stops the game dead and you can take your time to make a chain of any Tsums you want (up to 14 long at Skill Level 1). So you can really chain up some high-point Tsums. It’s also a good idea to include as many Rapunzels in your chain as you can to prepare for her next Skill.

        Pascal has an interesting Skill somewhat the reverse of Minnie’s. He can turn Pascal Tsums into another Tsum (9 Pascals max at Skill Level 1). It took a little trial and error, but I finally figured out that you have to wait for more Pascals to show up before activating his Skill. Then you can make a long chain of the Tsums he turns into along with any that were already in the pile. It’s pretty smart programming that Pascal the Chameleon can turn himself into other Tsums. The really funny thing is he looks a lot like Haro from Mobile Suit Gundam! Ha ha ha!

        And here are some game skills to try:

        You can clear a three-combo with a single tap in the middle of the Tsum triangle. You don’t get coins, but sometimes you just want to get them out of the way so you can make a long chain.

        If you end up with a Bubble at the end of the game, gently tap the Shuffle button (bottom right) a few times to shake down the Tsums and really pack them around the Bubble before it explodes. The difference between 8 and 12 Tsums is a lot of extra coins!

        Good luck with Maleficent! Beware, it takes quite a lot to activate her Skill. Maybe the most of all the Tsums so far…

        • p.s. In honor of 30,000,000 downloads, our Daily Missions now give us 3,000 coins each (total 9,000 coins). That is a LOT of downloads of the Japanese version! (^O^)/

          Too bad it’s only a three-day promotion, though…

        • Hi Satellizer,

          Thanks for the update on Rapunzel and Pascal. Both of them sound pretty unique and I agree that it was smart of them to design Pascal’s skill to be chameleonesque.

          Last week they ran a 10,000 coin per mission promotion for three days. I thought they did it to lead into releasing new Tsums this week, but no new Tsums have been announced yet. This week they’re offering double rewards for the weekly high score … I’m sitting at over 1.5m this week, so I’m guaranteed at least 12,000 coins on Sunday when the week resets.

          Still no luck with Maleficent, but I only need two more Woody Tsums and one more Mike Wazowski Tsum to level them up to Skill 5 of 6 … I’m excited to see what their Skills look like with an even larger Radius. I’ve lowered my expectations on Maleficent due to all of the negative comments on this site, but I still want her just to complete my collection.

          Happy Tsuming!

          – Travis

  24. Well, Frozen’s Sven was released suddenly last Friday and for three days he and the rest of the Frozen cast were promoted in the Premium Boxes, but I still couldn’t get him. (:_;) I’ll keep trying as I get more coins, but so disappointed to miss the easy catch.

    And it looks like the promotions are non-stop now as we have a new game-in-a-game on the way called “Villian’s Battle”. No details have been released yet, but I really like these challenges as they add so much new game play to Tsum Tsum. And they usually boost up my Items counts! (^o^)/

    Still looking forward to what (if anything) LINE and Disney have planned for Christmas. Good coining, everyone!

    • Hi Satellizer,

      Thanks for the update on the Japanese version. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get Sven while the promotion was going on … is he the only Tsum you’re currently missing?

      Over the weekend, the English version of the game released Elsa and Anna from Frozen, with an increased chance to find them (and Olaf) in the Premium boxes through tomorrow. Since I had finally found Maleficent and my collection was “complete”, I had saved up enough coins for 4 Premium Boxes. I found Anna right away, and after power-playing this weekend I found Elsa after saving up for another 4 or 5 boxes. I was thrilled to get Elsa, because like the Japanese version she plays “Let it Go” instead of the default BGM (as long as you acquire her before December 28th). I like Anna’s skill a lot … it’s kind of a cross between Minnie and Maleficent and I think she’d be pretty powerful once her Skill is leveled up a bit more.

      We still don’t have any of the challenges that you’re seeing on the Japanese version, but I’m hopeful that they’ll start that soon.

      Good luck with Sven, and Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

  25. Oh my gosh – where do I start?!?

    So… “Villian’s Battle” started at the end of November and brought yet another level of excitement to Tsum Tsum. Simple strategy, of course: Petes appear randomly and you blow ’em up with Bubbles or an exploding Skill like Mickey or Woody. Regular Petes are worth one point. Giant Petes are worth five points and it takes two hits to erase them. One battle lasts 30 minutes and you have to rack up as many points in that time as you can. The points go on a card and when the first card is filled (100 points) you get the Pete Tsum. And what a Tsum he is! He puts his huge fist through the middle of the pile and wipes out 27-31 Tsums at a time easily. What a powerhouse! And this punch literally shakes the screen! You have to see it to believe it. Playing Pete has netted me more 1000+ coin games in one week than in my whole playing history. The only drawback is that it takes 28 Petes at Skill Level 1 to activate his huge skill. Ugh! What to do? Keep playing and filling up more cards! Each filled card gets you a Premium Box with Pete in it so you can level him up that way. Each Skill Level reduces the number of Petes required to activate his skill. Thus:

    Level 1 – 28 Petes to activate his Skill
    Level 2 – 24 Petes
    Level 3 – 21 Petes
    Level 4 – 18 Petes
    Level 5 – 16 Petes
    Level 6 – I’m guessing 14 Petes

    The challenge is that each card requires more points to fill. I’m on Card 21 (out of 30 total) which needs 1400 points to get the Premium Box (the first one for Level 5 to 6). That’s a ton of Petes! I was using Thumper mostly to generate a lot of Bubbles quickly to blow up Petes. Pretty effective strategy until we found this next thing.

    Here’s where it gets interesting. The Mickey and Friends series Tsums (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto) generate Bonus Points when played in “Villian’s Battle”. So playing these six Tsums is the best way to clear your cards. BUT WAIT! There’s more! “Villian’s Battle” also has a “support battle” mode where your Tsum friends can play along with you and add points to your card! NOT kidding! It’s truly insane! If your friend is battling against Pete, you will see a Pete mark where the heart would be in your Friends List. Tap the Pete mark and join the battle. When playing in support mode, your points are DOUBLED so you can really add quickly to your friend’s card. And playing the Mickey series Tsums really cranks up the bonus points. But only the player can get the last 30 or 40 points to fill the card. You can’t complete your friend’s card in support mode.

    Now for the REALLY crazy part! At the beginning of December, LINE released SIX new Premium Tsums for Christmas! Guess what? They are the Mickey and Friends series decked up for the holiday! So cute! And again, Mickey and Minnie come with their own special holiday theme song. Donald and Daisy also have their own game music. These new Tsums have the same Skills as the regulars, but the animations are Christmas-themed. So okay… new Tsums for Christmas. Awesome, right? Yes, except that playing these new Tsums in “Villian’s Battle” increases your bonus points like at least 5 or 6 times (each Tsum having a slightly different bonus count)! And then playing the Christmas Tsums in support mode totally blows Pete out of the water! My kids have hit 200 or more points in a single play when in support mode (for the record, Christmas Goofy seems to be the best for bonus points, but Christmas Mickey has an explosive Skill that usually gets more Petes and Giant Petes). Whew! So complicated after all! But I’m really enjoying playing Pete and racking up the coins fast for those Christmas Tsums (and Sven). I have four so far and now looking for Daisy and Goofy to complete the set.

    What else…? If you don’t complete the card in 30 minutes or if you choose NOT to play against Pete for a while, points are added back to the card each time you don’t play. So it’s in your best interest to fill the card in as few half-hour rounds as possible.

    Also, Kirin Japan has joined the Tsum craze with a tea promotion. Some Kirin hot drinks have stickers on them with a chance to get a free Premium Box. I’ve only gotten “Try Again” stickers so far… (And psst! Some of the drink bottles have a BayMax (from Big Hero 6) Tsum on them. Just sayin’…)

    Whew… sorry for the super long post this time. It’s been a VERY hectic holiday season for Tsum Tsum Japan so far. I’m actually looking forward to a lttle down-time in January when I can just concentrate on collecting coins for a while. Until the inevitable Valentine’s promotions, that is…

    Happy Holiday Tsuming, everyone!

    • I almost forgot! The most important part of support mode is that each point you generate on your friend’s card also gives YOU points towards Items presents. You can get Hearts, Rubies, Coins and Item Tickets by helping your friends out in battle. A really nice little bonus!

    • Hi Satellizer,

      Thanks for the update on the Japanese version. That’s a lot of stuff. I love the fact that Disney Tsum Tsum and Line are making the game more social with the ability to help each other in new ways (other than the gifting of hearts). The product tie-in is a genius idea as well, and I know I’d be much more likely to buy a product if I could get a free Premium Tsum from it. However, I don’t think that Disney Tsum Tsum is popular enough outside of Japan to warrant a product tie-in, but maybe it will be down the road.

      For the International Version of the game, we were offered 3 Holiday Themed Tsums to collect through December 26th: Goofy, Donald and Minnie. I found Goofy and Donald right away, but I haven’t ‘lucked’ into finding Minnie yet. These Holiday Themed Tsums have the same Skills as their non-Holiday Themed counterparts, but they’re slightly stronger. For example, non-Holiday Goofy at Skill 2 will clear 10~12 while Holiday Goofy at Skill 2 will clear 16!

      As I’ve been trying to get Minnie to ‘complete’ my collection, I got Mike leveled up to Skill level 5. He’s now my default Tsum of choice as I can get around 1,100 coins per game without any Bonus Items. Maleficent is still my high-scorer though, as I can get over 2,000,000 without Bonus Items on a really good game.

      Thanks again for taking time to post such an in-depth update. Hopefully they’ll roll out some of these features to us soon.

      Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

  26. Hi, I have a question! A few of my line friends are playing the game too, how come they do not appear in my home page of ‘weekly ranking’? Due to this I can’t send them hearts nor receive hearts :(

  27. Hi can I ask why is it that my line friends who are playing the game too aren’t appearing in my weekly ranking list? I can’t sent them hearts nor can I receive hearts from them because they are not in the list! Help!

    • Hi Christabel,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your friends list. Unfortunately I’ve found that Line and Disney Tsum Tsum aren’t always on the same page. When I first started playing, I added a bunch of users from this page and a facebook page to my Line friends list, but they didn’t show up on Disney Tsum Tsum right away … but they eventually did. However, this doesn’t appear to be your problem.

      You may have some Line Friends that you know are playing, but they could be playing the Japanese version of the game while you’re on the English version of the game, or vice versa.

      If that’s not the issue, then what I’d probably do is try removing your Line friends temporarily, then re-adding them to see if Disney Tsum Tsum recognizes them. You could also try uninstalling Disney Tsum Tsum and reinstalling … just be careful to use the same Line ID once it’s reinstalled or you’ll lose all of your progress.

      If these are friends of yours that you know “in real life”, see if they can see you on their Weekly Ranking List. If they can, then I’d try sending an Inquiry to Disney Tsum Tsum about your issue. You can submit an Inquiry by going to Options (the gear button on the lower left of the Weekly Ranking List), then to the Help button, then to Inquiries, and last go to Inquiries on the bottom of the Inquiry menu. As I was trying to find the directions to the Inquiry process, I found a Q&A option on the Inquiry menu titled “Some friends are missing on the ranking list.” The information there isn’t anything more than I’ve typed above, but you may want to look at it before you submit an Inquiry.

      Sorry for such a long response, but I hope it helps you out.

      Happy Tsuming,

      – Travis

  28. Am I doing something wrong? My tsum tsum app doesn’t give me the option to log in or make a line id? I searched the whole app. Im on the us app. I read somewhere that I’d lose all my data logging into line, which would suck, and I’m fine with even if I just got my 5 year old Elsa and I like her skill lol. But I can’t even figure out how to log in ! I checked to see if I could update the app and its up to date. Im on an iPhone. I would appreciate all help. Thank you !

    • Hi Jesszee,

      If you’re ever interested in sending/receiving hearts to friends, it’s best to bite the bullet now and convert to a Line ID rather than lose any more progress.

      Before you connect your Disney Tsum Tsum App to a Line ID, you’ll first need to create a Line ID. You can do this by downloading the LINE App from iTunes.

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure what your Tsum Tsum screen looks like as mine will look different. However, in the lower left corner of my main screen above the Data button, is a little yellow button that looks like a gear or cog. Click on that gear button and it will take you to the Options menu. One of the options, about halfway down the screen is the LINE option … mine says that it is “ON”, but yours probably says that it’s “OFF”. Clicking on this option will probably tell the App you intend to link it to a Line ID and it will step you through the verification process.

      You can also access the Help button on the bottom of the Options screen which may be able to answer any further questions you have about connecting to a Line ID.

      Good luck, and Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

  29. Nope, no option to turn it on or off. Sound BGM (background music of course) se (sound effect) gyro on or off , notice, terms of service, FAQ, how to play, privacy policy and help. Maybe if I download the line app it will automatically give me the option on the tsum tsum app? I started off looking on all the basic pages and that’s how I ended up here. Ill go do that now and let you know if that gets me anywhere. Itd make sense because I’m the only one who seems to have this problem lol thank you for your help !

  30. Well, no luck. I downloaded the line app and made an account it will take me to the tsum tsum app but still no option. I guess the next step would be to delete the tsum tsum app and start fresh.. Eek.. Not sure it’s worth the risk.. I have 4 premium boxes and almost all the happiness boxes.. I suppose I could try from my husbands phone.. Hmm I’ll have to get back to you after I convince him on why that’s a good idea.. Wish me luck :)

  31. Well his worked and I also figured out my problem. When I originally downloaded the app It was for my daughter and I put her age in it. So that has to be the reason it wasn’t giving the the option for a line account ! As soon as I seen that option I was like ohhhh duh ! Who woulda thought I’d get addicted to it myself !!! I know I basically talked to myself this whole time but thank you Travis ! I went through and read all the comments and I learned a lot from you and satellizer ! I look forward to being able to play the game more often not just when my hearts replenish ! Although I am sad that I will lose all my progress.. Hoping to regain it fast !

    My line id is- Jesszee0504 please add me !! I will send hearts dailys as I am addicted and have to win Elsa back for my daughter ! :)

    • Hi Jesszee,

      I’m glad that you figured out the issue and that it was tied to the Age answer you gave when you first set up the Disney Tsum Tsum App.

      I’m sorry that you had to lose all of that progress, but the ability to send/receive hearts is a pretty big deal in this game. I posted my Line ID here and on a couple of Facebook Lists about 9 months ago (when I first started playing), and people are still adding me. I receive way more Hearts than I can ever hope to use in playing the game, and the 200 Coin bonus for accepting a Heart within the hour it was given is very nice.

      I think it’s been posted here before, but when you’re accepting Hearts from your Line friends, don’t use the Claim All button … instead, accept each Heart individually as that will automatically send that friend a Heart in return.

      Also, if you haven’t found it already, there’s a lot of really good information on the Reddit page for Disney Tsum Tsum:

      Good luck getting Elsa back, and Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

  32. I got Bambi.. Anything on her?? Havent played with her yet.. I went through and added as many line Ids as I could and like 4 of them still played :( if you still play ad my line id please ! Jesszee0504

    • Hi Jesszee,

      Bambi isn’t the best Premium Tsum, but it’s probably an improvement over most of the Tsums you’ll find in the Happiness Boxes. The problem I have with Bambi is the randomness of his skill … since he’ll pop Tsums in random locations, I find that it’s harder to keep up my Combo. I have Bambi at Skill Level 4, and his Skill says it Clears 4~7 … but his skill is very random and I’m not sure how the 4~7 actually affects his ability, since when I use it I’m popping as few as 12 Tsums and as many as 31 (in the last few games I played). There’s also a Youtube video on Bambi that you may find helpful:

      I’m sorry that you haven’t found more active players. Try checking out the Reddit page I posted in my comment above, since there’s a Line ID Sharing Post that may give you some more active players to add.

      Good luck, and Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

      • Hi again Jesszee,

        I just watched another Youtube video on Bambi, and I realized that you don’t get any Coins or Bubbles when you activate his skill … so he’s a terrible Tsum for farming Coins, but can be a decent Tsum for Score if you get his Skill leveled up enough. As he is right now, I’d probably rate him a 3 out of 10 for usefulness … he’d probably be at an 8 if you got Coins and Bubbles when you used his Skill.

        Happy Tsuming,

        – Travis

  33. Travis,

    Bambi at this point I rate pretty useless, she would be great if she gave bubbles. But for now she can just sit there and wait until I can build up my collection.

    Here is my experience so far since I’ve been playing with Line and lost all my wonderful tsums :(
    You definitely get more coins not being logged into line per game. I play more now so I am getting more coins per day but game wise I would average with say Mickey 300 before line now I average 200. 300 or more is a really good game. Before I logged into line I had only been playing a few weeks and I already had 4 premium boxes (Elsa,Zero,had just gotten Sulley and they gave me Alien) and I had Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Eeyore now I have bought 2 premium boxes and both times were Bambi so i definitely think you get the better advAntage on that when you’re not logged in because I was sooo mad when I got Bambi again.. Ahhh so I’m still playing with Mickey. I bought a happiness box too and got Eeyore but I do best with Mickey so I’ll stick with him.

    as for my playing technique I think you were saying to collect bubbles and the bigger tsums and wait til fever time I have tried that and I always get twice as many coins when I immediately activate my bubbles I always look for a 7 or more chain activate the bubble and am always trying to get Mickey I can fill his power sometimes 4 or 5 times in a game if I just focus on bubbles and getting him because he gives a bubble to it seems to give me lost of coins and I’m not focused on score now. Wish me luck for my next premium box !! I can take another Bambi !!! Although her skill level would go up !!!

    • Hi Jesszee,

      I’m sorry to hear about your luck with Premium Boxes so far. You have roughly a 3% chance to get any single Premium Tsum (1 out of 35). I’d say that almost any other Premium Tsum would be better than Bambi for you, so you have a 97% chance of getting a better Premium Tsum on your next box :)

      I think my post about playing technique was about maximizing Score, not Coins. To maximize Coins using Mickey I’d prioritize my clearing by going for Long Chains (7+ or Chains with Big Tsums), then Mickey Tsums, then Bubbles if they won’t blow up Long Chains that you can clear, and then anything else. I’d use Mickey’s ability as soon as it’s available, so you can start charging it up right away.

      My strategy for Coins with Eeyore would be slightly different. I’d still go for Long Chains first, then Eeyore Tsums, then Bubbles if they won’t blow up Long Chains or a bunch of Eeyore Tsums. Once Eeyore’s ability is charged, I’d switch to clearing any non-Eeyore Tsums until the screen is full of mostly Eeyore Tsums … then I’d activate his skill and go for the Longest Chain of Eeyore Tsums that I can find. This will hopefully recharge his skill fully and you can start clearing out non-Eeyore Tsums to prepare for another Long Chain of Eeyore Tsums.

      In order to increase your Coin total quicker, try finding some other sites like Facebook or Reddit to post your Line ID. I really like this site, mainly because of the back and forth conversation I’ve had with Satellizer … but I don’t think it gets as much traffic as some of the Facebook or Reddit groups out there. In the meantime, I’ll keep sending you Hearts/Coins when I can, but feel free to ask for Hearts if you run out because I’m happy to send Hearts when I receive those notifications too.

      Good luck with your next Premium Box, and Happy Tsuming!

      – Travis

  34. Hello! Im loving this game. Is anyone else never getting Winnie the pooh in happiness box? Its the only one that doesn’t come up for me. Do I have to skill max all the others first? Thnx
    line is:mick928

  35. Hi Roni,

    Unfortunately there’s no way to influence which Tsum comes out of each box … it is completely random. The only choice you get is choosing between a Happiness Box or a Premium Box. However, I believe that once you’ve found enough Tsums to max out the Skill Level of a Tsum, you won’t be able to find that Tsum in any future boxes … but I haven’t found enough of any Tsum to confirm this belief.

    I experienced a similar issue with Piglet while trying to complete my collection. What I did to keep from going crazy was alternate between buying Happiness Boxes and Premium Boxes. Since most of the ‘good’ Tsums are found in the Premium Boxes anyway, maybe you should try this for a while rather than just focusing on trying to get the one Happiness Tsum you’re missing.

    Good luck on finding Pooh, and Happy Tsuming!

    – Travis

      • Travis and Roni, I can confirm that once a Tsum is maxed out, you will never get it again in a box. In fact, once you have maxed out all the Tsums, you can’t BUY any more boxes, period. This happened to me after I finally maxed out all my Happiness Tsums (easy to do as they only go to Skill Level 3) and then got Happiness Box tickets in the Bingo cards. I can’t use them, so they are just waiting around for the next Happiness Tsums to be released (whenever THAT is… :)).

  36. Travis

    Thank you for all your help ! I am building up quite a collection now. I just need to find more time to play. I do however have a new favorite tsum tinkerbell. I cannot wait to see what else I can do with her. I hAve lady and remember reading about “farming” for coins. Is there a video I can watch about that? Id love to be able to get coins faster! My daughter asks me all the time but I must report Still no Elsa :( my other daughter is now requesting maleficent.. Ill never get them both ! thanks again !


  37. i just started playing last week. But i didn’t download line first. and now for some reason i can not figure out how to link my line account, tsum tsum game, and Facebook so i can invite friends. if anyone has a solution for me it would be greatly appreciated. also my id is keagan1432 if anyone wants to add me.

    • Tonya, I believe that you started playing Tsum Tsum in “guest” mode without a LINE account attached. You may have to uninstall Tsum Tsum and re-install it so it will ask for your LINE account and you can “join the community”. But if you do this, you will probably lose all your progress in the game and be left with Mickey and zero Points and Coins. So consider carefully, OK? Good luck!

  38. I have friends added on line and my tsum tsum game is connected to line but none of my line friends are showing up on tsum tsum…. Can someone help please

  39. I can’t send hearts! My wife and I and I both have a LINE ID, either we are both slow or we are missing something when trying to send hearts. Can someone just list the process to send a heart? That would be so very helpful to us. I don’t know whether I have to do it within the game or from the Line account.

    A also please add me: sfaford

    thanks to anyone who may be able to help us with this.

    • This gerenally means that a Tsum’s skill “calls” another Tsum to action. One example would be Mike who “calls” Sully to roll down the board collecting Tsums. Angel “calls” Hawaiian Stich in the same way. Another would be Chip or Dale who convert other Tsums into each other when their skill is activated. I’m not sure if this can also be considered for Tsums who “call” lovers like Belle, Romance Ariel, or Minnie.

      I hope this gives you some Idea of how to complete this Bingo mission! Good luck!

  40. Just had to start all over again from Level 1 as I’d installed the game without Line first.. :( take pity on me and add me on Line! ID is Nutofg I’ll send hearts as soon as I can

  41. My daughter keeps getting free tickets happiness tickets premium tickets gems everything just for leveling up does anyone know why this is happing?


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