Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an epic support class Cookie. You will meet him in the story the Tropical Soda Islands, and this warrior is a guardian and servant of Yogurt Cream Cookie. Once his master is imprisoned on the ship, Lilac Cookie cooperates with Princess Cookie to release their friends. Lilac Cookie takes origin from the Tropical Island story; he is accessorized with Silk and Satin. It is a great idea to buy the Toppings and Skill Powders for this character as he is worth it. Let’s check how you may get and play Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​How to Get Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are two ways to get any epic Cookie.

The first one is to refer to the Special Cookie Gacha and pull the needed Cookie out of it. This option perfectly works for patient players when there is no rush in getting a Cookie because the chances to pull an epic Cookie out of Gacha are 19.278%.

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The alternative way is to get the Lilac Cookie faster using the unique currency called Soulstones. This way, you will be able to rank your Cookies up. Still, you will also be able to bake the Lilac Cookie if you don’t have it.

​How to Play Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Cookie of the Support Class; the best choice is to locate him in the middle. This cute Cookie has a super-power to throw chakrams multiple times during some definite period. Elegant maneuvers inspire everyone surrounding Lilac Cookie, and a standard attack DMG is raised correspondingly to their ATK SPD boost rate. Do you want to choose the most appropriate toppings for this character? Then choose 5x Sweet Candy or 5x Swift Chocolate with no hesitations.
So, how to get and play Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom in full. Use this knowledge to reach new levels while playing!

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