Almost all gamers might have ended up thinking at least once how it would feel like to control the boss of any game, dealing with attacks and special techniques coming from everywhere dealt by overpowered characters.

If you own an iOS device, you’ll finally be able to play the role of a boss in a new role playing game that’s been recently announced.


The title’s name leaves very little to the imagination. Like A Boss will allow you to take the role of one these bosses, where you’ll have to defend your treasure from multiple enemies, who are usually the good guys in regular games like wizards, knights, rangers and so on.

The game doesn’t really take itself seriously, as it features cartoonish graphics, meant to create a parody of many role playing games tropes. Still, it’ll definitely be an interesting experience that is not available in any other game.

It’s actually qute surprising how no one else has thought about this before but better late than never!

Like A Boss is currently being developed by Fire Horse Studios. No release date has been announced since work is still being done on this unique game. A closed beta should start soon so you’ll probably get a chance to try out the game before release in the near future.

You can find a short video for the game right below. Watch all those little knights get ensnared by your traps and start practicing your evil laugh!

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