Life Simulator 2016 is an Android game developed by Frozen Vortex Games, a title that seems to be the equivalent of an “early access” game on PC – it’s still under development, but still playable and a lot of fun. But since Life Simulator is, just as the name suggests, pretty difficult and challenging, I decided to share with you a complete guide for the game, including some tips and tricks on what to do to get the most out of it. Our Life Simulator 2016 cheats and tips will share with you all the basics, as well as some more advanced strategies that will turn you into a super rich dude or dudette.

So without further ado, let’s check out some Life Simulator 2016 cheats and tips below!

1. The Trash is your friend
Especially early on, it is also your only source for food and drinks. Make sure that each day you tap the trash can until it’s empty. You will end up hoarding tons of food and drinks that will be extremely useful in the long run.

2. Only eat in the morning
Especially early on in the game, it seems that you don’t have to eat or drink too much. Sleeping is just enough for that. And maybe you can also grab something to eat at work, who knows? Either way, only eat early in the morning, before going to your job, if you need to. I rarely had to eat or drink during the early stages of the game, which made it even easier to hoard food and drinks.

3. Get your first job ASAP
The first job is litter picker and you can’t get hired for anything else early on. Get that job and constantly do it, day by day. You will slowly progress through jobs as you study and get better, but you have to start somewhere, even though it’s a really low paying job. Keep trying for other jobs though until you have the option unlocked. More on jobs a bit later.

4. Ads are your friends
And main source of money early on. An ad gives you 100 Pounds, while your initial job rewards you with just 15 Pounds per day. So watch the ads as soon as you have the chance – maybe even leave the game immediately after watching an ad and return after several minutes to watch a new one and hoard some money as well. You will have to study in order to get better and without the ads, the progress will be very low.

5. Study, study, study
Each day, you can study 5 classes – make sure you always study them all. If you are fast enough, you will get through a very nice schedule: sleep until just before 7, go to work, study five times, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Have in mind that you can study both the classes on top, as well as those at the bottom (I thought initially that the ones at the bottom are locked, but they are not). Try to focus on a few at a time, specifically on those that you think will help you in the future, for better jobs.

So.. what should you study most?

Each job in the game has more or less obvious requirements for applying. To become a Game Designer, for example, it is pretty obvious that you should know a bit about Computing, Physics and maybe Maths. It’s more of a guess work in most cases, but follow common sense and focus on the things that are immediately useful: English and Maths early on can’t get it wrong. Then, depending on the careers you want to follow, focus on ICT, Computing, Business and Physics. Either way, just make sure that you spend 5 classes per day – this is the only way to progress!

6. Work your way up slowly
Don’t try to get from Litter Picker to Stockborker too soon. Instead, climb up the ranks quickly: I got from my first job to Shopkeeper with relative easy, after a short while of playing the game, then got better and better jobs and better places to live in.

The nice thing about Life Simulator 2016 is that as you progress through the game, new gameplay options are unlocked. For example, as soon as you afford the Rundown apartment, you can access the bank where you can deposit money and collect interest (which you should do ASAP) and get a Gym membership, where you can work on your strength and popularity (also helping with other jobs). So keep on working on everything, get better at everything and you will soon become the superstar you dream of becoming.

These would be for now my Life Simulator 2016 tips and tricks. Do you have any other suggestions for fellow players? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


  1. i cant apply for a job!
    at very first i was called for a viva for litter picker but they rejected me. now i am studying hard and have completed 100 classes on Ict, 20 on computer and a few on others but still i cant apply any job. they say, u need a better stats to get this job. what should i do? my device is samsung j5 android 5.1.1

    • You also need experience, so you really need to get that litter picker job. Mix and match the classes a little bit as well. There’s also an interview, where you should pick the answers that will give you the job, positive answers out of which it results that you are a good person, qualified for the job. Once you can apply for a job, the interview is just a formality, but you will have to give the best answers.

  2. I love this game, and I’m trying to get to the game design in college. I’m doing well, but I’m not sure how to level up my programming because I can’t find a button to study it. So if you could help with that, it would be awesome! ;)

  3. After 6 days as a litter picker, i decide to quit the job for a better one but somehow its impossible to get any jobs now..
    Got driverlicence , first aid and still no jobs

    • the game is still in beta and u have to be carefull what u choose cause i just lost my apply button
      and can’t get programing calculus either
      and the owners never saw my reply

  4. How can I enroll in the banking and finance course, I have all the skills required… but everytime I try to enroll “this box tells you what you learned today…blah blah”?

  5. It won’t let me get a job anymore , after I accidentally quit the litter picking one , the apply button is faded + it won’t let me do anything with college.

  6. I paid for a gym membership and don’t know how to excersise and how do you gain experience. Also I got the requirements for the driver license class and it took me over to career and all I see is the bar Idk what to do next

  7. I’m rich in this game.. I got the last apartment “penhouse”. I went from picking up trash to stockborker, its the *HIGHest* paying job out their.. im playing in 2017 so its better… whats the deal with the banks interest? I wonder how long it takes for me to collect that… any ideas???

  8. I am now a stockbroker and have a nice apartment. But I’m trying to get a four digit job that requires 500 creativity. How do you get creativity points? I took art classes thinking that would help but it did NOTHING. HELP ME!


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