I love unique games, games that try to do things differently and offer you multiple choices, multiple paths and a lot of unknown. A New Life, an iOS game created by Serbian studio Bigosaur, seems to be just that. And I already love it!

Life is made of choices: good choices and bad choices. Choices you think are good at a given time might prove to be completely wrong. And vice-versa. You never know, even though sometimes things are pretty much obvious. And in this game, you’re the one who’s in control. You make the choices. You live the life.


A New Life gives you the opportunity to be rich, poor, gay, straight, young, old, creative, analytical, shy or outgoing. Start off with a randomly-generated character with inherited, customizable traits – including intelligence, beauty, health, and charisma. Choices will appear as you play the game – defining how the rest of your character’s life plays out. Just as in the real world, unpredictable life events will happen from time to time – presenting your character with new challenges and opportunities!

There is a karma system that awards you points when your character dies – and you can use the karma during your next playthough to alter things and make your life even better. No new game will be the same and the control you have over each new character gets better and better. In other words, you get better at living. But the choices never stop.

This is indeed a really impressive game for those who like unique experiences and slightly different games. It’s true that this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I totally love it and you can find out a bit more about it in the video below:

You can download A New Life on the App Store right now – and I personally suggest that you do it right away. This is an awesome game and it’s just 99 cents.



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