Life of Boris is one of the funniest and most addictive Youtube channels ever. It should be no surprise to hear that Life of Boris: Super Slav, the game featuring the Youtube celebrity, is just as fun! And annoying at times.

For the latter part, we have decided to come and share with you a complete Life of Boris: Super Slav walkthrough, a step by step guide through the stages to complete all levels and have as much fun as possible. So let’s not waste any second and let’s check out the complete walkthrough below!

Life of Boris: Superslav Level 1 Walkthough

First, tap the small item on the pin board to the right to collect the CD: you have one of the six collectibles now.

Next, swipe the screen to the left, over Boris’ hands so he starts typing. Then, tap the computer screen.

Life of Boris: Super Slav Level 2 Walkthough

Tap the matryoshka doll until you reveal Boris. Then swipe down over the handle to the left. That’s it!

Life of Boris: Superslav Level 3 Walkthough

First, tap the right side of the car so two characters fall over it, then collect the CD. You will fail the level, but get the collectible!

Now, to complete the level, tap the coat floating in the water to the left of the car, then the pants to the right and finally the shoes below the car.

Life of Boris: Super Slav Level 4 Walkthough

Drag the flour to the left over the car, then drag the milk carton to the right over it and finally do the same with the eggs. Teh Adidas car is ready to go!

Life of Boris: Superslav Level 5 Walkthough

Tap the potato over the door to the right, then drag it over the car.

Life of Boris: Super Slav Level 6 Walkthough

Tap Boris so he starts dancing, then wait until a car with three white stripes passes through. When it does, double tap it so that it stops and picks up Boris.

Life of Boris: Superslav Level 7 Walkthough

Tap the pie looking thing that one of the waiters are carrying, then the one looking like tomato juice. Boris starts dancing, level is complete!

Life of Boris: Super Slav Level 8 Walkthough

First, tap the water to the left side of the screen so that a mermaid appears, carrying a CD. Take it to have 3 out of 6 collectibles.

Next, tap the people on the boat so they start dancing. Then, tap Boris a couple of times (he calls for Anatoly) until the man appears carrying a bike. Get the bike and start pedaling!

Life of Boris: Superslav Level 9 Walkthough

First, get the CD from the middle of the red bike.

Next, grab the wheels to the right and drag them over the bike, then drag the engine looking thing that the CD was behind and also drag it over the bike.

Life of Boris: Super Slav Level 10 Walkthough

Tap the stereo a few times, until a bear’s head appears from the bushes. Then tap it a few times… and that’s it!

There are two more stages that you can unlock by collecting the remaining collectibles and by playing the minigames. We’re going to do that and get back to you soon with the walkthrough for the remaining levels.


  1. Well you see I tried to do what you said to do on level 8 but the bike won’t come down because Anatoly troughs the bike but the bike never comes down .So what happened to the bike that was thrown by Anatoly???????


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