Stack as high as you can in Leveled! You will need precise timing to get your tower as high as you can in this simple but intense game. Much like other games in the “super challenging one-touch” genre, expect to get a game over a ton of times. Have no fear though! We’re here with our Leveled! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to help you stack like a pro!

1. Practice the block timing!


You are aiming to stack here, not to create a sloped house! The timing that you need to get perfect blocks is very strict, so it is best that you practice a lot. You will fail early on many times, but you will get better at the timing! Wait until both blocks are just about equal size then tap. Make sure to compensate for the timing it takes for your finger to reach your device’s screen – in other words, try tapping a little earlier. Once you get the timing down, the rest of the game will be much easier.

2. Watch out for the barrels!

Every couple of blocks you will receive a single barrel instead. The barrel will stay put in the center of the screen but change in size just like the blocks do. Wait until the barrel is as big as it can get, then let it drop. The reason for this is that a plank will drop onto right after, and if it is too small, you run the risk of the plank tipping overboard. Eventually you will get to parts where the barrel will start to move from side to side. Depending on how crooked your previous planks are, you may be better off putting it to one of the sides.

3. Adjust on the go!

Going off of the above tip, sometimes having both of the blocks be the same size will hurt you more than help. If you notice that your timing is a bit off and your stack is starting to lean in one direction, try adding more weight to the side that is not leaning. With just the right amount of added weight, sometimes you can rescue your stack from falling over. Be careful not to add too much weight though, as that will just make the other side lean too much, putting you back at square zero.

4. Utilize the quick reset button!

At the top left, you will see two buttons. The top one takes you back to the main menu while the bottom resets your current run, starting over from scratch. If you make a bad move and you know your tower is about to keel over, save some time by tapping the reset button. Get used to the button – you will be using it a lot until you become a stacking champion!

5. Take your time!

There is no need to rush! There is no time limit in this game, so you can take as much time as you want when dropping the blocks. In fact, we encourage you to go slow and steady; rushing will only make your tower come crumbling down, unless your timing is nigh-perfect.

6. Connect to Facebook to unlock more worlds!

If you connect your Facebook account, the second world will unlock automatically for you. There does not seem to be a change in game play, as only background changes. If you like experiencing different worlds, then try it out! To unlock the other world, you need to reach a high score of 70 stacks. Good luck – you’re going to need it!

That’s all for Leveled! If you have any other stacking tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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