Len’s Island Farming Guide: How to Grow Food?

Len's Island Farming Guide: How to Grow Food?

Len’s Island is a new surviving simulator game where you have to craft different items, build your base and make everything to develop and survive. There are lots of different needs that your character has. These include various instruments for some specific activities, different structures that will help you, and food. The last one is one of the most important as you can’t survive while you are hungry. Farming is one of the best ways to get more food and today we are going to talk about it. This guide will tell you about farming on Len’s Island and how to grow food effectively.

Farming in Len’s Island

Farming in Len’s Island is a very effective way to get more food. In order to plant something, you need to create Farms. These work as structures that you can place and use to plant your seeds. After that, you should craft Watering Can that you have to use to water your crops. Once your crops turn into plants, you will be able to harvest them. This process is very simple but there are a couple of structures you can use to make your farm better and even make it work automatically.

Automatic Farms in Len’s Island

The first structure you may want to create to make your farming easier is called Well. You are able to use it to fill your Watering Can and water crops. When you reach the second level of your Work Bench, you will be able to craft another structure that should help you to make an automatic farm. This one is called Water Tower. You can place it near your Farms and fill it with water. This structure is going to water Farms automatically till it runs out of water.

The last thing you may want to build is Windmill. You can put it near your Water Tower and it will start filling itself with water automatically. Just make sure that there is one Well nearby.

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Len’s Island Farming Guide: How to Grow Food?


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