Endless runner games are pretty much everywhere nowadays. It’s not hard to see why: these games are perfect to be played on the go for just a few minutes, offering a simple yet engaging gameplay formula.

Another new endless runner game is now available for download on the App Store, a new game of the Lego franchise called Lego Ninjago Rebooted.

In Lego’s Ninjago Rebooted gamers will be able to play as any character from the Tv series – Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole. Once the game starts, you’ll realize the game has something slightly different from other endless runner games, as Lego’s Ninjago Rebooted includes both horizontal and vertical sequences, offering a bit of variety in the gameplay experience.

The game offers two different play modes: a mission based Story Mode and the classic Endless mode where the game truly becomes an endless runner game.

Lego Ninjago Rebooted is definitely not a game that tries to break new grounds but it’s very well done. If you’re looking for a new endless runner game to pass time, you may want to check out the game. Since the game is also free and doesn’t feature any fun-ruining in-app purchases, there’s really no reason to pass on this nice little title if you’re a fan of endless runner games.

Lego Ninjago Rebooted is now available for download on the App Store.


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