Take part in Lego Bionicle history! LEGO BIONICLE Mask of Creation is an action beat-em-up game that lets you choose from one of the six Bionicle heroes. Lead them on their hunt for the ancient and powerful Mask of Creation so that they can stop the evil forces on the island of Okoto! We’ll help you out on your quest with our LEGO BIONICLE Mask of Creation cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Swift taps for the ultimate combo!


Speed and precision is the name of the game here. For every hit you land on an enemy, your combo multiplier will increase by one. With each successive hit, you’ll be raking in the points in no time. Aim true and hit every enemy you see! If there are no enemies on screen when you finish off one, run around for a bit and another should eventually find its way to you. You have a couple seconds before your combo meter resets, so move quick!

2. Watch out for counter attacks!

The general behavior of the skull spiders is this: after they spawn, they’ll will run up as close as they can to you. Once they’re close enough, they’ll begin to charge up a mini-blast that surrounds them. If you try to attack them during this state, chances are they’ll release the blast and you’ll be hit. Taking damage is very bad because your combo is immediately reset, so try to avoid it! If you see a skull spider charging up, try to aim for another one. If it’s the only one left, wait a little bit for the attack to pass then strike. Be warned though, on the later levels the skull spiders get upgraded attacks. They’ll perform the charge attack the same way, but now they get spiked armor which lingers for a little while longer.

3. Utilize your special moves!

As you progress through the levels, you will earn different kind of power ups for your Bionicle hero.

  • Area attack: The first special move is charged by attacking and is performed by tapping the bottom right button. Your hero will do a large area attack that surrounds them and does massive damage. As you progress, you’ll unlock stronger versions of this which need to be charged longer than the weaker versions.
  • Summon: The second special move done by tapping the bottom left button. This calls down a summon and stuns all surrounding enemies. Use this when there are a lot of enemies around you that are charging up a counter attack! Note that this also breaks the spike shield that the skull spiders can summon.
  • Golden Mask: The third special move indicated by a meter below your score count. This fills when you attack, and when filled all the way you enter a temporary golden mask mode. Your movement speed and attack speed are increased during this mode, so unleash all your might!

4. Customize your heroes!

This has no bearing on gameplay, but it sure is fun! Each level you beat unlocks an additional armor piece for one of the six heroes. You can customize them by tapping the wrench icon next to the hero you have selected. Change their looks for something new!

And there you have it. Mask of Creation is a fairly straightforward game, all you need to worry about is timing. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!




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