Legend of the Skyfish 2 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Mastering Combat

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Long, long ago, there was once a crimson hero known as the Little Red Hook. Skyfish, the Lord of the Deep Seas, terrorized the land, and its reign was stopped only by Little Red Hook. The Red Hook Clan slowly disappeared over time, and now a new threat aims to destroy everything the clan worked for.

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Take control of the last Red Hook guardian in Legend of the Skyfish 2, the sequel to the action RPG. In this entry, you have at your disposal the newest clan tool, the Combat Fishing Pole. It is more deadly than it sounds! Fight your way across a vast world in to defend the world from abyssal creatures.

In our Legend of the Skyfish 2 tips and tricks, we will outfit you with all the tips you need to survive out there in the world. As pretty as the environments are, there is plenty of enemies abound, so let’s get started with our Legend of the Skyfish 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to mastering combat!

Basics of Combat

You will be doing mostly fighting during your time in the world of Legend of the Skyfish 2, so get ready to swing that fishing pole. Your fishing pole is actually pretty sturdy, so it hurts enemies enough when you bash them over the head with it.

Early on, you will only have five hearts to your name. You can only take so many hits, so dodging is really important. Dodging will send you in a roll, and during the entire animation you are invincible. Even if you cannot exactly get out of the way of an attack, a well-timed dodge can still save your butt!

Enemies – including bosses – will always telegraph their attacks when they are about to launch them. Look out for the little squiggly lines above an enemy – when it is yellow, they are prepping their attack, and when it turns red, the attack is coming, so get ready to dodge. Keeping an eye on these cues is the key to not getting surprised.

For the most part, the best defense is a good offense. Most enemies are very susceptible to aggressive fighting, the reason being is that enemies are usually caught in hitstun when you attack them, so you can combo an enemy all the way to death by just staying on them and attacking.

Speaking of which, staying close to enemies is encouraged thanks to your trusty Combat Fishing Pole. Its primary use is to grapple onto latches to pull yourself across gaps, but you can also latch onto enemies and drag them towards you.

At the end of a three hit combo, enemies will be launched a little bit away from you. If you do not think you can reach them in time, just reel ’em in with the lure and continue the smackdown.

Eventually, after upgrading your Combat Fishing Pole, you will gain the ability to do charge attacks. You simply hold down the attack button until you start glowing, then let go to perform a super powerful hit. These moves cost energy, but you can regain energy by collecting crystals!

Taking Down Bosses

At the end of an area, you may come across a fearsome boss. Do not fear – these guys are usually just bigger versions of regular enemies, and they often times have the same moves as the regular enemies.

The same tactics apply – play aggressively, but keep an eye on the boss. Unlike regular enemies, bosses do NOT flinch from taking damage, meaning they can retaliate at any time they like. You need to keep an eye on the telegraphs to ensure that you do not eat a hit.

Your hook lure works a little differently as well. Since the bosses are so big, you do not pull them – they pull YOU! As bad as this sounds, this is actually pretty helpful. Wait for the boss to do an attack, then reel yourself in as soon as they are done to get in a bunch of hits. Now is the perfect time to unleash a charge attack!

Going off the Beaten Path

The level layouts in Legend of the Skyfish 2 are fairly straightforward, and the path to your next objective is usually always very clear. That being said, there are times where the game likes to hide goodies off the beaten path, so it pays to always explore a bit.

In the areas where there are a lot of hook latches to jump across to, keep an eye out as there are often secrets hidden in these areas. If you come across a particularly challenging path, you can be rest assured that there is a treasure chest at the end.

If you find a hidden chest, there is a good chance that the reward inside will be a quarter heart. If you collect four of these your maximum hearts will increase by one, greatly increasing your endurance. You can also get hard to find materials too!

Making New Gear

Your campsite starts off very barren, but as your rescue more people, they will setup shop. Eventually, your camp will have a bunch of vendors and craftsmen that can create new gear for you, provided you supply the correct materials.

Your Combat Fishing Pole can be upgraded into an actual weapon, like a sword, but do not worry – you can still reel in enemies just like always! Upgrading your weapon should be your first priority, as it increases your attack speed and damage.

Next, you can create different armors. Each armor provides you a different boost, so pick the one that compliments your playstyle the best. The starting armor provides no benefits, so make sure to make a new armor as soon as you can.

However, to do any crafting, you will need materials. As you play through the game, you will naturally start to accumulate a good number of materials. If you are ever unsure of where to find a specific material, take a look at the ones you have. Many of the items’ descriptions often give you a clue to what enemies they drop from!

Also, if you are in a pinch, you can just straight up buy materials from Nimbo once you rescue him from the Whispering Grotto.

Pushing Forward

As you progress through the main story line, you will unlock multiple waypoints that you let you jump around the map quickly. Whenever you have an important quest to turn in at camp, your little buddy Zynk will let you know so that you do not miss anything.

It is hard to get lost in this game, but if you are ever unsure of what to do next, simply take a look at your quests. The appropriate area will be marked on your map, so just head on to the closest waypoint and make your way. It is best to do the ones that are closest to you first and then work your way outward.

If the path forward is blocked by an obstacle that you cannot break, that usually means that you need to upgrade your Combat Fishing Pole, as doing so will grant it the ability to cut down different objects, like bamboo. Simply head back to camp to see what materials you need to upgrade, then go out and find them.

That is all on our guide for Legend of the Skyfish 2! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Legend of the Skyfish 2 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Mastering Combat

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