Even though interest in magic is now slightly lower with Harry Potter over, I do believe that the charm of magic and spells will never disappear and League of Mages is here to prove it. The game puts us in the shoes of a magician, gives us a magic want and sends us online to battle other players. If you want to make sure that you always come out victorious at the end of the battles, make sure to check out the League of Mages tips and tricks for the iPhone and iPad game!

1. The shop is your friend
No matter how skilled you are, you must get all the goodies from the shop, especially a new wand (for better spells and more damage), gems and all sorts of special clothes. They are all pretty expensive, so make sure you stock up on coins and not spend them on potions!


2. Learn and use new spells
Tapping the “Spells” button takes you to the spells menu, which can be learned for some coins and if you are of a specific level. Don’t forget to actually learn them and then drag the spell icon to your Magic Wand’s spell slot.

3. How to easily win your battles
I found that the easiest way to defeat all your enemies is to quickly throw all possible spells at the opponent, without caring too much about the combinations. Of course, it is great to combine the spells when you throw them at the enemy, but the more and faster you throw spells at the enemy, the more difficult it will be for them to block it or actually create their own spells to throw back at you. Speed is extremely important here and you must pay solid attention to the incoming attacks and tap them. Combine tapping on incoming attacks with constantly sending heaps of magic attacks to the opponent and you will win all your duels easily!

4. Level up for goodies
New game elements are unlocked as you level up, so make sure you do your best to keep the progress constant in order to unlock the new features of the game.

5. Be patient and have fun
Even with these tips, you will still lose some of your battles, so try to be patient and don’t enter rage mode. If you follow all the steps at point 3, you will win a lot more, but don’t be afraid to take one to the chin every now and then.

And this would be it! I really loved playing League of Mages, but in my case it crashed constantly after a few duels, and that was something I didn’t like. Were you luckier? Do you have other tips and tricks to share? Let us know by commenting below!



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