League of Gamers is a really fun endless clicker / idle game that gamers worldwide will surely find extremely interesting. I mean, who wouldn’t like the chance to become a legendary Pro Gamer, even if that’s just virtually?

Well, our League of Gamers cheats and tips will give you the chance to get there as fast as possible. We have a complete strategy guide to share with you and help you get the most out of this cool game, unlock new skins and teammates and rise up through the ranks with ease.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some League of Gamers tips and tricks below!

Be smart when leveling up
There are three main categories that you can buy stuff for and level those items up in order to become better. You should know what each category does and invest properly in order to better your game. Here’s more about these categories in League of Gamers:

Equipment: This category is extremely important because it increases the Combat Strength for duels, so you really should level this up when duels get tough. They also increase the earnings per tap in the game.

Item: These are the equipped weapons by your Character’s in-game character (makes sense?) and they give you extra XP and coins per tap and. This is the basic thing you should start upgrading early on in the game as it’s your only means of making money.

Teammates: These generate coins passively (and also offline). These should be upgraded more before leaving the game as they are more of a long-term investment.

Skins & relics
When you prestige, you earn points that you can spend on unlocking and leveling up various skins and relics in the game. They give you various bonuses and boosts, but the good thing is that unlike most other games who keep it a secret, League of Gamers shows you everything you can unlock and their effects.

So check out these premium items and unlock the ones that affect your gameplay the most. Also have in mind that you can only equip 1 computer skin and 1 relic at a time.

For computer skins, you have three options. I recommend unlocking the one that increases coins per tap first, then the one that increases the combat strength. Switch from the first to the second before a duel.

Regarding Relics, there are multiple choices that you have on hand. I recommend going for coin and damage first, but later on focus on those that increase the Prestige you win when resetting or even League rewards. Upgrade them appropriately in order to boost their effects further.

It’s important to remember to switch between one relic and another depending on the type of boost that you need – this can take you very far in the game!

Double your duel winnings
Duels are extremely important because winning them helps you climb up the weekly charts (and win awesome rewards), while each win gives you extra prestige points when you reset.

Duels become more and more difficult as you get farther and you will eventually hit a wall and the duel will become impossible to win, but until then, you should have fun with each reset. Make sure to win as many as possible because those are some easy prestige points before each reset!

Even more, make sure that you take that offer to watch an ad and double your earnings, because it’s free money on the table and one of the best offers in the game. Remember: the higher you rank in the league, the better rewards you will get!

Unlock Power-ups
Power-ups are extremely powerful, time limited items that give you huge bonuses in various areas. If you don’t have premium currency on hand to unlock those, you can opt for watching ads and unlock some of them. Make sure that you do so constantly in order to help your in-game progress.

Play with WiFi turned off
We have played this game on an Android-powered device and it was incredibly frustrating and infuriating to be bombarded with ads every couple of minutes or faster. Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this: simply turn off your internet (by activating airplane mode, for example) and play the game without ads.

We would never recommend that, because we know how important these ads are to pay the bills of the developers, but when they get more screen time on our device than the game itself, we do have a problem. Have in mind, though, that turning off your Internet results in you not being able to watch ads for goodies, boosts or doubling your winnings.

These would be, for now, our League of Gamers tips and tricks. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below.


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