League of Angels – Fire Raiders Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Getting All Heroes


We’re back with another in-depth guide for League of Angels – Fire Raiders! This time we’ll be looking at how to obtain all of the heroes. This guide will list the locations of where to find the all of the soulstones. The heroes that you obtain automatically through the story won’t be listed. Let’s get started with our guide on how to get all Heroes in League of Angels – Fire Raiders.

Please note that these soulstones are found only in Elite mode, so you must finish the regular stage in normal mode before you can attempt the elite mode version.

Warrior Types

King o’ Bones: Watchtower, Infinity Road, Fire Forest
Earthshaker: Dark Forest, Boreal Forest, Death Lair
Zweihander: Bought from Arena shop
Dark Paladin: Card Draws
Hecate: Nightwatch, Deathknell
Headless Horesman: Card Draws
Hell Hound: Card Draws
Berserker Claw: Flame Wrath, Moon Howl, Terror Cove
Blood Baroness: Card Draws
Shadowraith: Shadows, Wraith Attack, Sardin Cliffs
Valkyrie: Fierce Path, Stone Canyon, Mist Plateau

Mage Types

Soul Slinger: Card Draws
Lunar Priestess: Lok Bridge, Despair Cliffs
Blazing Soul: Meteorolite, Fireg Laputa
Astral Child: Card Draws
Nereida: Inverted Cliff, Arctic Furnace, Endless Sea
Summoner: Foultusk Lair, Hammer Fold, Wind Forest
Light Envoy: Card Draws
Exorcist: Cold Blade, Ash Cave, Mist Town
Arcane Spirit: Thunderclap, Elementals, Blaze Altar
Guardian: Storms Altar, Dark Outpost, Mystic Fort
Blue Witch: World Forest, Doomstone, Wood Upland
Djinni: Bought from Arena Shop
Byron the Black: The Abyss, Bloodmaul, Thorns Wall
Mermaid: The Barrens, Disaster Root, Fort Hall

Archer Types

Night Sentinel: Bought from Arena Shop
Amazon Hunter: Assassinate, Fire Cage, Torrent Camp
Snow Queen: Peace Zone, Titanhammer
Astral Hunter: Accursed, Doom Citadel
Demon Hunter: The Nightfall, Demon Cave, Arctic Domain
Grimbow: Bought from Arena Shop
Nightblade: Dragon Youth, Mist Valley, Arctic Beacon

That should cover all the heroes! Remember that you can test your luck by doing the Super Divine draw once every day for free, which can net you any of these heroes! If you’ve got any other advice to share, leave a comment below!

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League of Angels – Fire Raiders Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Getting All Heroes


  1. I want to know hero battle ratings and strengths and weaknesses maybe starting BR and maxed out BR so I know what heroes I want to try and get and level up first


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