Chickens are tired of having wings but not being able to fly. Why even have them in the first place!? So, they have banded together to think up of a scientific solution, and that solution involves rocket science!

Launch into Rocket Rooster, a one-touch endless runner with a feathery twist! These ain’t your ordinary farm chickens – these little guys have been fed rocket fueled corn, and now they are ready to blast into space with the power of farts! Yes, you heard that right!

Rocket Rooster is an easy to pick up and play endless runner. Your chicken will get a liftoff using a rocket, and from there it is just a matter of good timing. An arrow will move back and forth above you, showing the direction you will move. Simply tap the screen and your chicken will boost!

Collect the rocket corn littered around the stages, and your fever meter will fill up. Once it is full, you will enter fever mode where everything is crazy! Grab everything and boost like there is no tomorrow!

After runs, you can collect your earnings and purchase new funny skins for your chicken, like a rabbit suit, a business suit, a biker suit, and more! You can even dress yourself up in a unicorn outfit!

Rocket Rooster is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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