LaTale W Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages and Level Up Fast

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In today’s article we are going to tell you all of our LaTale W tips and cheats and help you become a powerful fighter, and create a character that is not only extremely cute, but also good!

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LaTale W looks like a really interesting platformer, when it fact it is a MMORPG whose graphics kinda remind me of some old platformer games that I used to love in a way. Of course, there is much more to do in LaTale W than rushing to the finish line, because this game has everything from quests, to fashions, and even a room that you can decorate however you want!

Overall, I can say that this game has captivated me through and through and I can’t really give it to a single reason, but rather multiple. So, if you are here to learn more about the game, then let’s dive right into the LaTale W tips and tricks

The world is chaotic – use auto for directions 

I have to admit that the world in this game is pretty… non conventional. What I mean by that is that the game can get a little confusing if you try to move your character automatically to the quest locations. 

The best thing you can do is use the auto to take you to wherever the quest needs you to go, because else you might get lost. If you want to explore the city on your own, then of course you can do that too pretty easily! 

Do all the possible quests to level up

Here is my advice for you if you want to level up quickly: take all the quests you see! When you go fight and try to complete the main quest, you will often also notice other NPCs with various quests (the side quests NPCs have a “!” on top and the ones with ). 

I suggest that you take as many as you can if you want to level up fast, because the game’s auto mode will do pretty much everything in your place, and thus finish the quests in a matter of minutes. Of course, if you want and have the time, go ahead and do the side quests too because every EXP is good exp if you want to level up fast.

In the Elias Palace you will find quite a lot of side quests, so if you are bored doing the main quest, you can hop on here and do some side quests – the EXP is really good!

Check your in game mail early on and often

Your in game mail is at the top of the screen and if you are one of those people who just let their mails stack up over and over, then in this game you should definitely do your best to not be like that.

In the mail you will receive right when you make your character some cool rewards, such as fashions and pets, and you should take advantage of this early on to improve your character.

From time to time, when completing certain milestones in the game or after claiming some rewards, you will also receive other goods in your mail, but make sure you check them! The bad thing is that they have an expiration date, so if you aren’t claiming them, you might forget about them and it’s a pity honestly.

Enhance your skills and learn new ones

In the game you will have a variety of skills depending on which class you play, but the thing is you need to decide well about how you will build your character, because like in many MMORPGs, your skill points (SP) and ability points (AP) are limited. You can always reset your skills by playing 100 Pink Diamonds, but it’s better to do them right the first time!

The AP are basically needed to learn new skills, and the SP are needed to level up those skills once you learned them. The SP cost increases by every level you upgrade your skills for, and the AP cost is a one time thing, which means that you only pay once to learn that skill, which can vary depending on which skill you want to learn.

There are quite a few things you can go for, and I suggest that you read all of the skills well before allocating points into anything that comes your way. There are 3 tabs with skills, so definitely check them all out before you go and add the points. Try to add the most points in the tab with the weapon you will use the most.

Customize your character’s looks and interactions

In the top side of the screen you have a Shop option. Head on there and then open the Decoration Shop tab. In there you will see a variety of fashions you can purchase for Pink Diamonds, so if you are a sucker for fashions and costumes like I am, then you will have a blast scrolling through all of them.

Oh, and another thing you will be able to purchase is a few Makeover items and Social interactions. The Makeover items can change your eyes, hair style and color, while the Social interactions will let you buy certain  animations (interactions) for your character (such as dancing, dabbing, a greeting with a flower bouquet, and why not – explosive farting).

Equip your strongest pets

When completing quests, you will sometimes get rewards such as pets. They can be fount in the top side of the screen, under the Pet tab (a pet icon with a bag) and they come in various rarities and elements. 

Always equip the best ones you got, especially early on in the game when you aren’t really specialized in anything in particular. Just use the ones which boost your CP the most, and let them follow you around. 

Get better stuff in the Gacha Shop

In the Shop, once you open the Gacha Shop menu you will have two main options: Blue Diamonds Gacha and Pink Diamonds Gacha. The Blue Diamonds are basically the premium currency which can only be purchased with real money, so if you are a free player, you’ll most likely rely on the Pink Diamonds that you get throughout the game. 

The Gacha Shop has two options for both Blue Diamonds and Pink Diamonds, letting you summon once or 11 times for the price of 10. One summon costs 300 Diamonds, while 11 summons costs 3000 Diamonds. It’s very worth it to go for the 11 summons no matter if you play with Blue Diamonds or Pink Diamonds, because that extra 1 summon for free is very useful.

The stuff you can get from the Gacha Shop can vary, be it gears or pets, so if you want to try your luck – go ahead!

Get your free bag expansions

The bags (both your inventory and the pet bag) have a limit, and it’s very unfortunate if you reach that limit and want to go adventuring, because you won’t be able to claim more items. However, the game has a very useful feature that you can use!

Every 30 minutes if you open the bag and press on the “+” in the bottom side, you can increase your inventory for free. This has a small cooldown of 30 minutes, but make sure you do this from the very beginning – both for your item bag and pet bag!

Head on to Elias City buy some furniture

This might not be your cup of tea, but this game takes decorating to a whole new level! You can either craft furniture or buy them from Elias City’s Hanui (NPC with a chair on top) and then place them in your room to gain some extra CP. The bought furniture will cost quite a bit I have to say (around 30k Ely each), but if you have nothing else to spend it on, go right ahead!

Do you want a guide on how to decorate? Let me know down in the comments (because this is one of my favorite things in game)!

A few extra LaTale W tips and tricks:

– Check your Login Rewards table (is much like a board game table) in the menu in the top right corner -> Event -> Login Reward. There you can play for free 3 times every day, and depending on how much you roll the dice for, you will advance a certain number on the board.

For Each board completion, you will receive certain awards – the Pink Diamonds are especially good!

– Check the Event -> Event Board tab for the currently running events in game. There you will have several options, and if you already completed some of these tasks, claim them before the event ends!

– Adventure in the Dungeons for very cool rewards, and do them as much as you can every single day. Do this especially for the Resource Dungeons, because they will help you level up super fast (if you go to XP Dungeon), or will give you a lot of Ely (if you go for the Ely Dungeon).

– In the Challenge tab on the top side of the screen, you will see several Achievements tab. I suggest that from an early level, you constantly check out the Guide Achievements tab often because there you will find very useful rewards and extra simple tasks.

These tasks starts when you reach level 2, and can be 1 or more per level, so make sure you check them every time you level up – or if you want to do them all at once and save time, that’s an option too! Just don’t forget about them!

– Save the random items you get for the Bingo table! When you open your bag and go to the “ETC” tab you can tap on each item, and if you see one which has the Bingo option below, tap on that and find it on the Bingo table. Then, tap on it again and Register it to the table – it’s going to disappear from your bag afterwards!

These would be all of our LaTale W tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you have some more useful game tips and tricks, share them with us down in the comments below and stay tuned for some more useful guides about LaTale W!

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LaTale W Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages and Level Up Fast

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