Last Shelter: Survival Best Hero Formations

Last Shelter: Survival Best Hero Formations

Last Shelter: Survival is a very exciting and interesting free-to-play mobile game. It has a famous and well-known Gacha system where you can pull out different heroes and characters from recruitment tickets. Today we are going to talk about these heroes and their formations.

Heroes in Last Shelter: Survival

First thing you need to know about heroes in the Last Shelter: Survival is that their rarity is marked with colors. While green and purple characters are common, while the orange ones are legendary. You want your APC built with mostly orange heroes. You better level them up quickly and use them wisely, as it is not that simple to get them.

We can divide all legendary heroes by rank and usability. For example Destroya and Forsake One appear to be better than War Hound. However, there are no useless legendary characters.

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Best Hero Formation in Last Shelter: Survival

You can build a lot of hero formations in the Last Shelter: Survival. You can put these characters on 3 different positions: Front Row, Mid Row, Back Row. Here are all the Rows and heroes that fit for it.

Front Row: Arsenal, Destroya, Forsaken One, Militant: Nile, Razor: Musk, Reaper. These heroes fit better for Front Row.

Mid Row: Arsenal, Dawn Guardian, Destroya, Forsaken One, Iron Guard: Hans, Militant: Nile, Razor: Musk, Reaper, Shootaman: Mahuuk, Undertaker: Lucia, War Hound. These heroes fit better for Mid Row.

Back Row: Dawn Guardian, Iron Guard: Hans, Razor: Musk, Shootaman: Mahuuk. These heroes fit better for Back Row.

The last thing is the particular hero formations. You can create and combine them in any way you like. But here is some example of good formations that you should try at the beginning. Forsaken One, Destroya, Shootaman – a formation that is good to absorb damage. Destroya, Reaper, Sootaman/Iron Guard – formation that is good for killing enemies. Use these formations or create your own and share your experience with others. Good luck in your further journey.

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Last Shelter: Survival Best Hero Formations


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