How to occupy territory in Last Shelter: Survival

Acquiring new plot/territory inLast Shelter Survival

Occupying plots in the Last Shelter: Survival is an easy task if you know the exact requirements, type of plots, and the possible owner of the plot. In the Last Shelter: Survival, we have around six different types of plots, Empty Plot, Waste Farm, Forest, Mineral Deposit, Oil Deposit, and Polluted H2O.

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The Territories or plots in the Last Shelter: Survival comes with a wide variety of uses. All of them differ from each other in terms of earning, requirements to acquire, guard power, troop power, infection intensity, production, and much more.

Level of the territory or plot in the Last Shelter: Survival depends on its location on the world map. If the plot is located in the outskirts area then it will have a low level. On the other hand, if the plot is located in the middle part of the world map, then it will have a higher level.

Requirements for acquiring a Territory in Last Shelter: Survival

The basic thing that you should pay attention to before looking out for new territory/plot is that it should be connected to an already acquired plot of yours or alliances.

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Below is a chart that explains the requirements for acquiring different level plots.

Other things that players should look out for before acquiring a new territory is their infection immunity and APC power.

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Now let us talk about the possible owners of a territory/plot in Last Shelter: Survival. As of now, there are around six possible owners of a territory. These are-

  • No One.
  • The Player.
  • One of Player’s alliance members.
  • Member of Player’s state.
  • Member of other states.
  • Player’s current battle enemy.

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Distinguishing the ownership of a land in Last Shelter: Survival is done on the basis of different colors.

  • No Color –> No One.
  • Green –> The Player.
  • Light Blue –> One of Player’s alliance members.
  • White –> Member of Player’s state.
  • Purple –> Member of other states.
  • Red –> Player’s current battle enemy.

Now that we all done with all the game-related jargon and all that, let us now continue to the simple steps in which you can acquire territory in the Last Shelter: Survival.

How to acquire territory in Last Shelter: Survival

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  • Click on a plot connected to an already acquired plot of yours or your alliance’s.
  • Click on Occupy.
  • Now you can see a pop-up window with all details regarding the plot.
  • Confirm occupying.
  • Choose a powerful APC.
  • Send the APC to attack.
  • Upon a successful attack, the territory/plot becomes yours and it enters 20 minutes protection phase.

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How to occupy territory in Last Shelter: Survival


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