Last Fortress: Underground Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats and More

Last Fortress: Underground Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats and More

Do you like playing Simulation and RPG games? Then Last Fortress: Underground is something you should try! At the moment, it is available on Android only. The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic world invaded by zombies. You are a commander of the team of survivors. You all are located in the fortress that you have recently discovered. You will constantly be watching each member of the group as there is so much to do in the fort: you need to repair it and work hard on its development and repairs.
You will need to learn multiple things while you progress in Last Fortress: Underground. You will strive to become the best survivor and protector of your fortress. Read our strategy guide attentively if you want to succeed, as here we will share all the essential tips, cheats, and more. Let’s get the ball rolling!

​Mind the Priorities of Your Chapter Progression

There are multiple unique game mechanics in the Last Fortress: Underground that you will need to get used to. You will need some time to do this.
At the beginning of your adventure, check the left side of the screen. There you will notice the current objective. They appear only once. Still, if you click the icon on its left, you will see the whole set for all the chapters. Each chapter is presented in days, and your task will be to complete all missions to proceed. Once you accomplish a quest, you will earn rewards.
As you will be accomplishing the missions, you will get access to the new facilities and features. Do your best to unlock as many features as you can at your earliest convenience.

​The Importance of Multitasking

The whole team must be ready for the hard work in the fortress and doing the research, cooking, upgrading the facilities, etc. There will always be a lot of things to do, and you need to prioritize everything correctly. You will need to use all the possible resources and available people. For this, please check the icons located in the upper left-hand corner. You will see who is idle at the moment or which process requires your attention. Some processes will need you to involve more than one worker. You may require two workers, for example. One will be busy completing your tasks, while the other will be available for running errands if needed. A separate icon in the diner shows you that cooking is also a constant and vital task.
The research lab is one of the crucial features. You will not need to assign people to work there constantly. Still, through research, you will be able to unlock multiple helpful and vital upgrades.
Some tasks will constantly require your attention (e.g., trapping giant gophers and collecting mushrooms). To get more help here, you will need to strive to unlock a robot N.A.T.E. He will aim to manage the resources within the fortress for you automatically. Before you unlock him, you will need to engage a worker in all the processes. However, once N.A.T.E. is opened, you will have a possibility to continue building or upgrading the facilities with the help of two people.

​Explore More to Achieve the Progress

Exploring the surroundings is an integral part of the game. It would be best if you considered it while creating your strategy. You will involve Bradley and Fernando in all-around work, and later, you will add one more person here. Emma’s task will be cooking. Still, if you decide to make this a priority task for the other workers, tap on the work icon on each facility. You will involve Natalie only once you unlock the Exploration feature to be a part of the campaign mode of sorts. You will form a team containing five combat heroes. They will strive to battle through the stages and earn the rewards, items, resources, and shards for you.

​Take Care of Upgrading Your Heroes

What you can do is to enhance your heroes constantly. To do this, do your best to level them up. Always invest in those heroes who will be helpful at all times.
Join an alliance
The idea behind joining an alliance is that it will lump you on the server with all the players. So, you will be able to cooperate and accomplish the goals faster. The synonyms for the alliance are clans, guilds, factions. You can either create your partnership in the Last Fortress: Underground or join an existing one (recommended for the newbies). This way, you will get the Assist icon (right before the speed-up button). Once you hit it, the alliance will get a message. Those members who send you their assistance will cut down the project completion time.

​Explore the Surroundings

At first, all your focus was on the matters within the camp. Once you can explore the world around you, start doing that right away! This way, you will earn additional resources. You can either scour the world map manually or use the search function (recommended so you’ll be able to find specific items).

​Checking Mail and Inventory

Some of the items you will own are speed-ups. So, you will need to monitor how much you have and check whether you can afford to use them. Also, inventory is significant because some items can become great equipment for the heroes. Some of the things you have got go to your list and some – to the mail. So always check whether there is a red dot indicator above the mail icon (check the lower right side of your screen).
Preparation is the key to the successful attack
Once you have arranged everything inside the fortress, start broadening your horizons by setting your sights on the other forts (definitely, they should belong to the players outside your alliance). Choose the targets that do not belong to any associations. To check this, tap on the number above every camp.
So, we have covered the essential strategy guide, and now you know how to act if you are a newbie in the game. Continue reading our articles to get more information! We will have you covered.

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Last Fortress: Underground Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats and More



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