Last Empire-War Z is a strategy base management game. In a world full of toxic zombies, it’s up to you to fortify a base, build up an army, and take back the world one by one. Join up with other players to fight for the same cause, and be careful of enemy players who are out to get you. We’ll help you build an awesome base with ourĀ Last Empire-War Z cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use the Speakers for free goodies!


Right outside your base’s walls is a giant set of speakers. Every couple of minutes these speakers can be activated. They’ll attract a large horde of zombies, but they’ll be torn to shreds by the defenses on your wall. You’ll be rewarded with a random item from taking out so many zombies. Be sure to do take advantage of this every now and then!

2. Follow the missions!

If you’re ever unsure of what you should be working towards next, just follow the main mission line at the bottom left. These missions will ensure that your base is outfitted with all of the proper buildings and upgrades for your current level. It’s easy to use, too! Just tap it and it’ll take you to where your next objective is. If you need to build a specific building, it’ll take you to the spot where you can build it.

3. Keep your production facilities upgraded!

You will be able to build various production facilities that will provide your base with supplies. You can build oil wells, farms, and more. You have a limited amount of space for production buildings (until you can unlock more) so make sure you build an even amount of each type! Upgrade them to increase the production rate per house. If you keep them upgrade you should never find yourself running low on supplies.

4. Join an Alliance!

Alliances are big groups of players who work together to accomplish the same goal: complete domination! It’s in your best interest to join an alliance as soon as possible. There are a lot of benefits, like other players reducing your build times, helping you out in battle, and so forth. Additionally, you can also collect exclusive rewards only available to alliance members. Even better, the first time you join an alliance, you’ll be rewarded with 200 diamonds, the premium currency!

5. Research!

At commander level four you’ll be able to construct the Institute. Here you can research new passive upgrades to your resources, city, defense, and military. You can only have one research going at a time but always make sure you have one queued up. The upgraded research bonuses have huge impacts on performance once you get enough of them, so don’t slack on research!

6. Poke those zombies!

Have some idle time? If you look around the outskirts of your base, you’ll see some zombies wandering around. If you get them a nice ol’ poke, they’ll explode in a gorey mess, but they’ll also drop some nice resources for you! Destroy them all!

That’s all for Last Empire-War Z! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!




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