Last Cloudia Tier List: Best Units in Last Cloudia


Last Cloudia is a fun RPG set in a fantasy world similar to Final Fantasy. The player will collect a squad of 4 characters to travel around the world, complete quests, and fight in exciting real-time battles. Players use Gacha to summon new heroes, of which there are a lot in the game. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best Units in Last Cloudia.

Best Units Tier List in Last Cloudia

There are a lot of different characters in Last Cloudia. Each of them has a different rarity, stats, and unique skills. Therefore, it is important to know which characters to play in Gacha. Also, if you immediately start investing resources in upgrading the best units at the beginning of the game, you will become one of the strongest players. So, we recommend that you check out our Tier List to find out about the best units in the game.

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Last Cloudia Tier List

SMaja, Holy Knight Ruuto, Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest, Divine Beast Rei, A2, Regnant of Fire, Knight Lord Kyle, Cyberslayer Alice, 2B, Advocate of God, Baran, Levi, Swordmagineer Lilebette, Granadas, Sea Rover Maddine, Guardian Angel Lukiel, Heroic Lord Roland, Nero, Spirit Maiden Theria, Alice Type-S, Princess Punch, V, Mikasa, Saintly Lilebette, Primm, Gen Asagiri, Rabbala, Nocturne Tinkili, Lougseus, Regal Bolt Lanceveil, Angela, Edward Elric, Inventive Queen Meredy, Mayly, Shida, Roy Mustang, Dragonoid Milim Nava, Sera, Ardine, Sage Emperor Zekus, Riesz
ALagrobos, Goroth the Insatiable, Milim Nava, Zaix, Emilia, Roland, Eren, Alphonse Elric, Senku Ishigami, Sea Princess Lilah, Rem, Davan, Chrome, Tsukasa Shishio, 9S, Killer Ice Princess Sevia, Gorm Crystalia, Thunderbolt Sevia, Lily, Leena the Warlock, Tinkili the Diva, Mechanical Meredy, Dilmordo, Degrogue, Blazeblade Shin, Dante, Randi, Duran, Beyland, Kohaku, Sylvan Sworder Logia
BGobl, Doura the Bluebeard, Zouglas, Dyne of the Three Sages, Eliza, Prince Gorm, DXR-MK02, Rimuru Tempest, Gallant Flame Vaughn, Ice General Zekus, Sahagin, Popoi, Princess Lilah, Carol No. 4, Phantom Thief Robin
CSoul Reaper Melza, Romel the War God, Lukiel, White Knight Melza, Zleorg the Heathen, Luger King of Destruction, Summoner Leena
DGodhunter Shin, Magic Beast Rei, Goroth the Giant, Gravein the Sky Hero, Lilebette of the Blaze, Blood Rose, Claire and Dahlgion, Genius Archer Phal, Steel Wall Maddine, Kyle the Swordsman, Mysterious Girl Theria
EPokkle, Vazard, Dabourne, Hobgobl, Gaoul, Skeleton, Phantom

Well, as you can see, in Last Cloudia, almost half of all units are in S and A Tiers. And from this number, you will be able to find characters that suit your playstyle. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Last Cloudia Tier List: Best Units in Last Cloudia


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