Welcome to Land and Castles, a new real time strategy game for iOS, brought to us by Anmoco, a new indie developer. Land and Castles is a no-nonsense strategy game, and what you see is exactly what you get.

Looking for a quick match to get in while you are on the go? Land and Castles features a full-fledged campaign mode with twelve distinct missions where you will battle it out with computer opponents to conquer the land.

You start off on an unknown continent, and the world is covered by fog of war. You will need to scout out the land using your knights and see where your opponents are building up. Enemy structures can be destroyed, and you can build on top of them. Building in certain places will give you valuable resources which you can use to train up more troops and build more structures.

As you battle your way through the main quests, you can also take on opponents in the quick-play Skirmish mode. Computer players can be set to varying difficulties, and you play on randomly generated maps or ones you have created using the in-game map editor.

With simple and charming pixel graphics, easy to pick up and play gameplay, and enough complexity to keep you thinking, Land and Castles is a fine entry into the real time strategy genre on iOS.

Land and Castles is available now on the App Store.


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