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Lady Popular Fashion Arena Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become the Most Popular Girl & Win Duels

Lady Popular Fashion Arena Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become the Most Popular Girl & Win Duels

Lady Popular Fashion Arena, commonly referred to as Lady Popular for mobile is becoming more and more… popular among mobile gamers thanks to its plethora of features and amazing graphics. And we’re here to help make you get the most out of it by sharing some Lady Popular cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide.

Lady Popular for mobile is surely keeping you busy as you try to become the ultimate diva in the game. Challenge other ladies to duels, win them, improve your look and your skills, get new clothes and pets and so, so many other things. This is a complete simulation that you can’t help but love and we’re here to help make it a better experience for you.

So let’s not waste any second and let’s check out our complete guide to Lady Popular: Fashion Arena: Tips, Cheats and everything you need to know to become the most popular girl and win all duels.

Constantly duel other ladies
This is what you should do every time you have some energy left: battle other ladies and win the duels.

Whenever you win a duel against another lady, you will get 10% of the lady’s money. So this is the easiest way to make a lot of coins and spend them on the so many other areas in the game. In order to win these duels, you have to be smart when upgrading your skills – but we’ll cover that a bit later. Until then, there’s a neat little trick to share below.

Write down the usernames of easy to beat ladies
When you find a lady that you beat easily and you get a lot of money from her, it’s a good idea to save her name and search for her for future fights. These are either accounts that have gone inactive (with a ton of money) or very active accounts that you can easily farm since you are better.

These are basically gold mines and even though it is extremely annoying to keep farming on the same character, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to be able to afford all that bling!

How to develop your skills
You increase your popularity in the game by spending regular coins on the various attributes that you have in Lady Popular: Style, Creativity, Devotion, Beauty, Generosity and Loyalty. There are other ways to increase them apart from spending coins, but that’s not the most important thing.

What matters the most is that you should build your skills up with winning duels in mind. The most important skill here, for whatever reason, seems to be Loyalty. So max out your loyalty to match your current level, then work on the other skills: have them lower than your maximum loyalty and try to even them out.

For example, when you get to the required level, have your loyalty at level 150, and keep all your other skills even at 100. This will prevent your character from popping up in the “easy targets” searches and even from the “medium” ones. This means that you won’t be attacked that often and you will keep your earned money safe!

Join a Club ASAP
Being the ultimate lady, the queen of the world does sound good – but the truth is that in a social game like Lady Popular Fashion Arena, being part of a club is extremely useful and beneficial.

So make sure that you join one as soon as possible and are active in the club, helping your fellow club mates and getting help in return. If the club you’re part of doesn’t really fit the bill, don’t waste time in it – leave your club and search for a new one until you find the perfect club for your character.

Get a boyfriend for the extra boosts
Your boyfriend will help you get better during duels by offering all sorts of bonuses in-game. Therefore, make sure that you get one based on the skill you want improved and keep the relationship going by flirting with them, giving them gifts and so on. These boys like to be spoiled!

The good thing is that you don’t have to stick to the same boyfriend. You can date multiple ones and find the one you really like – and the one that gives you the biggest bonuses.

Spend the money you have!
Hoarding up money and becoming filthy rich sounds good, but the truth is that you shouldn’t have too much money on hand in Lady Popular Fashion Arena as other ladies might attack you and steal it from you.

Therefore, you should start spending and fortunately there are so many great things to spend your money on in the game, that you will never have a problem doing so. And the best thing is that spending money in any of the shops will reward you with those gold tokens that you can use to improve your skills and make your character stronger! A dream come true!

So my recommendation would be to do all the shopping you want and have to do before logging out of the game, to make sure that you keep your money low and in case of an attack you don’t lose a fortune.

Complete the daily quests
Each day, the game will have for you a set of daily missions that you can complete in order to get some nice rewards. Make it a habit to do it – not only that you get cool items in return, but you also go through all the important parts of the game this way and do them on a daily basis.

Change your look
When you do this, not only that you customize your character and make her look better (or spookier or whatever your theme is), but you also earn coins that you can use to upgrade your Popularity ratings, as well as get a better looking lady that will be appreciated more often than not by other players.

Visit every area in the city
With so many areas to unlock in the city, it’s easy to lose track of them… but you should not and instead visit them all and perform all the actions that are available in each area.

An extremely important one is the tower area where you can challenge various characters for great rewards, take part in Photo sessions or perform jobs and so on.

But each of the in-game areas has its own advantages and unlockables, so make sure that you navigate through them each day.

Take part in the events
Finally, this is a game where special events are taking place constantly. Check them out by tapping the hourglass icon at the bottom of the screen and get the most out of these events.

They usually come with amazing rewards that are time limited – and only a few of the players will have them in the long run, making your character more unique if you manage to take advantage and grab those rewards and limited items!

This would be everything that we have for you in terms of Lady Popular Fashion Arena tips and tricks. If you have additional pieces of advice for fellow players – or any questions – don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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