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Kynseed: Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Kynseed: Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners
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After its recent release, Kynseed from PixelCount Studios has been met with universal acclaim. If you’re a new player just starting out in the world of Quill, you’ll discover all you need to know right here as we present you the best tips and tricks for beginners in Kynseed.

About The Game

Kynseed is a life simulation sandbox role-playing game adventure. The story goes like this. You have been given the Kynseed, which is a magical acorn that develops into a family tree. The tree’s branches will reflect your decisions as they grow. You can build a home for your family, till the soil, manage a few stores, and travel the world, all as the people around you get older.

When you pass away, it will be up to your offspring to carry on your family’s traditions. You will find out the mysteries of the kingdom of Quill and its cast of unique people as you explore this exquisitely hand-crafted universe, which is the setting for an epic story of adventure and aspirations that will unfold around you.

Kynseed Tips

As soon as you begin the game, you will start your adventure into the realm of Quill. A fantasy world where every choice that you make will shape your future accordingly. Because of the game’s sandbox structure, you have the opportunity to enjoy this adventure in your own unique style. You have the option of going fishing, hunting, farming, becoming an explorer, or even settling down with a partner. Below, we present you the most important things that you need to know as a beginner.

Calendar Menu

You may see a variety of helpful in-game hints, as well as your current tasks, the current date, and what activities are scheduled for that day, in the calendar menu. You may always look there first if you find yourself needing to recall anything about the games.


If you want to avoid needlessly roaming around in case you got lost, it’s a good idea to locate the mapstones that reveal the map. Because there is no limit to your inventory, feel free to acquire as much as possible.

Fishing Rod

You may use your fishing rod to reel an object closer to you if it is out of your grasp. Especially when you are searching for treasure around ledges, this problem often arises. 

Passing of the Year

Because paying the year fee would cause your goddess boons and curses to be lost with the passing of the year, you should not bother giving on Winter 14. In addition to that, Mr. Fairweathers’ assortment of available things will be updated.

Baking Pies

If you maintain perfect consistency when making pie, which shouldn’t be too difficult, you can lower the quality of the minigame to a +3* rating. As soon as you have mastered this art, you will be able to make a pie with a rating of five stars using components that only have two to three stars.


You may access the menu of available actions by selecting an animal to interact with, when pressing the left button. If you do not click the appropriate button at the same time, your animal will not automatically follow you around. You may dismount by hitting Tab, and while you’re strolling about normally, you can summon animals to you by pressing Tab at the appropriate time. You are only permitted to ride animals that you own. Keep in mind that some animals simply cannot be ridden. In this case, the left button will be replaced with a pet action.


Market day is a fantastic time to set up a stall and sell your wares, since so many NPCs go there to purchase surplus things. As a result, selling goods on market day is highly recommended. 

All sorts of goodies, items, missions, and little timed games can be handed out to participants at events. Bets may be placed on animal races, or people can take part in the races themselves.

Druida Day is a weekly celebration that occurs at the end of each week. This is the period when you may give presents to the Goddess Statues and use your grace points.

Of course, we could go on and on with more tips and things that you can do, but what makes Kynseed great is its sandbox nature and the unique personal experience it can offer. To that end, this article titled “Kynseed: Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners” is now complete. Try these more games if you like this one:

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Kynseed: Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners


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