If you really want to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy gaming as it used to be back in the days – but without the need to actually have coins on you and spend your time in a shady Arcade, Kung Fury Game is the title you have to play right away. Deceptively simple in concept, but extremely difficult to master and score high in, the game challenges your reaction, your skills and ultimately your desire to kick as many behinds as possible. In true Kung Fu way (with guns included).

But we’re not here to talk about the awesomeness of the game, but instead share some Kung Fury cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get a score as high as possible.

1. Keep the combos going
Really, that’s the first and only thing you should care about in the game: keep the combos going by turning every tap on the screen into a hit. Even if the Bonus text disappears from the display, it doesn’t reset so as soon as you hit a new target again, it will carry over. So take your time at first and keep hitting the enemies in order to increase your combo and therefore your score.

Even more, a miss is not the end of the world: you only lose a few hits on the combo meter, but make sure that doesn’t happen to often. Also, have in mind that the ladies wearing white will count as a miss if they teleport when you try to hit them, so only go at them when you are sure you’ll get a hit.

2. Focus on a side
As soon as you start a new game, only hit the enemies coming from one side, going as far to the left or right as possible. Then you will easily get a super duper combo by taking out the tons of enemies that pile up on the other side. Just make sure that you can handle them all!

3. Find a rhythm
You can really get a lot farther in the game if you find a rhythm on your tapping. Practice a bit and you will see that you can indeed find a rhythm that gives you perfect strikes at the right moment.

4. Watch your enemies
I know it’s pretty difficult to focus especially later on when you’re surrounded by hordes of enemies, but try to look at the ones that are closest and you can usually see when one is about to attack. That’s when you should tap not to lose a life. Pay attention to what happens around you and you will last a lot longer in the game!

5. Don’t get surrounded
There will be moments when you will indeed be surrounded and those are the most dangerous ones. Then you should stop caring about bonuses and combos and tap like crazy to get out of that tight spot: clear one of the sides and move a few taps in that direction, then work on the other pile of enemies, building your combo meter back up.

Kung Fury is more difficult than it actually looks at first, but with some practice and after reading our tips and tricks, I am sure you’ll get a super high score to put your friends to shame. And if you have other tips for us, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below!


  1. ACTUALLY when you are surrounded you should want to lose your combo so instead of running and losing bonus points off your combo keep tapping left and right but make sure there are enemies on both sides of you or this simple way to beat off being surrounded will fail.


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