Bring a dilapidated dojo back from the brink of destruction in Kung Fu Clicker, a new idle game with a groovy Kung Fu twist! The nefarious Shadow Fang gang is terrorizing the local neighborhood, so now it’s up to you and your ragtag team of Masters to show them who’s boss. Our Kung Fu Clicker cheats and tips will show you the most efficient ways to run your dojo!

Kung Fu Clicker, like most idle games, has a few nuances to it before you can set it aside and watch your profits grow, so let’s go over them in our Kung Fu Clicker cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Upgrade to the gold per second level!

Each floor in your dojo can be upgraded enough to earn a little notch in the upgrade bar. Every notch grants the floor an additional bonus, such as more tap damage or better gold generation. Every level also increases how fast the room generates gold. If you’re ever wondering where to stop upgrading, a good ending point is when the floor starts generating gold every second.

You’ll notice that the yellow bar fills up faster and faster as the floor gains levels. Eventually it will reach the point where it’s filled yellow constantly – this means that the floor has started to generate gold every second, which is a dramatic boost to your income. Once a floor hits this point, it’s generally OK to move onto the next one.

Place your Masters well!

Masters will fight off raiders on the floor they’re positioned on. Each Master also have a passive skill that affects the floor their on – for example, Vain Jane increases the gold production of the floor she’s on by a huge amount, while Rei Yumi increases tap damage against all enemies on the floor she’s on.

As you can see, some Masters have passives that useful for gold while others are most suited for combat. Make sure you have Masters in the best place according to their skill.

Slow down floor production for easier raids!

Your dojo will be raided intermittently as you construct, so be prepared for a showdown! Remember that you can help your Masters by tapping on enemies to weaken them before they even get to your Masters. Be careful – if a Master is knocked out, they will need some time to recover before they can fight again.

If all of your Masters are knocked out and the raiders reach the last floor of your dojo, you will be ransacked and lose gold depending on how many raiders got through. If you’re having trouble with a particular raid, don’t add anymore floors to your dojo. The bigger your dojo is, the faster the raids will start.

Transcend if you are absolutely stuck!

Transcending is ultimately done at your choice, but if you just cannot get through another raid, it might be the best option. You can wait for free chests, but you will only be able to upgrade a couple of heroes at most. Transcending allows you to start over with the easier raids but with all of your Celestial Items and Masters intact.

Beating each wave of the raids rewards you with chests to upgrade your heroes, and these upgrades are essential for getting through the later waves. Don’t be afraid to Transcend if you’re having a tough time – just make sure to spend all the gold you have, as the more rooms you have upgraded the more chi you will earn.

Watch out for the pizza guy!

Keep an eye on the 1st floor of your dojo – every so often a pizza guy will drive up and attempt to deliver the goods. You have to tap on him to accept it, and you’ll usually be rewarded with a lot of gold for your troubles. Sometimes you’ll even get gems! Check often to make sure you don’t miss him!

That’s all for Kung Fu Clicker! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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