Dominating. Crushing. Defeating. Annihilating. Winning. Video games let us do all of these things, and we love them for it, but sometimes it’s nice to have a more harmonious experience.

Mini Life is about as harmonious as it gets. Created by Krafton, a collective of studios with some serious pedigree (PUBG, anyone?) it’s a game designed to lift your spirits and put you in touch with your social side.

The aim in Mini Life is, well, to enjoy yourself in its cutesy world of unique avatars. There are over 20 billion possible avatar customizations, which is three times as many customizations as there are people in the world, and you can dress them up in 3,000 different fashion items. Uniqueness is virtually guaranteed.

And, because video games are all about wish fulfilment, you get your very own mansion to spruce up, complete with a garden to landscape.

But all that is just the superficial side of Mini Life. Much more central to the game’s appeal are its social features. Krafton describes the game as both an MMO and an SNG (that’s Massively Multiplayer Online game and a Social Networking game, fact fans). Socializing is very much the goal.

In practice that means mingling online, via your avatar, with other players around the world, via real-time chat and other channels. And because Mini Life is a game, your interactions are gamified, so that you upgrade your profile by interacting. Certain events will let you upgrade further.

There’s a Night Market, too, where you can trade with your fellow players through the game’s fully featured trading system.

The very fact that Mini Life contains a night market tells you that it also has a day/night cycle, which, along with the presence of other players and the clever AR feature that lets you take real life pictures with your avatar in them, makes Mini Life a reality/fantasy-bridging experience.

Try it for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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