Welcome to Konosuba: Fantastic Days, an anime-themed game! Your character dies young in his reality. However, he’s given a second chance, and Aqua, the Goddess of the afterlife, is going to help you in a new world that needs you to defeat the Demon King.

You’re given a bunch of skills to develop and a team to travel with while encountering the bosses to defeat and the characters to save.

How Do I Recognize the Elements?

If you’ve been playing for a while, you noticed that there are various kinds of skills, and some of them are using the power of the elements. There are seven elements, and five of them are natural ones. They could be easily recognized by the color of the circular pattern when you click on the character’s description. Fire is red, Wind is green, Earth is orange, Lighting is yellow, and Water is blue.

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The other two elements are called Light and Dark, which are depicted as the four-sided star with a circle around and the cloud-like swirl respectively.

What Are the Weak Points of the Elements?

While using the elements in battle, be aware of the weaknesses they have in each other.

If you put the five natural elements in an imaginary clockwise circle — Fire to Wind to Earth to Lightening to Water and then repeat, you will see that each element is strong against the one on the right side and weak against the element on the left. For example, Earth has the power to resist Lightning, but it’s weak against Wind.

The Light and Dark elements stand out of the aforementioned five; they are strong and weak against each other.

However, be aware that there are specific groups of attacks that aren’t influenced by the rules of the elements. There are combined samples, where the magic, physical strength, and elements are used at once. Such a strategy is useful to fight some of the bosses.

We hope that our list was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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