Konosuba: Fantastic Days is a new anime RPG based on the hit anime and light novel series of the same name. Build a team and fight alongside fan favorite characters like Aqua, Kazuma, Megumin, and Darkness! There’s lots to explore and see in the world of Konosuba, so let us guide you through it firsthand with our basics guide on how to play Konosuba: Fantasic Days!

Start out with Quests

Konosuba: Fantastic Days is a brand-new story based off of the original Konosuba anime. You’ll need to battle your way through main quests to see all the story, so you should start by heading to the Quest section on the main menu.

Konosuba’s battles are divided into chapters, and you’ll need to finish every level in a chapter to unlock the next one. As you complete chapters and levels, new story segments will become available to watch, and the game will notify you about them.

We recommend watching all the story cutscenes, even if you’re not interested in the story, because you’re awarded with free quartz — the premium currency — for each new story chapter you watch. You don’t actually have to watch entire cutscenes! You can start a cutscene, immediately skip it, and still get the free quartz.

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Building a Party

Before you head into battle, you’ll need to assemble a party. Your party consists of three front slots, and two rear slots that unlock once you reach player level 8. Rear characters will automatically take the place of a fallen front slot character.

Every character has their own unique skills and traits. You can get more info on a character by long-tapping their portrait. Some characters focus on defending and supporting the party, while other characters focus on dealing as much damage as possible. A balanced party composition will increase your chances of victory!

Another thing to take into consideration is elemental affinity. There are seven elements: fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, light, and dark. Almost every level contains enemies of a single element, and the game will warn you of this beforehand so that you can build your party accordingly. Check the “Rec. ELM” before embarking on a quest to ensure your chosen characters have the advantageous element.

Characters also have two sub character slots. Any character you’re not actively using can be equipped to a character’s sub slots, and they’ll gain their traits and stats! A character that is using the same sub character as themselves will gain a +10% stat boost, so make sure to double up on the same character. For example, Aqua (Arch Priest) will gain 10% more stats with Aqua (Day Job) as her sub character!

In general, it’s a safe bet to use your highest rarity characters. 3-star and above characters have lots of potential, meaning their stats grow very high and their skills can get rather strong. Experiment with your available characters and see which ones you like the most!

Battle Basics

Battles in Konosuba: Fantastic Days play out in real time. The circle next to a character’s status bar fills up over time, with the character being able to act once it’s full. Enemies will continue to act even when you’re choosing an action, so make sure to act quickly!

Characters can either use their basic attack or one of their skills. Skills are generally more powerful, but they need to recharged for several seconds after you use them. Skills aren’t just for damage, as some of them are used for buffing your party or enfeebling your foes!

Attacking and receiving damage will increase the blue meter below a character’s health — this is the super meter. Characters can unleash powerful super moves when their super meter is full. Super moves are incredibly powerful, so don’t waste them on small fry!

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Enhancing Characters

Win a battle and your characters will receive affinity and experience points. Affinity grants small stat boosts, but they’re mostly used to unlock extra story bits with that specific character. Experience points will level up a character once they’ve accumulated enough, giving them a big stat boost.

If you ever feel like your characters are falling behind in power, or you’re using a new character you just got, you can always give them Power Potions to grant them immediate experience. You can get them from fairly easily from quest rewards and jobs, so feel free to use as many as you need.

There are other ways to power up your characters, too! You can promote them, which requires special items called Relics. Promoting a character will increase their level cap, allowing you to enhance them beyond their normal limits.

Both Power Potions and Relics can be found in Free Quests, special quests that are not related to the main story of Konosuba. Complete some Free Quests if your characters feel weak, but you don’t have any supplies to power them up with.

Additionally, you can also set characters to work jobs at the local town. There are three jobs, and you can post any character to work them. The characters you choose will gain affinity over time, and they’ll also earn Eris, Relics, and Power Potions!

At player rank 9, you’ll unlock the Smithy where you can craft pieces of gear for your characters. Weapons and jewelry have their own stats and traits, so they serve as an additional way to power up your favorite characters.

Recruiting New Characters

You’ll gain new characters for free by playing through the first chapter of quests, but these characters are only 1-star, so they will not last for very long. To become stronger, you’ll need to spend quartz to recruit new characters.

On the Recruit tab of the main menu, you can spend your quartz on four different banners to try for higher rarity characters. Konosuba: Fantastic Days differentiates paid and free quartz, so make sure that the banner you’re recruiting from accepts the kind of quartz you want to use.

With a banner selected, tap the info button at the top of the screen to gain more info on the potential heroes you can recruit. Each banner has a featured character that has a higher chance of being recruited, so decide on which character you want to get before recruiting. With any luck, you’ll get a high rarity character! Be sure to quickly power them up using Power Potions and Relics, and you’ve got yourself a strong character.

To earn more quartz, make sure that you’re doing all the missions, accessed from the Home menu. Completing all the daily missions grants you 50 quartz, so don’t miss out on that. Also, in the celebration of the game’s launch, there are a lot of events going on that are just handing out quartz. Log into the game every day to claim your rewards!

And that wraps up our guide on how to play Konosuba: Fantastic Days! We hope you enjoy your journey in the world of Konosuba, and if you have any other questions or tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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