It’s the ultimate battle royale in the palm of your hands! Knives Out is a third-person shooter battle royale game heavily inspired by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. One hundred players go in, but only one will come out on top! Will it be you? Hopefully with the help of our Knives Out cheats and tips, you’ll hone your skills to take out the competition!

Knives Out is a super competitive and addicting game, so don’t be surprised if you keep playing round after round! You’ll learn a lot of stuff the more you play, but we’ve got some good starting tips right here in our Knives Out cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Decide where to land based on risk!

If you’re familiar at all with the battle royale genre, you’ll know that most of the good items spawn at the towns and cities, or anywhere that has a bunch of big buildings. At first, you’re going to be tempted to want to land on a city or such, but remember – there are 99 other players in your game that are probably thinking the same thing!

You can decide if you want to immediately go for a populated area right away, but just be aware of the risks. If you see multiple players also jumping and parachuting for the same place, you may want to drift over somewhere else. If someone makes it to the ground before you and finds a gun, they might be able to shoot you right out of the sky! You can also just land somewhere nearby, wait for the commotion to settle down, and go scavenge for any items people may have missed.

Bottom line is this: rushing headfirst into a place with buildings is a risky move, but you might get to the good stuff before anyone else does. This won’t matter though if you’re caught dead before you can do any good!

Grab the essentials!

Your character will automatically pick up essential items off the ground if you get near them. These include:

  • Body Armor: Reduces the amount of damage you take from body shots. Very important!
  • Helmets: Reduces the damage you take from headshots. Even MORE important!
  • Backpacks: Increases the amount of items you can pick up and carry.

Each of these items have varying strengths. You’ll usually find these items at level 1, but you can actually get improved versions. These amplify the effects of the item, like the armor further protecting you and backpacks granting more space. Be sure to keep an eye out for these essential items!

Keep an eye on the minimap!

The minimap is great tool for you to keep track of where you are on the island. It’ll show you handy stuff like the quickest way to the new safe zone (a green dashed line), and it’ll even show you potential threats.

If you’re getting shot at but you the radial indicator isn’t helping, take a look at your minimap – it’ll show a red marker pointing towards the direction where the shot came in. You can use this to quickly whip around and retaliate, or make a hasty escape plan.

Utilize crouching and sprinting!

You can move while crouched, and even though you’re slower it’s much more safer. Try to make it a habit of crouching and exploring, especially when you’re looting a house. There are windows everywhere and there could be a person watching a window waiting for someone to fall right into their trap. Stay under windows to keep yourself out of view.

When you’re running from a town to another city, you’re going to be right out in the open for any prying eyes to swoop down on you. Tapping the running guy icon next to the minimap will make your character sprint. Try to stay out of open fields as much as you can, and when you do have to run through them, sprint to the nearest cover you can see.

You can even go prone, and this is more useful than it sounds. Going prone in the grass almost covers you completely, but don’t do this if you’re already under fire; you’ll just make yourself a sitting duck.

Use a car to get around easier!

Occasionally you’ll find an abandoned car that you can drive provided you have the gas for it. Gas can be randomly found just like any other item, but it’s pretty rare. Cars have the advantage of getting you to places faster, but you will attract a LOT of attention. Cars are naturally noisy and very easy to spot. People can shoot you through the windows too, so be careful!

That’s all for Knives Out. If you have any other survival tips, let us know in the comments below!



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