It’s time to duel… medieval style! Knights Fight: Medieval Arena is a one-on-one sword fighting game set in medieval times. Fight against other knights in a duel to the death! It’s a lot like a fighting game where fast reaction time and tactical thinking will put you ahead of the game. We’re here with some tips and tricks to help you start dueling like a true knight! Here is our Knights Fight: Medieval Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

You can fight both computer opponents and human players but before you do, we’ll arm you with our strategy guide, so let’s get started with our Knights Fight: Medieval Arena strategy guide!

1. Time your attacks!

Your knight swings his sword with the pace of a mighty glacier. Do not expect your attacks to come out lightning fast, as it is the exact opposite. You will need to time your attacks properly, so don’t mash the attack button! This goes double for your special attacks, as they run on cooldowns. Be especially careful when you’re launching a combo attack! Your special attack’s cooldowns start as soon as you execute them. You will waste special attacks if you’re hit during the animation!

2. Use the right moves for the right situations!

Each one of your attacks has different properties. Your default attack is light damaging slow swing. You can use this in most situations because the recovery time is not too bad, which means you can block right after.

Your first special attack is a swift kick, indicated by the green fist icon. Kicking is very fast and deals light damage. It’s best used for interrupting strong attacks with obvious telegraphs. It’s useful for backing your opponent into the corner as it causes more knockback than the rest of your moves.

Your second special attack is a quick overhead slice, indicated by the yellow sword icon. This attack is identical to the kick attack – it’s fast and it does light damage. This attack is also suitable for interrupting big moves.

Your final special attack is a jumping stab attack, indicated by the red thrusting sword icon. The telegraph for this move is very exaggerated so be careful when using it. It does moderate damage.

3. Utilize combos!

Combos are devastating attacks that deal heavy damage, but you must use them as the right time to take full advantage of them. You have three combos just like your special attacks.

Low Sweep Combo: Normal -> Yellow -> Green. This combo is great for mixing up your opponent. You will sweep your opponent with a low slash even if they block the initial regular slash.

Spin Slash: Normal -> Yellow -> Red. This combo does good damage and it starts up relatively fast. Use right after you block an attack!

Ultra Combo: Green -> Yellow -> Red. This combo makes you perform an even flashier version of the Spin Slash. It does great damage, so watch for your openings.

4. Be defensive and offensive!

You will need to stay one step ahead of your opponent to keep the match’s momentum in your favor. Know when to block and when to go on the offensive! In general, playing defensive first is a great way to analyze your opponent’s fighting style. Block first, then launch counter attacks. Once you’ve got your opponent backed into their corner or you can recognize patterns in their attacks, go on the offensive!

That’s all for Knights Fight: Medieval Arena. If you have any other dueling tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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