Delve into the dungeons in Knights & Dungeons, an exciting new action RPG. Create your own stalwart knight and fight against the underworld evils that are threatening to take over the world!

Mysterious crystals power the world, and now those same evils are after them. It is up to you and knights around to world to drive back the evil, and our Knights & Dungeons cheats and tips will show you how to do so!

Knights & Dungeons plays very similar to games like Dragalia Lostand it seems to be Paradox Interactive’s take on the action RPG genre. If you are familiar with the genre, you will know what to expect, but if not, here’s our Knights & Dungeons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep an eye out for Attribute Crystals!

When you are spelunking, keep an eye out for shiny crystals lying around. These are Attribute Crystals, and picking one up will permanently increase your stats. The color of the crystal determines which of your stats will get powered up; for example, blue crystals increase your maximum MP. It is best to scour through the whole dungeon floor before you move onto the next floor to find any stray crystals.

Soulbind at the right moment!

Soulbound Shrines are strewn here and there throughout the dungeons, and if you are planning on staying a free player, you will only be able to bind two pieces of gear at time. Because of this, you will need to time your binding at the right moment. If you find a shrine but have not yet found two pieces of new gear, then it is best to wait.

Collect lots of gear!

Even if you find gear that is not better than what you have equipped, it is best to soulbind it anyways. The reason being is that once you unlock the Furnace at the main city, you can breakthrough any extra unwanted gear in exchange for scraps.

Scraps can then be used to forge new gear, which is often better than what you can find at your current level. The gear you can forge is random and refreshing automatically overtime, so check back if you do not like the current offerings!

If your backpack runs out of space when you are in the middle of a dungeon – which will happen often early on – simply toss the gear that is lower rarity, and keep the rarer ones. If you really want, you can also toss dungeon items like keys and bombs, but make sure not to miss out on any treasure rooms!

Upgrade your pet!

Your pet will assist you in combat with a unique skill, some that may be more useful than others. Even if your pet’s ability is not the best, it is good to enhance them anyways. You will only get one pet early on, and feeding it lots of biscuits will level it up.

When they level up, their base stats increase, which makes your stats increase in turn. Pets are useful one way or another!

Customize your skills!

Knights & Dungeons features a wide array of skills for you to utilize during combat. They are broken down into three different trees: ATK, DEF, and AUX.

ATK skills, like Spin Slash and Thump, are no-nonsense skills that focus on dealing heavy damage. These skills often have lv10 unlocks that boost their base damage, or reduce the defense of enemies. Either way, these are your go-to skills for bringing the pain.

DEF skills, like Bounce and EVA, focus on throwing enemies off your tail. Bounce, for example, causes you to jump back and leave a thunderstorm in your wake. These skills are useful for getting out of sticky situations, so it is best to have at least one DEF skill at all times!

AUX skills, like Lifesteal and Big Hero, amplify your other abilities. Lifesteal turns all of your basic attacks and skills into leeching attacks, draining your enemy’s health for your own. Stun Kiss lets you temporarily stun enemies, letting you go in for the kill. These skills are best paired with other specific skills, so you will need to experiment around to see what works best.

That’s all for Knights & Dungeons. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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