Knighthood Weapon Crafting Guide

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Knighthood is a very interesting free-to-play RPG for mobile devices. There you will be able to become a legendary knight that fights different monstrosities and magical creatures of the game’s fantasy world. When you complete the game’s stages you may receive different weapons and pieces of equipment. Some of them may be useless to you and you may want to get a better weapon. So, this guide will tell you about an interesting feature called Dwarven Foundry. It allows you to forge different items and this article will explain to you how to craft weapons in Knighthood.

How to Craft Weapons in Knighthood

In order to craft different weapons in Knighthood, you need to go to Dwarven Foundry. It is a facility that is run by two funny dwarves named Sindri and Brok. There you can craft different pieces of equipment and weapons. However, before you start to forge anything you need to get a decent amount of weapons.

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If you have a lot of useless weapons then you can try to use them to craft something useful. In this case, you will need to go to Dwarven Foundry. There you will need to choose the weapons you want to use for forging and pay some money. Here is the list of all the possible transmutations of weapons:

  • x3 Common weapons can be turned into x1 Rare weapon
  • x4 Rare weapons can be turned into x1 Epic weapon
  • x5 Epic weapons can be turned into x1 Legendary weapon
  • x6 Legendary weapons can be turned into x1 Unique weapon

Also, you should pay attention to the type of weapons you use for crafting. You will receive a weapon that will belong to one of the types of weapons you used for crafting. For example, if you crafted an Epic weapon with x3 Rare Undead weapons and x1 Rare Outlaw weapon then there is a 75% chance that you will get an Epic Undead weapon and a 25% chance that you will get an Epic Outlaw weapon.

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Knighthood Weapon Crafting Guide


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