A very interesting idle game, Knight Joust Idle Tycoon for mobile challenges us to become the best knights in the world… but that’s not an easy thing to do! In order to help you out with this, we’re here to share some Knight Joust Idle Tycoon cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

You start out small and pretty weak, but if you can keep up with the upgrades and training and you keep growing your domain, you will turn into an epic knight without a problem. It’s true that this game requires you to log in often in order to get the most out of it, but it’s really worth it.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Knight Joust Idle Tycoon tips and tricks to help you do better in the game!

Count the buttons you’re tapping during jousting
When going against other players, I found out that the easiest way to keep up with the buttons that I have to tap in order to increase my winning chances is by counting them.

Hold your device with two thumbs and do the counting in your mind (or out loud if you want). You will have to know exactly where each button is and tap it while looking at the top bar: when there’s more than 1 tap you have to do, just count them in order to make sure that you don’t tap too many times before moving on. As strange as it sounds, this works great!

Always train with the best trainer
When it comes to training, you should always choose the most expensive trainer you can afford. Their prices will go up with each new training, but it’s well worth it as the stat increase is higher if you choose the more expensive trainers.

Although when training, the skills that get points and the amount they get is pretty random, you do have some control over the skill points you get to distribute after winning a fight. Make sure you know what each skill does and how it affects the gameplay.

In my opinion, the best skill to invest your points in is the Agility (in my case, it’s always well under all the others). This affects the important skills – which will also be upgraded by your trainers anyway.

I am not sure how stats are distributed in the game and if it’s all completely random – if that’s the case, then you might want to upgrade a characteristic of your fighter that seems to be way under the others.

In terms of stats, I consider the Health to be the least useful: as long as you have high attack, accuracy and dodge, you don’t really have to worry about health. Health only gives you a standing chance if you get hit, which will rarely happen if you have high dodge anyway – and it’s better to avoid being hit than trying to brave a hit out!

Choose your staff carefully
You can hire members to your team and each of them will have a different effect on your fighter. It’s worth choosing them carefully as the slots are limited (you can only get extra ones when you reach a specific level) and, most importantly, you can’t fire them even with Premium currency.

I think that the trainers that give you direct advantages in battle are the best to choose, like the Blacksmith or the Trainer. You can also have multiple staff members with the same profession for added bonuses.

However, some of the staff you get might also influence your skills as you level them up and unlock new skills for them. For example, the Scout (which I got before knowing that you can’t fire staff) will increase your Perception after level 15.

Keep improving your domain
Once you unlock the domain, you can increase its status based on the population you have. This influences many other things, like Research Point generation and income. So always make sure that your domain as at the maximum level.

After getting there, make sure that you build as many buildings as possible so that your people generate income for you. In this case, you should always buy the buildings that are the most expensive as they hire the most people and offer the best returns per money spent.

Buy equipment to boost the stats that matter
When buying new equipment for your knight (which should be done often as the increases in stats the more expensive equipment offer are spectacular), you should pay attention to the skills they improve. Some of the equipment – like the helmets, shields or armor could increase different skills. Make sure that you keep things balanced and you only get equipment that improves useful skills (so don’t focus too much on health).

Log in often
Since the upgrades in the game take 10 minutes or less to be ready and you can’t work on too many at a time (for example when it comes to your training), you should try to log in as often as possible simply to collect the results and start working on a new building/upgrade or research.

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Knight Joust Idle Tycoon players. If you have other strategies to share, don’t hesitate to do so by posting a comment below.


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