Knight Fever is mobile gaming’s latest hit RPG from Webzen. The game packs hours of colorful classic RPG gameplay, loot, and some of the most exciting battles we’ve seen from an RPG to date.

Players gather a party of knights and sorcerers before heading out to explore dungeons and battle incredible monsters. Knight Fever takes a new approach to RPG combat, placing each hero in their own lane, with monsters swarming into each lane at an intense pace. Battle is often frenzied and challenging. If you’re new, we have a few beginner’s tips to get you started.


Characters and Skills

You won’t get very far in Knight Fever without a company of finely trained heroes. Each of them has their own unique set of skills that will come in handy when the going gets tough. Get familiar with each character and learn how they can serve different strategies.

For example, you might want to use Meow’s Bloodcurling Shout to destroy traps before your friends stumble into them. The hero Ecst has a Revenge ability that can damage barriers and shields, leaving even the strongest enemies vulnerable. Enya’s Quackquack lets them learn an extra skill upon leveling up, and Khrat can hit three lanes at once.

Clearly there’s a lot of variety here, so figure out each hero’s special talent and use it to your advantage. Experiment with different teams, especially if you’re having trouble with a boss. Combining the right abilities could be a huge help.

The Tower of Fame

As soon as you’re able, head to the Tower of Fame for extra challenges with big rewards. You get access to the Tower of Fam upon completing the “Butcher” quest.

If you’re just starting out, remember that you can lure monsters into the Recovery Lane using taunt. Spend some time fighting your way through this exclusive dungeon and you’ll be rewarded with gems and other rare treasure.


No matter how strong you are, it’s always a good idea to have a few items on hand to keep you safe, or to buff up your armor. They’re essential, and Knight Fever has plenty of ways to earn items without spending a dime.

Be sure to watch ads every chance you get. Doing so will net you free cubes. There are other chances to earn other premium prizes daily. You have the chance of winning a legendary item every four hours by visiting the Peddler. It’s also important to check into the game everyday, as the Weekly Login Book offers daily log-in bonuses.

All of these free items are tempting, but don’t forget to give back a little. If you send a Gift Box to one of your friends in the game, you’ll get one too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Leveling Up and Progress

Leveling your characters has always been an essential part of roleplaying games, and Knight Fever is no exception.

It’s a good idea to keep all of your characters leveled up evenly. You never know when you might need a certain character’s abilities to face your next foe. If all of your characters are on even footing, you’ll be much for versatile.

The leveling process is a breeze, too. You can use the GO button in the Quests menu to teleport to a specific stage if you want to return to older levels. And don’t forget that Cookies will be fully restored when your Party Level increases.

As you grow stronger and stronger, many more exciting adventures will await you. Just remember that at level 10, you’ll need an additive to continue enhancing your equipment, so be prepared for that so you’re not scrambling for the required item when the time comes.

A more robust party gains access to tougher challenges, too, that yield incredible rewards. Once you finish a chapter in Normal Mode, you can go back and try it again in Hard Mode for more rewards. If your VIP level is high enough, you’ll also gain bonus hero challenge counts in the Gold Dungeon to help you fill your coffers.

There’s a lot to tackle in Knight Fever, but keep these tips in mind and you’ll have the tools to build an impressive party of fantasy fighters right out of the gate.



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