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Klondike Adventures Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best City

Klondike Adventures Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best City

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Klondike Adventures tips and cheats to help you build a beautiful and prosperous city, and to gather all the necessary resources for evolving further!

In this game you will have quite a lot of things on your hand – from making sure that you have all the necessary resources to produce various stuff, to making sure that you expand the territory enough so that you can fit everything inside!

It’s a fun game which will let you not only be creative, but also explore all the lands and discover tons of treasures hidden all over the place. Klondike Adventures is not a game that you can only play once and then forget about it – it will make you want to play non stop, even though your Energy won’t let you!

But enough praising the game for now – you can see for yourself what we’re talking about! So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Klondike Adventures tips and tricks right here below!

Start following the tasks

The game will give you plenty of tasks which you can follow, and they will give you some really good rewards whenever you complete them. You can find the game’s tasks in the bottom left side of the screen. There, you will see something like a pad – tap on it.

The pad will then show you a list of people who all have various tasks for you. Whenever you complete a person’s tasks (all of them) they will reward you with something, which is usually a lot of EXP and sometimes unlocking several new features.

I really suggest that you stick to these tasks at start because otherwise you will end up wasting all of your Energy on clearing out the paths, and eventually you will not be able to advance until it refills.

So keep in mind – focus on the tasks that you are given at start, and do them one by one, because that way you will have enough Energy to carry on through the tasks.

Fulfill the orders

You can spot a billboard on the left side of the settlement – there, you can receive tons of tasks which you can complete whenever you want. I would suggest that you try to check the EXP reward which you get from them and try to do as many as you can.

The orders will require you to use items, such as Eggs, Milk, Beans, Grans and so on. These will be given away and you will receive in turn EXP and Coins which you can use to buy buildings in the settlement!

My tip here:

I suggest that you always try to go for the missions which give you the most EXP, because trust me – you’ll need lots of EXP to level up later on (even if it seems super simple at start). From these missions you will also gather tools which you can use to build new structures and advance in the game.

Always try to collect/farm extra materials

Because many things require quite a lot of materials, you can always try to collect some extra whenever you can. That will help you not only in the billboard quests but also whenever you build something new and it will ask you to start crafting various items.

Either way, I suggest that you try to collect all the extra materials, farm them all around your village, so that you can empty the place and make more room.

My tip here:

If you have the means, for example if your Energy is full and you’re just about to close the game or head out, then I suggest that you spend all of it on collecting and farming as many items as you can.

You should do this even if you don’t need the items right away – just stash them and eventually you will find a use for all of them. But keep in mind, don’t close the game when you are on full Energy because that is basically wasted time – use the time when you are offline to refill the Energy.

Keep crops on the farm at all times

When you start off in the game you will only have 6 farm plots. Make sure that whenever you unlock more, you build more and try to always have them farming something. Even if it’s Rye, Beans or whatnot, just make sure that you have something planting all the time and the farms are never empty.

Because at start farming takes about 1 minute, it will not really be difficult to farm a ton of Rye and Beans – so you can focus on one of them at a time, and stock up on them. They are useful for tasks (the Order Board) and for when you will want to quickly use the materials to make food or so.

Look for the random boxes

On the maps there will be some random chests scattered all over the place. Some of them can be hidden behind clearable objects (trees, rocks, and so on) and some of them can be in plain sight. Either way, try to keep an eye out for them because they will contain tons of useful items inside.

I suggest that if you want to find more boxes, you always try to look in the least likely places – such as behind your main buildings, behind the biggest trees, behind the bushes, and so on. Also, in the new locations you can discover boxes too, so don’t forget that whenever you go to a new spot, you look for boxes there as well.

Check out the Trader’s offers

The Trader will have quite a lot of offers every single day for you. Some of the items which he requires can be found in the random boxes that I mentioned above, and some others you might need to collect yourself.

Either way, just try to trade with him every single day and complete all of the trades because there will be a good reward which you can collect upon completing all the trades (50 EXP, 50 Energy).

Claim free 3000 Coins

You can claim for free 3000 Coins by simply opening the game’s Facebook page and giving the game a like! This offer will pop up at some point in the right side of the screen with an envelope. When that happens, tap on it and use the offer!

It’s really worth it considering 3000 Coins is quite a big amount – so claim it whenever it is available for you if you have a Facebook account.

Refill your Energy

Energy is quite a big thing in this game, and to refill it, it can take quite some time. If you are looking to get a ton of Energy and do a lot of tasks, clearing out places and so on, then you should make sure that you know how to quickly refill your Energy! And if you’re wondering about then, then let me give you a hand:

– Refill Energy by waiting it out

This is one of the least productive ways to refill your energy – however, it is free and it is useful if you are about to go sleep or close the game for a longer time. So make sure that you use up all of the Energy before you leave when doing so.

– Refill Energy by burning food in the Furnace

You will collect some food items from chests and tasks, and also sometimes when you level up. You can use the food you collect to burn it in the Furnace and that will recover 15 Energy per bar filled. You can do so when you need some Energy quickly, so save up this option for later on in the game.

– Play the minigame in the Sweet Shop

Once you can build the Sweet Shop you will be able to play a minigame there which will reward you with EXP and Energy. I suggest that you build it and play this whenever it becomes available because the EXP can really get super useful and so will the free Energy!

– Level up to fill up your Energy

Every single time that you level up you will completely refill your Energy bar. That is good to know because if you see that your Energy is filled and your EXP is close to leveling, then you should use all of it quickly because it will refill automatically.

– Complete the people’s tasks to receive Energy

In the bottom left side of the screen you will have a list of people who will give you various tasks. I suggest that you check them out and try to complete some of their tasks whenever you can, because once you’ve fully completed one you can receive Energy from them – and quite a lot of it too!

– Complete all the Trader missions

As I mentioned before, you can complete all of the missions that you receive from the Trader and it will reward you with 50 Energy (along with 50 EXP too). This should be done every day, so try to do it if you have the materials.

– Spend Emeralds for Energy?

While this is an option, I don’t personally recommend it. The Emeralds are a premium currency that you should hold on to if you are a f2p player and use it to buy or save you from situations when you are stuck. Either way, you can also choose to spend 45 Emeralds and refill 500 Energy, 30 Emeralds for 250 Energy (not worth it IMO) or 13 Emeralds for 100 Energy.

– Discover food in the random boxes

Remember those random chests that you can find scattered around the map? Well, you can open them and you might find Energy inside in the form of food! So don’t miss a chest!

Explore new areas

In the bottom right corner of the screen you will have the overall map. You can check there the available locations where you can go and you should try to explore all of the locations as much as you can!

There will be new areas to discover, new chests to open and more people to meet! So do your best to explore everything that you can, and when you are not sure what to do in game, you can do this!

These would be all of our Klondike Adventures tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Feel free to share them with us and the other players down in the comments section below!

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Klondike Adventures Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best City



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