KlickPop Puzzle Panic is an interesting new entry into the popular puzzle genre. You get 60 seconds to destroy as many colorful tiles as you can. Rack up the points and utilize boosters to help you succeed! We’ll drop some hints and tips here with our KlickPop Puzzle Panic cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for big chains!

Remember that the more tiles you clear out, the more points you’ll earn and the fever gauge will fill up in bigger chunks. With that said, keep in mind you don’t have full control of what color tiles you want to tackle next. Every time you select another tile type from your hand, the one you previously selected will switch to a different type. This will also happen if you take too long to clear a tile out. Try to plan ahead!

2. Leave one type alone!

A good but not always reliable method to creating big chains is to decide on one type of tile then leave it alone until you can mass a lot of the tiles together. For example, when you start playing, say you see a lot of the pink heart tiles. If you have pink hearts in your hand, don’t activate it until you clear all of the other tiles around the pink hearts. Keep this up and eventually you’ll end up with one big mass of pink hearts. Just remember that when new tiles come down you might not always get what you need, and other tiles might flow into your work area making it harder to put the tiles you want together.

3. Use the right booster for the job!

If you’re tackling a score challenge, a multiplier booster might help you get those few extra points you need to push you over to the goal. Actually, any kind of booster will help you out by scoring you a few points, like the fire magic booster. If you’re attempting the coin collector challenges, then the time boosters will be really helpful. Time boosters, when activate, add a couple seconds onto your time limit. This can make or break a challenge run!

4. Need more tiles? Clear out the board!

Knowing the balance between going for big masses and taking out smaller tiles is key to prolonging your run as long as possible. If you’re running out of time and your score isn’t too great, try just clearing out as many tiles as you can, no matter how many there are. Doing so will ensure that a wave of new tiles spawn in, and the more you do this the higher chance you might get a booster tile, which can be beneficial in the long run.

5. Check back for your free gift!

The game will generously give you a free gift every now and then. These can range from coins to normal and rare boosters! The first time you get one, you’ll get another in 15 minutes. This time goes up every time you collect it, so be sure to check back when it’s ready.

That’s all we have for now. If you have any other tips or strategies to share, feel free to leave a comment below!