KleptoCorns Cheats: Tips & Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the KleptoCorns tips and cheats to help you get more unicorns, to care for them and basically every little thing that you need to know about the game!

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This is yet another adorable game from this developer, which I have to admit is pretty cool! The whole game concept revolves around kleptomaniac unicorns who you are constantly sending out to bring various items for you! Sounds cool? Well that’s because it is!

So without further ado, here are all of our KleptoCorns tips and tricks to help you better understand the game and to have a lot of fun playing this amazing and cute (I can’t help but love this adorable game) game and help you get more kleptomaniac unicorns!

Care for your unicorn!

If you are familiar with the old Tamagotchi games, then you know that in those all you had to do was care for your little baby animal, and help it until it grows big and beautiful! Well, those unicorns don’t grow, but their happiness meter increases so there’s that!

Whenever you tap on a unicorn (which is not sent out obviously) you will be able to see several options that will pop up above their head in a new menu. Those options will let you care for your Unicorn as follows:

Treat: This option lets you feed a delicious slice of pizza to your unicorn – everybody loves pizza, including unicorns!

Wash: This option will let you wash your unicorn and make them squeaky clean! I am not sure if they like that in particular, but their love meter fills up a little, so I guess it can’t be that bad!

Pet: Ohhh yes, this is the best one! All of the unicorns absolutely love this one! They will even give you some extra hearts when you pet them, so make sure that you do it every single time!

Selfie: This option will let you basically take a screenshot of your screen with the unicorn, so I can’t really say that it’s the best one out there, but hey – if you want an in-game screenshot taking option which lets you share the photo automatically, here you have it!

Dress: This option lets you dress up your unicorn, but I’ll detail more about this below!

Play: This option can keep you busy while your unicorn is away, but I’ll also cover this below.

Go Out: This is the option which lets you send your unicorn out in search of more stuff which they can bring about to your yard! Activate it whenever it is available!

I suggest that every time before you send out your unicorn you make sure that their happiness level is at max, so that they will have a chance to bring you better stuff! Eventually they will bring you everything, but why not keep them happy in the process!

Watch advertisements to earn free Coins!

When you tap on the Handbook icon in the very top side of the screen you will see several options, out of which a particularly good one: the one which lets you watch an advertisement and will give you Coins as reward! This is super useful because the coins are the free currency in the game, which can also be used to purchase the premium currency, Gems.

But all that you should do especially if you are a f2p player is make sure that you are collecting as many Coins because those are free! All that you need for that is tap on the icon which lets you play an ad and give you 50 Coins as reward!

I suggest doing this while your adorable unicorn is sent out, because sometimes this is going to take a while, so in the meantime this is the absolute best way to make a lot of coins!

Log in every day to claim your Daily Reward

The Daily Reward is a reward which you will receive every single day for simply logging in to the game, without having to do anything else at all! So this reward will give you various goods whenever you log in the game, and this will also have a timer shown there (you can check it in the Handbook -> Daily Reward) so I suggest that you log in before the timer resets to claim your daily rewards.

In my opinion you should log in to claim this every single day even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day because you can just claim the rewards then close the game again – you can use the log in rewards when you do decide to play, so they will definitely not go to waste!

Summon new unicorns!

You will be able to acquire new unicorns by opening the magical bag of KleptoCorns! This is the only way which will let you get new unicorns (at least that I know of) and you will need 8 Gems to call forth a new fella!

You will be able to have a total of 15 unicorns / KleptoCorns, but only use one at a time! So you will need to save plenty of Gems to summon all of them. Since this is the only way to get more unicorns, I suggest not wasting your Gems on costumes just yet and instead use them to summon more KleptoCorns.

How to get more Gems for free

There are a few ways to obtain more Gems for free in KleptoCorns, so I’ve gathered them all here for you to check out:

– You can get more Gems for free by logging in every day to the game and receiving some from the daily login rewards, which is free.

– You can exchange 250 Coins for 1 Gem in the Shop option, and by selecting the option underneath the Starter Pack, which shows you “250 Coins -> 1 Gem” (NOT the other one).

– You can receive 1 Gem for free by watching an advertisement if the option pops up on your screen after you send out your unicorn.

– You can complete various offers in the Shop -> Free Gems! option, in the upper left corner of the Shop interface. This will give you a list of various offers which can give you more, or less Gems for doing various tasks. Make sure that you read the tasks carefully, because some of them will request you to make an in-app purchase, so if you are a f2p player I don’t recommend that.

Try instead to look for the offers which tell you to Complete level X or Reach X level or so, because those are much easier to do and f2p-friendly offers. Also, make sure that you don’t close the game and go back into KleptoCorns until you have completed that offer, otherwise it will not count!

Choose to Share your new unicorns to get free Coins

Whenever you summon a new unicorn, no matter which one it is, you will be able to tap on the Share icon to receive free 50 Coins! Make sure that you do this whenever you get a new unicorn because even if you don’t actually proceed with the sharing and just tap once, you will still receive the rewards so it is definitely something that you should do.

Dress up your KleptoCorns

As you might have noticed, the Dress option which appears when you are tapping on a unicorn will let you choose their outfit – and so will the Handbook -> Boutique option. You can switch between the unicorns by tapping on the left and right arrows, so just make sure that you dress them up as you want and customize each unicorn to your liking!

There are various items of fashion, and some of them will cost either Gems or Gold, but I definitely suggest that you don’t go out of your way to buy them, because it is much, much better to save your Gold to buy Gems (and then new unicorns).

But if you really want to switch your fellas a little bit, then by all means do it – I’ve personally saved up plenty of Coins and Gems to buy Quark a magician hat and bat wings, so I can’t tell you not to!

Play the mini games for free Coins

Whenever your KeptoCorn is away you will have some idle time basically which you can use however you want! You can choose to watch ads and receive 50 Coins per ad (which is the best use of this free time if you want to stock up on currency) or you can play some mini games and earn a couple of Coins!

The mini games are super simple, but the easiest one would definitely have to be the Candy Pegs! This will give you 1 Coin for every 6 candies that you collect, but some candies will give you extra candies! So it’s super easy and it won’t be difficult to mess up in this game.

While in the other games you need to pay super close attention so as to not mess up or miss, in this one it’s easy peasy. So try playing this one if you want a relaxing game, and try the other ones if you want some more entertaining ones.

Free ad rewards whenever you send out your KleptoCorns

Your KleptoCorns will return from their trips with plenty of stuff over time, but whenever you are sending them out a new option will pop up, which will offer you one free option, which can be either free Gems, free Coins or a free Bell use which you can use to call back your unicorn instantly!

If you want to use this option make sure that you do it, because it will not appear again until you send out an unicorn again – so once it’s closed, it’s closed for good!

You can check out our gameplay video right here:

And these would be all of our KleptoCorns tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful tips to add to our game guide? Leave them down in the comments section below to be shared with everyone!

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KleptoCorns Cheats: Tips & Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know

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