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Kleptocats 2 All Safe Codes

Kleptocats 2 All Safe Codes

Those thieving kitties are back, and they’ve brought new friends! Kleptocats 2 is the sequel to the incredibly cute and fuzzy kitty game. Send your furry pals through dimensional portals to recover lost artifacts and fun items!

Just like the first game, Kleptocats 2 features secret safe codes that can be used to acquire purple gems, the premium currency of the game. Gems are needed to acquire new cats, so these codes should help you out in your quest to collect all the kitties.

Do note that in order for some of these codes to work, you need to own the accompanying item. For example, the braille on the ID card in the shed will read out as “dr.cats,” but typing this in will not work unless you actually own the ID card yourself.

Also keep in mind that you must enter these codes as exactly as they appear. With that said, let’s get started with all of the Kleptocats 2 codes!

Shed Codes

  • secrets
    • Normally requires the safe with the code written on it, but the code may work without it
  • dr.cats
    • Requires the ID card with braille on it

Patio Codes

  • Good boi
    • Requires the dog poster
  • (=owo=)
    • Requires the virtual pet toy
  • nohope
    • Requires the door mat
  • Popocatepetl
    • Requires the pink creature

Lobby Codes

  • he here
    • Requires the newspaper
  • the master comes
  • this is not real
    • Requires the telephone
  • 20-055
    • Requires the coffee mug and ticket

Kitchen Codes

  • 0110
    • Requires the kitchen scale
  • ham
  • treasure
  • return
    • Requires the DON’T PRESS IT! button
  • Frost Hill
    • Requires the purple compass

Bathroom Codes

  • Star Dust
    • Requires the cursed button, press it to make a ghost girl appear in the mirror
  • rawr
  • queen
    • Requires the bubble bath ship
  • little
    • Requires the islander picture

Space Station Codes

  • alien
  • Farts
    • Requires the book with strange symbols
  • Jumba
    • Requires the newspaper
  • call626
    • Requires the bag of chips and the capsule with 626 on it

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Kleptocats 2 All Safe Codes


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