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Klee: Spacetime Cleaners Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving the Story Mode

Klee: Spacetime Cleaners Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Surviving the Story Mode

The galaxy is in crisis! When an energy anomaly causes monsters from all across the universe to convene at one location, and only one group is equipped enough to take on the threat: a crew of janitors?

Klee: Spacetime Cleaners is a 2D run and gun action platformer featuring simple controls and tight gameplay. Run through three chapters using different characters to complete their objective and save the galaxy.

In our Klee: Spacetime Cleaners tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basic flow of gameplay and give you pointers on surviving your runs. Let’s get started with our Klee: Spacetime Cleaners cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the story mode!

Stay mobile to survive!

As you learn in the tutorial, your character will automatically fire upon enemies once they are within range. Your range “bubble” is invisible during normal gameplay, so you will have to get a feel for how close you need to be.

One thing that you should not do is stay completely still. It may be very tempting once you get a good spot that you lets you continuously fire at an enemy, but more often than not this will lead you into taking damage. Do not ever stay in one spot for too long – stay on the move if you want to survive!

Remember that all characters can jump off of walls and double jump. You can use this to evade enemies while staying within range to shoot them, so master these movement techniques as soon as possible.

Approach each level with cautious and pause to assess the situation!

Whenever you finish a level and warp into the next one, the game will load the level BUT nothing will be moving initially. You can take this time to assess the level and plan out your attack, which is better than just going in guns blazing.

The level will not start for real until you move or jump, so make sure you do not accidentally press any buttons when you are loading into a new level. This is also a tip in general – do not rush to take out enemies as fast as possible, especially if you have not seen that type before.

It pays off to wait a little bit before approaching enemies. Watch their animations and eventually they will fire off some bullets. Each enemy has unique bullet patterns, so being able to recognize their tells is the key to avoiding damage.

Collect energy to power up your character!

Every time you destroy a monster, they will drop a yellow diamond – this is energy. Collected energy is shown at the bottom left corner of the screen, and you can use energy to purchase power ups.

Every couple of levels, you will enter a shop level. You can spend your energy here on various power ups. Here is a list of the most common power ups:

  • Clovers are passive upgrades that remain active for the remainder of that run. There are four types: Clover of Heart, Clover of Energy, Clover of Items, and Clover of Weapon Chips. Collecting these clovers will boost the drop rates of the respective item linked to it. These are always good to have, so they should be your main priority.
  • Weapon Chips give you new weapons to blast enemies with. More on these later.
  • Character Upgrades are self-explanatory upgrades that remain active for the remainder of the run. Rate of Fire, Bullet Speed, Maximum Hearts Up, and so forth. These upgrades are very important so buy these as well.
  • Boosters are temporary upgrades that function just like the character upgrades, but they only last for a certain number of levels before they wear off.
  • Active Items, like the Invincible Star, are special items that must be manually used and they grant you temporary special effects.

Spend diamonds on character upgrades and starting items!

You have two lives at the start of every run. When you lose all of your hearts, you will lose a life, and losing both life will bring your run to an end. You CAN pay diamonds to receive an extra life, but only do this if you are close to beating a chapter.

When your run does come to an end for sure, you will receive diamonds based on how far you got. You usually get a pretty good amount of diamonds from this, so go ahead and bring a starting item with you on the next run or use them to upgrade your character.

Beating chapters with characters will unlock the next character, and it will not be long before you unlock the second character Hugo. When you spend diamonds to upgrade a character, certain stats will go up. You can tell which stats are affected by the text at the top of the screen.

Every character has different stats and a unique item. The starting character Klee has 2 lives, 2 hearts, and max mobility (this affects movement speed and jump height). He starts with a Clover of Items, so he gets items easier. When he is upgraded, his maximum health will increase.

Check back with Emma for new items!

Tapping the bottom right button will bring you to Emma’s Item Lab. Here, Emma will automatically create new items for you over time as you progress through the game. These items will be available for purchase as a starting item and from the in-game shops once they are unlock.

Emma takes time to research new items, so make sure to check back in the Item Lab every now and then to see her progress. Alternatively you can also watch an advertisement to unlock the item immediately.

Use different weapons to fit the situation!

Your character starts the game out with a normal Single Shot weapon. With upgrades it will eventually become a reliable weapon, but you should try to use the other weapons in the mean time.

  • Double Shot fires two shots in quick succession. This is probably the best weapon for most situations as it basically doubles your firepower with no gimmicks.
  • Spread Shot fires three shots in a cone. This weapon is best used on bosses thanks to their gigantic size, as you can land all three shots on them if you are close enough.
  • Facing Shot fires two shots at two different targets, which is good for when you are dealing with smaller enemies around you.
  • Cross Shots fires four shots in a + formation. Great for when you are completely surrounded.

There are more weapons to find and unlock, but these four are the most common ones. Choose the right weapon for the job!

Boss strategies!

Every 10 levels you will face a boss. These guys have a lot of health and are much larger than the typical monster, so be prepared for a fight!

The first boss you fight is usually the Skull Worm. These two worms will travel alongside the walls of the arena, but beware the head of each worm – if the skull changes colors and looks like it’s grinning evilly, it is about to leap towards you if you are nearby. Keep your distance while slowing picking apart the worms, as they are segmented and destroying a part will separate it from the rest.

The second boss is the Diamond Cutter. This thing is basically a bigger version of the sawblade enemies you see normally. The Diamond Cutter will wander around the narrow arena slowly, but watch it closely – if it start to rev up, that means it is about to boost off in a random direction, so get ready to dodge.

As you deal damage, the Cutter will eventually break into two smaller pieces, and it changes color. Keep your distance and keep firing, and it will break again, this time into the regular sawblade enemies. Finish these off to win the fight!

The final boss is a Giant Fireball. It will travel along the walls like the Skull Worms, but four fire rods rotate around it, so make sure not to get too close. Fire at it from a safe distance and keep jumping, as it will try to quickly ram you.

Continue onward with each character!

Once you defeat all three bosses with Klee, you have completed his journey and will receive a lot of diamonds. You can now repeat the story mode with Hugo, or try out the Endless Mode where you see how long you can go to make a new high score. You will face the same bosses with the new characters, but you will unlock more weaponry and items to make each run interesting.

That’s all for Klee: Spacetime Cleaners! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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