Kiwi Dash Tips And Tricks (iOS)


Kiwi Dash is yet another endless runner game where you will have to lead your cute looking characters to safety avoiding cats and other enemies, jumping from one platform or another, collect a variety of items and more.

Kiwi Dash is not a game that tries to do something different but manages to do well what an endless runner game sets out to do. The colorful and cute presentation is quite nice, especially for younger gamers.

If you’re having trouble with the game or just want to learn more about, you may want to keep on reading to learn about the game mechanics and some general tips that will make your life easier in Kiwi Dash.

  • Managing Your Stamina

Stamina in Kiwi Dash is used when flying and dashing and learning when to use one of these actions is one of the most important things to do in the game. While jumping, you may be tempted to fly so to take advantage of the first jump. Avoid doing this if it’s not necessary, as you may end up wasting stamina and not being able to use it when needed. If you’re trying to improve your score, it’s better to use the dash against an enemy to get a decent increase.

  • Completing Missions

Completing missions is the best way to boost your performance during the game. Completing the three missions you get each time will increase your level, increasing your multiplayer bonus by 1% as well. As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also get one free gem, which can be used for gem chests and more.

  • Rewards

Even if you don’r really want to play the game on a day, you may still want to log in daily, as you will receive some bonus Kiwi, with a Kiwi Chest being awarded for signing in every day.

  • Power Ups

Kiwi Dash comes with a good variety of power-ups, including shield, stamina up and kiwi doubler, which are pretty self-explainatory. The Last Spurt and First Spurt are another two special items that get activated when you die and as soon as you start the game, giving in both cases free 125 meters.

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Kiwi Dash Tips And Tricks (iOS)


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