Kitchen Scramble for iOS is a fresh take on the mobile gaming genre. The game puts you in a kitchen (on wheels), and although the idea of cooking may not sound exciting the way in which the game incorporates the need for multitasking especially supplies a depth of fun and skill. This really is a great game that depends on your ability to stay focused and time your movements and on the surface may seem simple but requires a lot of thought and when played well gives a great sense of satisfaction. This Kitchen Scramble Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide will help detail all you need to know about the intricacies of this title.

1. First come, first serve
The game characters will have hearts displayed alongside them. These will decrease with time, therefore it is best to keep an eye on this and keep a mental note of which character arrived first or before to place their order. As a general rule it is best to systematically work through in the first come first serve order. However on occasion you should serve depending on the complexity of the dish, in regards to the amount of steps it takes to cook.


2. I only have two hands!
When creating some recipes you will need more than two ingredients. It is important to make sure you select the correct ingredient as you cannot switch between them once you have selected it. A good option is a buy the Holding Plate. This will allow you to put certain ingredients aside, this is useful to free up your hands when the wrong ingredient is selected or to place something that will be needed aside for later.

3. Don’t guess
Before a Patron (customer) places their order there will be a question mark that appears above their heads. It is tempting to familiarise yourself with the character and try to predict what they will order, as some have familiar patterns. However they can order different items so it is best to wait and see what they would like rather than guess the order to the character’s previous actions.

4. Power ups
There are certain power ups that will help you gain an advantage through the game. They can be purchased or sometimes given.

5. Equipment
Cooking appliances and equipment can be upgraded throughout the game. The main attribute they have is that they will increase the speed in which things are made. When going through the game keep an eye on the money you have earned. When you have enough money you can buy an item which you feel will help you in particular or just generally improve your general speed.

6. Recipe check
Before each level you can check and remind yourself how to make a certain dish by reviewing the order in which it needs to be cooked. It is best to do this before the game starts as this will help quicken your service.

7. Premium Ingredients
Before each level starts you will be shown which ingredients are premium. When an order is made where these ingredients are involved then you will receive more money once the dish is created. In order to receive the most money you can opt to buy more premium ingredients before a level starts.



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