King Rabbit’s bunny citizens have been kidnapped, and now it’s up to the king himself to rescue all of them! King Rabbit is a puzzling adventure game where you guide King Rabbit through a series of spectacular worlds to rescue all of the bunnies. We’ll help you find all of the rabbits with our King Rabbit cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep an eye out for sparkly stuff!

If you stop to smell the flowers, you might notice some objects emitting little “glow bubbles”. They’re usually in breakable objects and the glow bubbles signify that there’s either a gold coin or diamond hiding inside the object. If you see it on a box, break it open! If you see it in a tree, use a saw blade to cut it down. Keep an eye out for these mystical glow bubbles, so that you don’t miss any treasures!

2. Collect all of the gold coins!

There are three gold coins for you to find in each level. In order for you to advance to the next campaign chapter, you need to collect a certain amount of coins. Not only that, but for every ten or so coins you collect, you’ll be rewarded with a couple of diamonds! Try not to move onto the next level until you’ve collected all of the coins. There are diamonds hiding in certain levels as well, but not all. You can see which levels have one on the level select screen – there will be a diamond silhouette.

3. Interact with the world!

For the most part, in order to rescue the trapped rabbit, you’re going to have to manipulate the world around you. Here’s a list of a couple of things you might encounter on your adventure.

  • Wooden crates can be pushed around. If they’re dropped into water, they’ll float back up. They can also be destroyed by bombs and saws. Also, there are metal variants. Be careful, as these crates will not float back up when pushed into water and they cannot be destroyed!
  • Turrets look like little wooden boxes with a grey cannon sticking out of them. Turrets will constantly fire poison globs in the direction they’re facing. They can be pushed around if you need to get them out of the way. If a poison glob travels over a bonfire, it’ll turn into an explosive shot.
  • Bonfires are sometimes littered around the levels. Stepping over these will make you burn to death, so watch out!
  • Bombs create explosive blasts in a + or plus formation. They’re inactive at first, but once you bump into them they’ll explode a couple seconds later. You can use them to destroy just about anything, including trees, saws, and cracked rocks.
  • Watch out for web! If you step in a web pile, it’ll alert any nearby spiders and they’ll come looking for their next meal. To get out of the web you just need to move twice. Act quickly or else you’ll be eaten alive!

You’ll face more objects in the future, so always keep a look out!

4. Collect your free gift!

A free gift can be collected every couple of hours or so. These gifts usually contain a nice handful of jewels, which can be spent on new characters and special effects. Make sure you enable notifications for this game so that you know when your next free gift is ready to be collected!

5. Take your time!

Remember: there’s no time limit. The puzzles in each level are usually not too tough, they just need you to examine the level before you act. You usually have to work with everything you see, so make sure you plan for that.

That’s all for King Rabbit. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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