Become the ultimate thief in King of Thieves! King of Thieves is an action platformer that has you dodging traps and stealing precious loot from dungeons all over the world. You can even raid other players’ hideouts to steal from them too! No one is safe from the king of thieves, so let’s get you start with our King of Thieves cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take your time and try not to die!

Whether you’re raiding a standard dungeon or another player’s dungeon, the less deaths you accumulate, the bigger the reward will be when you finally get to the chest. Before you start your run, examine the entire dungeon thoroughly. Plan your route and be patient. Remember, you don’t have any time limits, so don’t rush through it!

2. Save some keys for long rituals!

The first couple totem rituals you will perform will only take about a couple minutes, but after that they’ll jump up dramatically, usually in the hour ranges. When you start one of these super long rituals, you’re going to want to save some keys, because you can bet there will be players ready to raid you to steal your gems. If you can react fast enough, you can steal your gems back, which is why you should keep at least 3 keys on reserve.

3. Customize your dungeon layout!

You won’t have many options to choose from when you’re in the beginning dungeons, but as you progress and capture more dungeons, you’ll get more traps. The three most common traps you’ll see are:

  • Blades: The classic! These sawblades sit wherever you position them and tear up any poor sap who falls into it. Try to put these in tricky spots, such as near walls to stop wall jumping.
  • Red Guards: These little floating eyeball guys will patrol a short path. These are best used in conjunction with other traps, such as having red guards patrol a path with some blades nearby.
  • Cannons: These shoot fireballs in short intervals. Much like the red guards, they’re utilized best with other traps.

Experiment around and try to figure out a nasty layout. Bear in mind though that you need to be able to complete the dungeon yourself twice in a row in order to save it, so you can’t make anything impossible! You also have the option to upgrade the traps, which makes them take off more health every time a player falls to it.

4. Try out new outfits!

Every time you complete a ritual, you’ll obtain a magic item in addition to the ranking points you normally get. These magic items can be used to craft outfits, which give you different bonuses. Once you make your first one, you can see what you need to make other outfits and what bonuses they give you. There are many different types of effects, so see which one suits your play style the best!

5. Upgrade your dungeon!

You dungeon can be upgraded in three different ways. These upgrades carry over from each dungeon, by the way. You can upgrade your maximum key capacity, maximum gold mine capacity, and your locks. Out of all of these I’d say the locks are the most important, as upgrading this will add one extra lock to your dungeon door, potentially requiring more keys from would-be thieves.

6. Revenge!

Revenge is oh so sweet! Be sure to enable notifications for this game, as it’ll tell you when another player breaks into your dungeon. If you’ve got a ritual going, raid their dungeon as fast as you can and you’ll be able to recover your gem. So satisfying!

You should be on your way to becoming the greatest thief of all. Who knows, you might even find the man who is responsible for your imprisonment! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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