King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow Your Kingdom Fast

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These King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare tips and cheats we are going to share with you in our guide today, will cover everything that you need to know in order to grow your kingdom really fast and win all the encounters with enemy players.

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Our King of Avalon tips and tricks will also guide you through the Labyrinth so in case you wanted to know the easiest and most efficient way to pass all the levels, follow this guide and you’ll be set!

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare tips and tricks!

Gather all the resources you can

This is one of the most important factors of the game. Without sufficient resources, you can not upgrade your Stronghold or improve your kingdom further. Always make sure you have enough camps built to gather resources for you, because these will continuously gather even when you are not in game.

Another great way to gather resources is by killing monsters and joining Barbarian Rallies. These are available in the World Map, and are a good source of Food, Wood, Iron or Silver. I suggest you start off with the lower level ones until you build up a strong enough army, and slowly move on to the strong ones.

You should however be wary with the resources, and try using them whenever possible so they can not be taken away by the enemy! Once you can upgrade your Stronghold to level 6, you will have the protective Peace Shield removed, thus allowing you to be attacked by other players.

Join a strong Alliance for more power

Joining a good and strong Alliance will decrease your chances of getting attacked by a super strong player. Also, you will unlock a lot more useful features from joining, such as Gift Chests which reward you with Gold, and Alliance Teleport.

You can create an Alliance at any level of Stronghold, but before level 6 you will have to pay 200 Gold, so I really don’t recommend it. Also, why would you create one when you can join a good and powerful one?

Once you have joined an Alliance, you will also have access to the Alliance Store, where you can make many purchases by donating to Alliance Tech in order to earn Alliance Honor (the currency for the store). Also, fun fact: when you earn Honor, the Alliance’s Credit will increase!

Another good point of joining a good and active Alliance is the help you get. Whenever you will need someone to help contribute to you building something, you can just tap the “Help” button and it will automatically send a request to all the members. They can quickly come to your aid, which will decrease the construction time by a lot!

So I really suggest joining a good and active Alliance as your first Alliance, because not only will you get the first timer rewards (which will not be granted again when you join another Alliance) but you will also make sure you are in a good place that will help you in the future.

Gather more Gold for free

There are several ways that you can acquire more Gold (for free) in the game. They will require you to do several stuff, from completing achievements to quests and even gambling a little bit.

The safest way to gather Gold is to complete achievements. You can see your current achievements in the bottom right corner of your player profile. Take a look there and whenever you are in need of a couple of Gold, try completing the required achievements.

Other ways to gather Gold are these:

– complete Epic Quests

– join an Alliance for the first time (see more details about Alliances above)

– make a deposit in the Vault

– get lucky with Zodiac Wheel and with the Crystal Ball

– get a gift from Merlin

– check your system mails (you might have a gift!)

– check the Gift Chests

– exchange Royal coins for Gold in the Black Market

– take part in events

Some of these options are only available at higher levels, but don’t be discouraged because you will get there in no time. Also, don’t forget to join an Alliance!

Upgrade your Dragon!

The Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. It will aid you in battles and will increase your chances of winning the fights. In order to level up your Dragon, you can do one of the following: kill monsters in the World Map, gather resources or kill enemy player troops.

Another thing to keep in mind here is how strong your Dragon could become! The higher the Assault Power, means your Dragon will be more powerful, but will lack in defenses. You should always try to keep it somewhat balanced between the Assault Power and Guardian Power, with a slight edge towards Assault Power.

Train more troops and increase their number

In King of Avalon there are four types of troops, each of them having their training ground in an assigned building. They are:

– Infantry, trained in the Barracks

– Cavalry, trained in the Stables

– Bowmen, trained in the Range

– Siege, created in the Siege Workshop

The Infantry are the foot soldiers, with an average marching speed and quite good Attack and Defense mechanisms. They should definitely be a priority when training troops, because they are super effective against various targets.

Cavalry consists of your horsemen, who have the fastest marching speed. They are good when traveling large distances and facing Warriors. Bowmen are the archers that can hit other enemies from a distance, even the ones hidden behind the front line.

Siege are the machinery that do massive damage, but are super slow to travel. Because of their increased size, they can also carry the biggest load.

If you are curious about what to use in order to counter the enemy troops, we’re going to help you! This is how the troops are effective against each other:

– Warriors -> Archers

– Spearmen -> Light Cavalry

– Heavy Cavalry -> Warriors

– Light Cavalry -> Archers

– Archers -> Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Battering Rams, Distant Sieges

– Crossbowmen -> Spearmen

The Siege machinery are good against pretty much everything, but, as I mentioned, they are super slow due to their size. If you manage to get in range however, they will do massive damage against pretty much everything.

Keep the peace going

You should always try to keep a Peace Shield on. This will prevent your troops and especially your kingdom from being attacked by the enemies, so there will be no casualties. If you don’t have a Peace Shield, you should at least make sure you are pretty close to your Alliance (if you haven’t used the Alliance Teleport, it’s about time you do).

Adventure into the Labyrinth

You should always try to go into the Labyrinth whenever possible, because it is an amazing source for good resources and you can grab a lot of materials along the way, which will be useful in crafting weapons and such.

In the Labyrinth you will be using your Dragon Spirit to fight your way through, and defeat enemies to gather tons of goodies, from Ancient Coins to Dragon Spirit EXP and materials. You can challenge the special floors in the Labyrinth several times to farm for those materials that you need, but keep an eye on the stamina.

I suggest doing the Labyrinth while you wait for some upgrades to finish, since the exploration will take some time to finish.

Use the Free Boosts!

Don’t forget that you have quite a few free boosts! I don’t suggest using these when you have just a couple of seconds to wait for the upgrade to finish, but rather using them when it takes a little longer. The same goes for the Speed Ups.

They are limited, but you will gather more with time, so don’t forget to use them to reduce the waiting time and get more powerful quickly!

These are all the King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other cool and useful tips, leave them down in the comments below for all the players to see and follow!

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King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow Your Kingdom Fast

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