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King Legacy: How to Awaken Magma Fruit

King Legacy: How to Awaken Magma Fruit

King Legacy has become one of the most popular experiences that you can have on the Roblox platform, as it consistently garners more than 30,000 active players that keep coming back and participating in the fun.

The game is regularly updated to bring new and interesting content to players, one of which is abilities. These abilities in King Legacy are governed by fruit, each granting you a special move set that you can unlock based on your Fruit Rating or Gems. So in this article, we’ll be going over how to Awaken Magma Fruit.

King Legacy: How to Awaken Magma Fruit

The Magma Fruit is one of the game’s most powerful fruit that bestows players with various high-damage and area-affecting attacks. It has a 100 fruit rating and will allow you to take to the skies even.


And although it’s a base move set, the Awakened Magma move is very powerful, but like many other move sets in King Legacy, the most powerful move sets don’t come cheap and will require you to do an extensive amount of grinding.

Getting Magma Fruit in King Legacy

So to awaken Magma in King Legacy, you’ll need to have a Magma Fruit, which you can get underneath different trees in various areas of the game because it spawns every 1-2 hours in the game. And while the base experience doesn’t exactly tell you when or where, there is a Fruit Position game pass that you can buy.

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Once purchased, it will notify you every time a fruit drops and where it’s located. However, it doesn’t come cheap and will cost you 2,500 Robux or, in real-life currency, $32 bucks.

So unless you’re looking to invest a lot of time in the game and have a couple of bucks to spare on in-game purchases, you should stick with the drops.

How to Awaken Magma Fruit

Now after getting the Magma Fruit, you’ll need to go to Shred Endangering and be at level 3325 or higher in order to battle and try to defeat the Volcano enemies. And since a lot of these enemies only have a 1% chance of dropping a Magma Crystal, you’ll be fighting a lot of them to increase your chances.

Once you have the crystal, you’ll then use it to summon the Crimson Demon, who also has a 5% chance of dropping an Oni Mask that you’ll need to awaken your Magma abilities. After defeating the Crimson Demon and getting the Oni Mask, bring it to the Awake Master on Viridans, and they’ll take you to the Awake World.

The big bad boss you’ll be taking on this time is your doppelganger, king of. Except the boss has 2 million HP and is using the Awakened Magma that you want against you. So what you need to do here is defeat the boss, and if you do that, you can purchase the Awakened moves from the Awake Master for a certain amount of gems.

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King Legacy: How to Awaken Magma Fruit


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