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King Legacy: How to Awaken Quake Fruit

King Legacy: How to Awaken Quake Fruit
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There are lots of games to play on Roblox, one of which is King Legacy, and if you’re familiar with the popular manga/anime One Piece, then you’ll know just how important and crucial Devil Fruits can be in the series. However, it’s not just Devil Fruits. Fruits are also an integral part of the game as well.

The Quake Fruit is a Devil fruit with Epic rarity in King Legacy, and like many other fruits that are worth having in the game, the Quake fruit isn’t exactly easy to get in King Legacy. So in this article, we’ll be going over how to Awaken Quake Fruit in King Legacy.

King Legacy: How to Awaken Quake Fruit

Like other rare fruits in King Legacy, Quake is not a cheap or easy fruit to get. You can purchase it from the game’s Black Market for $3,600,000. Alternatively, you can buy it for three gems or via the Gacha.

One of the best use of Quake fruit is that it can stun enemies, especially with the Awakened X move and the Awakened V move, which can take down pretty much any player in the PVP, making the awaken Quake fruit a highly destructive technique you can use in King Legacy.

So to awaken Quake fruit, equip the Quake fruit and have a Physical Fruit of the same form in your inventory. Then head to Viridans in the Second Sea and find the Awaken Master. Interact with him, and then you’ll be prompted to battle the Awakening Boss to get the Physical Fruit.


The most challenging part of this process is beating the awakening boss because it has like a million health points and will come at you with all the Awakened abilities of Quake. The boss’ V move is known as Belligerence Tsunami, and if you’re not careful, it can deal heavy damage to you.

So be sure to dodge those attacks because even a single hit of the wave can reduce your overall health by half. And be sure to attack the boss with X, C and V in order to lessen the damage he’s dealt to you and for you to deal him max damage of your own.

Once you can defeat the boss, return to the Awaken Master, and he will awaken your Quake moves in exchange for a certain amount of gems.

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King Legacy: How to Awaken Quake Fruit


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